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Hello all,

The finals of the Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force 6o6 ET CUP were played on Januari 6th. Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ] had to face Incomplete for their Premier League finals. Team-viSualize and Gamedivision ~ ET Red had to sort out wich clan was the strongest of the Second League.


Team-viSualize versus Gamedivision ~ ET Red (Second League Final)

The first map to be played was Supply, both clans seemed to be eager to take the gameserver back home. Both clans pushed real hard in order to reach the main objective.

At the and of this map Gamedivision ~ ET Red came out as the winners. They had beaten the Team-viSualize time with only 40 seconds.

The second map (Braundorf) was a whole different way of playing. Gamedivision ~ ET Red was the first attacking clan. They really overruled Team-viSualize on this map. Gamedivision ~ ET Red was able to set a time close around three minutes. Team-viSualize knew that they needed to push harder than ever to reach the objective in time. Despite all their efforts, they simply could not make it on time.


Incomplete versus Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ] (Premier League Final)

The Premier League final also started with Supply as their first map. The second map for this Final was sw_goldrush_te. Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ] simply overclassed Incomplete on both maps.


The Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force 6o6 ET Cup champions are:

Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ] and Gamedivision ~ ET Red

The following prizes have been awarded :

A Gameserver for 4 months goes to: Ministry of Defense [bSTURZ]
A Gameserver for 2 months goes to: Gamedivision ~ ET Red
A Ventriloserver + 5 bnc's for 4 months goes to: Incomplete
A Ventriloserver + 5 bnc's for 2 months goes to: Team-viSualize

The clanleaders of the mentioned clans will get all the info about collecting their prize from ReneGade.

All these prizes were contributed by Sorcer Internet Services. To celebrate this great cup, they are offering everybody a great 10% discount for every new order with a duration of at least three months! All you need to do is place an order on and send an e-mail to sales[at]sorcer[dot]nl in which you notice that you would like to use COUPONCODE: CUP1312.

Sorcer Internet Services and The Friends in Force would like to gratulate all the prizewinners and we wish you lots of fun with your prize. We would like to thank all other signed up clans for participating in our cup and thank you gamestv for covering a lot of our cupmatches.

We hope that we can create another cup soon! And we hope to meet you all again on that edition of the FiF Cup!

For further questions and contact info:

mIRC: #fif.gaming @ quakenet

e-mail: renedev[at]home[dot]nl




This Cup was organised in association with:

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finally bsturz won smth! :D
haha noticed same thing :D
well done gd
nC never lose!
must be another cheat supplier tbh!
these polaks aka cs3r'lesbian ^^
or sinner!
Gratz gD :)
ggs gD :)
Very nice organized cup. Didn`t hear any complains about it during the whole time.

gj guys.

Would be nice to see another cup soon.
what skill is gD tbh
cup was very nice to play in and grats to the winning teams
Very nice organized, good job renegade and rayman! <3
gg wp, gratz to the winners gD and mod/bsturz !
well done gD
5 bnc's for the teams in 2nd place in a 6on6cup, so i guess the one who fucked up the final is not getting bnc? :D
rofl, good point :D
You are totally correct m8!
owned tele :D
rly nice cup, no complaints at all, waiting for next edition
grats gD!
cuz i played vs 1 or 2 players of them ...and they didnt seem that asking for their skill because i didnt expect that they could beat this opponents :P it looks like they became much better

gg :)
prolly yes :)
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