One2 presents Call of Duty 4

image: one2 known to most for their dominant time in the early stages of ET:QW (both as One2 and image: dk Copenhagen e-Sports) but also because leaving the BF2142-scene unbeaten, have taken yet another step toward new challenges. This time the change came unpredicted and without preparation after the former lineup split in mid-October, but with no less determination to become one of the top teams. The new target for One2 is the CoD4-scene.

After the former lineup fell apart it was rather quiet from the One2-camp. But slowly Team Captain image: se Numse started gathering new talent. image: se Murre and image: se dohfOs, both former image: eu Junk52, image: se POKEMANS and the return of former One2-member image: se saxs together with image: se Numse and image: se pliXs made a new QW-lineup which in time could see the top as the team once had. But as the ET:QW-scene just kept falling apart the team made the decision the leave for another game.

"Even though we all love the gameplay and pace of ET:QW it lack in so many other aspects it feels like the game won't reach it's potential until it is too late.. CoD4 have so far met our expectations and the future looks bright with huge competitive activity and great sales numbers.

However, moving to CoD4 meant losing two members. image: se pliXs who has been a part of One2 since the start more than a year ago and image: se POKEMANS, so once again One2 had to look for new recruits. But due to old contacts from BF1942 and CoD1 they quickly secured some real aces in image: se Keno (former image: eu Dignitas) and image: se empee and the lineup is looking good.

Statement by Team Captain, image: se Joakim 'Numse' Åberg.

"With One2 we're always aiming high. I think we got the potential to suprise the whole CoD4-community with some good results and soon enough we'll be ready for some real action. At the moment it's hard to say where we stand as we have a new lineup in a brand new game, but it feels like we're in great shape with a steady 5+1 lineup and within time we hope to prove our strength in CoD4.

The Lineup is as follows:

image: se Joakim 'Numse' Åberg (Team Captain)
image: se Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
image: se Tobias 'empee' Jansson
image: se Simon 'Keno' Eriksson
image: se Tobias 'Murre' Balenius
image: se Anton 'saxs' Malmberg

gans vet !
hf one2|Numse
gl dohfOs
precooking allrdy imo
GL & HF g33ks! IRL ftw
haha plz where did you dig up keno?
hahah keno this team is doomed to fail already:D
gooo numse!
gl dohfOs mate

cod4 > etqw
bf1942 legends unite :P
cod4 > etqw
GL Numse and keno and dohfos<3 you will do fine :D
gl dohfos & co :D
doubt about it if they'll come far... but gl dohfos :)
gl loverboys !
gl dohfos

<3 poke
Best of luck in Cod4 gili and Keno!
now empee (MP) will feel offended :<
gl dohfos :)
Already got many tacnades?
Philizer's nade school u dumbass!
Wish u good luck Noobsie, and saxs from the "original" one2 line up.

The young guns have left the building. Peace out.
Gangsta wiggah?
ja fifan, jag ba haxxa sönder hela community.
doubt about it if they'll come far... but gl dohfos :)
cheers all <3
hahahaha keno
hahahaha jazze
Im sure you will get pro in a game where everyone considers themselves pros. (Even Fi5kus is pro in cod4)
Yello people :) Good to see I have so many fans!!1!
lycka till !

borde pracca lite mot varrandra. pma på irc
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