CoD4 QCUP - Round 2

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After a turbulent first round of the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament we've finally come around to processing all the results. You can find the updated brackets and fixtures here and here respectively.

There were no big surprises this round as teams like United Kingdom 4kings, Sweden EYE and Belgium TEK9 have found their way to the next round. However due to a number of unfortunate dropouts we would like to stress yet again that all teams have to play their next match before the deadline expires. Read the rules again and again until you've learned them by heart. To save any disputes, make sure you fully understand all of these rules before playing your games.

If you still have trouble scheduling your match with your opponent then please send a PM to QCUPCoD4 and contact Frop or Penn at #crossfireqcup on QuakeNet as soon as possible! If there is no message at the QCUPCoD4 inbox, we will not be able to process your query.

Round two will see other clans like Czech Republic inteRaction, Finland, Czech Republic eSuba.HAL300 and United Kingdom The Last Resort facing off against relatively unknown clans and lineups. Are all these new faces set to cause an uproar in a game that's still in its infancy?

Cup admin England Tom 'Penn' Penny has made a short statement in regards to the current progress of the cup:

QuoteRound 1 proved to be a little stressful to say the least but it's finally over. It's a real shame that we have had so many forfeit wins but those are out of our hands and in past tense. I'm hoping all teams in Round 2 manage to schedule and play all of their matches on time so we can start to get a clear indication of who is going to rule the roost in CoD 4. Coverage is below par at the moment but if everything goes smoothly we can hopefully get a few match reports and player demos to go along with the match results. Good luck to all teams and thanks again to everyone who signed up!

Stay tuned this December and you will be the first to know which team will claim the throne, the game server and the prize money in the first online Call of Duty 4 tournament ever!

Fixtures[/b]]Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 -vs- Benelux DCC gaming
Czech Republic inteRaction.cod4 -vs- Germany vicious and evil
Germany Legendary -vs- Poland UF Gaming
Germany KomaCrew e.V. -vs- United Kingdom 4Kings
France Coming Soon -vs- Poland chaos-gaming
France oXmoze -vs- Finland iNTERNAL Multigaming
Germany nGize.cod4 -vs- France don'Touch
Europe not identified -vs- Finland Da Imperial Executers
Belgium TEK9 Networks Ltd. -vs- Spain overplay
Benelux Starlike -vs- Finland
Netherlands team-ephix -vs- United Kingdom syKotic gaming
Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL -vs- Czech Republic eSuba.HAL3000
Belgium LowLandLions -vs- Austria GUMMI
Portugal Blasphemy -vs- Belgium Dfiance Gaming
United Kingdom The Last Resort -vs- United Kingdom Team Visualize
Germany mCstriker -vs- Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO
cod2 trademark teams like 4kings and EYE ;)
rofl. yeh indeed. they didn't even have cod2-teams :>
We lost to bottomfraggerz 13-0 13-0

They were amazing

how come you didn't play your match?
"There were no big surprises this round as most former trademark Call of Duty 2 teams like 4kings, EYE and TEK9" offcourse not they decider the rules even if they change it in the war itself
I'm a trademark cod2 clan!
I should've put 'lineups' instead of 'teams', but I can't be arsed to change it now. :-p
On your own = MintGaming, best franchise ever
Looking at matches it looks like brackets changed :x ? Not in this round but for the next one, is match 1 meeting match 2 or is it still according to the brackets ?
Changed how?
Not in this round but for the next one, is match 1 meeting match 2 or is it still according to the brackets ?
It's all done via the brackets, always has been.
Thats all I needed :>
cod4 drama
hoh go overplay !
ovs lost? :( with mystic? lolz!
wtf?! overplay is overplay, mystic is mystic ¬¬"
big shame with that many forfeit games and so many backup teams availible. why sign up if u don't wish to participate -.-
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