Warsow QCUP - Round 1

image: v4

Day One of the Crossfire QCUP Warsow tournament has begun and I do have to say that it wasn't exactly a small amount of work.

First off, I'd like to apologize that I was a bit late with the seeds, I was at uni and had to get that sorted. However, when I did get him I started to bracket you ladies up.

I made pictures ^_^

image: theofficekk1.th image: thebracketswz2.th

Yes, that is my little makeshift office there and the thing I use to make brackets. The reason why I used that is because I couldn't find a proper program to make them, so I went the archaic way and wrote it all out. Yay for me.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing some results by tomorrow evening. Please keep checking the rules section, I'll be adding stuff for the finals.

Netherlands Matt "A_Spec" Hoving
lol pictures ;p
lol wtf with the picturtes :D
pictures rule mkay.
improve your handwriting!

cant really read every name..
they can be seen o nt he warsow article aswell, last page.
shit aint guud xD
u talking of etqw? xD
whatever aspec smoked when he made that bracket :ppp
What can I say, I'm Dutch.
bruns =(
bobel and h1o ftw!
The pics i like!
:( nobody in first round, but next round is either scoob (EC player :o) or MouldyGoat (who pwned me hard the other day :o)

looking forward to it :D
By far the best brackets ever A_Spec :p lol
Woow, removed the dust on your head/shoulders?
It took a while there was a lot of dust but yes :p hehe
i signed up on tuesday but i guess i too late :<
i really dont understand those brackets, aspec :D
Wow Videl, I'm amazed by the sheer amount of sarcasm there.

/me cowers into a corner.
what about an array to make it in an easier way :D
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