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Hello all,

The "Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force 6o6 ET CUP" is about to start with their play-off matches. After the groupmatch between aToon and Aero is finished, the roster and playoff tree will be updated.

The following clans are one step closer to their gameserver or ventriloserver with bouncers:

Premier League play-off clans (in alphabetical order):

Europe Aero.et
United Kingdom artline
Europe aToon devilry
Finland Incomplete
Europe menTiz
Europe Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ]
Europe TAG

Second League play-off clans (in alphabetical order):

Portugal #display - Team xLy
Benelux Friends in Force *Green*
Europe Gamedivision ~ ET Red
France Les Putes <3
Germany no Teamplay
France SAN08
Benelux Team-viSualize
France watch

The play-offs will start after we have received the matchoutcome of aToon vs Aero. This match is important for the groupranking in the PremierLeague, group B.

For further questions and contact info:

mIRC: #fif.gaming @ quakenet

e-mail: renedev[at]home[dot]nl

website: http://clanbase.ggl.com/news_league.php?lid=5523



This Cup is organised in association with:

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nice , gl in playoffs
gl putes

nice work rene :>
gl mentiz & TAG
GL aero
well done - gl to all teams!
Easy for Finland best player ever, chmpp.
gl Incomplete boyz
gogogo Portugal xLy
PortugalHACKERS POWERPortugal
self bust ? :]
think TAG en visualize gaming will win it
final = mod vs tag
ReneGade dikke owner! ;-)
nice renegade
n1 rene
final: mod vs aToon

other final: gD vs krts (Visualize)
and krts will win it;)
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