CoD4 QCUP - Quarterfinals

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The heat is on as we're drawing closer to the quarterfinals of the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament! Eight clans have fought valiant battles and emerged victoriously over no less than fifty six other clans. Their path of glory can be found in the the updated brackets and fixtures.

Furthermore we have the pleasure to announce that United Kingdom Jay over at QuadV will be bringing you the quarterfinal match of Germany Legendary against United Kingdom 4Kings LIVE on Sunday December 16th at 9 GMT / 22:00 CET! Don't forget to tune in, because this is one hell of a showdown you don't want to miss! We've asked both United Kingdom [4K^corp] and Germany legendaryhumML for a short statement on the QCUP and their upcoming match.

Quote by 4K^corpExtremely well administrated tournament so far, good co-operation from both Netherlands Frop and United Kingdom Penn. Format of the tournament is also top notch with the map elimination format! Expectations from the match against Germany Legendary are that it should be a good match and we look forward to playing it!

Quote by legendaryhumMLThe last game was really important for us and Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL surprised us a lot. The QCUP is a really great tournament with a lot of top teams, the best from the EU. Call of Duty 4 is just at the beginning, so we can learn a lot in that cup and we can see how far the other teams are with tacs and tricknades. United Kingdom 4Kings is our next opponent, a really big organization. I don't know that much about the team, apart from that they have split up and are reforming right now. They have got 8 people in their lineup and since we're playing them on mp_vacant and mp_crash I'm really looking forward to their performance. With their recent lineup changes I'd say we have a 40% chance of winning, but I still think everyone can be a surprise is this young community.

Match 3 Summary
The tournament featured some great matches earlier on and the third round was no exception! Sweden EYE ran into slightly more trouble than usual on Strike against Belgium Dfiance Gaming, but finally took the map home with 16 to 12. The Swedish force then steamrolled Backlot with 13 to 4, adding yet another clean 2:0 victory to their winning streak.

Germany's own Germany Legendary narrowly avoided overtime on their own map Crash and consequently Czech Republic nEophyte opened up a can of whoopass on Vacant with a convincing 13 to 5. Germany humM3L & co. weren't beaten yet though and surely but steadily crawled their way to a 13 to 11 victory on District.

Last but not least the new lineup of United Kingdom 4Kings did manage to take down United Kingdom The Last resort with 2:1, but victory did not come cheap! Second map Vacant featured the Mother Of All Overtimes until The Last Resort decided it in their favour with a grueling 26 to 24 rounds!

Quarterfinals Fixtures
Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 -vs- Austria GUMMI
Germany Legendary -vs- United Kingdom 4Kings
Finland Da Imperial Executers -vs- Germany nGize.cod4
France oXmoze -vs- Finland

Match 3 Results[/b]]Belgium Dfiance Gaming 0:2 Sweden Eyeballers.cod4
Austria GUMMI 2:1 Czech Republic inteRaction.cod4
Germany Legendary 2:1 Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL
United Kingdom The Last Resort 1:2 United Kingdom 4Kings
Belgium TEK9 Networks Ltd. 0:2 Finland Da Imperial Executers
Germany nGize.cod4 2:1 Netherlands team-ephix
Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO 0:2 France oXmoze
France Coming Soon 0:2 Finland
good matches incoming :)

anyway wins all
our match not described <: :P
legendary/eye/log final
Think I might even start some CoD4/CF QCUP coverage on SK next round so there aren't any 'bad' teams left.

Sweden EYE > Austria GUMMI
Germany Legendary > United Kingdom 4Kings
Finland Da Imperial Executers < Germany nGize.cod4
France oXmoze < Finland

Legendary versus 4Kings and oXmoze versus Logitech are quite hard to call, especially considering how well Legendary are playing lately. Da Imperial Executers beating Tek 9 was kinda unexpected but as well.
hmm.. depends on if LGT have been able to find a good replacement for sec. guessing:

1. DIE
2. EYE
3. Legendary
4. LGT

you will see =)
according to the fixtures logitech lost by forfeit :(
guess they didn't find anyone yet :<
nope its because im going to thailand tomorrow and their not intrested in to play with two mercs. our new fifth will be announced after two weeks wen im bak
ait :) gl with that and hf in thailand!
on its way
quadv streams are so horrible :(
Great game from 4K and Legendary. Strike was very tense at times.
any demos?
i always miss those streams
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