CoD4 QCUP Brackets

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The moment you've all been waiting for is here - the brackets and fixtures of the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament are up!

We had to go through the staggering amount of almost 100 signups and all this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for your trusty admin England Penn, who has been plowing through tons of mail, PMs and IRC queries for the past few days.

Brackets, Fixtures & Results
The brackets are located on this page of the COD4 QCUP article, together with all the fixtures and results. We will update this page and the brackets as soon as we have processed the results of your matches.

Arranging Matches & Reporting Results
We have created a separate account on Crossfire to make sure we can process all the information with the least bit of delay. Once you have arranged your match, send a message on Crossfire to QCUPCoD4 instead telling him the teams, the date and the time that the match will be played, along with any other relevant information.

When you win your match report your score to QCUPCoD4 as well - unless contested this result will be taken as accurate. Please include the date and the scores of each map played.

Thank you for your attention and have a great tournament!
go go ovs! ..and eye :)
wáó...i thought ovs will miss this tourney...
Will be close ! gl all
go dcc & ebuyer :d
gl hf all
gl hf all
gogo 4kings
Good luck, and great work Admins!
you are blind
i'm not in the cup :/
kind of hard playing alone
pfff some fair matches NOT
cry me a river
gl bottomfraggers ;p
gogoogogogogog envy :D
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