Volume KnifeCup v2!

After getting alot of positive feedback from hosting the first KnifeCup, Volume decided to host another one. More info below.

Signups closed:
When we got 16(/32) teams, signup now!

The cup starts at 18 January @ 19:00CET. Signups will close when we got 16 teams, depending on the signups this may extend to 32. The cup is played in the 4ON4 format with the CB 3ON3 config. Side is NOT allowed!

Round 1: ET_ice
Round 2: ET_Beach
Round 3: Frostbite
Round 4: Adlernest
Round 5: Radar
Final!: Both teams pick one map of their choice. (This map has to be in the mappool showed above!)

(If a map turns out to be fullheld by both teams, there will be played a kniferound. This basically means: The team with the highest damage after 2 minutes wins. The kniferound will take place at Valhalla.)

image: warning 1 covert-ops, 1 medic, 2 engineers. (No other combinations possible.)
image: warning Pushing, blocking, tj = allowed.
image: warning Knife, dynamite, syringe, smoke-grenade, medpackets ONLY (so NO satchel. Also you can plant a dynamite whereever you want.)
image: warning Selfkilling = allowed.
image: warning 3ON3 CB config.
image: warning Shooting = forfeit immediately.

(Make sure you UNBIND weaponbank 2,3,4 to avoid any problems with the shooting = forfeit rule!)

image: nl paddo (PM for Signups (CF profile/IRC))
image: nl maanj
image: nl zilver
image: nl prego
image: gr kReSt

#Volume @ Qnet.
gogogogo krestibooooi :>
yaa :) allet klar? =) (ger)
YOU yes thats tr00
but krest is busted for cheating
no rly, he was never banned like u so stfu!
that means; he cheat but was not busted? - nvm
izy 4 santa if we take place :>
would love to compete but no time ... reallife ftw
same here
pm me if you need merc.. Got nice trickjump skills. Rly want to participate in such a cup. Seems fun xD
no healing allowed?
thought that seemed logical but i will edit
well healing can be quite imba with some medic just running with docs.
true, but that's why we only did one medic
u only need one for taking the docs.
na you need one for sticking around with the team actually, everyone can grab those docs aslong as long as they are fast enough
No need to heal themselves while running with docs since they can't get backshot.. Yea, backknifed, but healing would be useless anyway cuz ud die instantly.
who can play on a friday oO
Im avi, pm!
knife cup is awesome =)
why not nolifers day (sunday) ...
fuck u omg..always on friday...

reallife > ur cups

i wont play !

edit...lmao smoke nade ?

r u serious ?...then itz so easy to win a map...trust me ...smokenade SUX
lmfao why is it easy to win if you can use a smoke grenade? explain
no smoke without fire
for example at adlernest ...u throw smoke...not izi 2 see...u can come izi to objective....then its 2 fast imo...makes much more fun with the rules of mentiz knidecup...but k i wont play anyway cuz its a nolifercup @ friday...have fun
we (+ our opponent) also used smoke in mentiz' cup
lol then u should get kicked ^^...nah...in the rules smokenades wernt allowed imo :>
santa would win easy but just on sundays :>
mentiz knife cup > yours ;)
our rules > your rules tbfh kanker mogool
je schrijft het goed! your rules > ours
onze rules zijn zoveel beter dan jullie rules + wij hebben een knifecupconfig :D
maar proficiat met je 'originele' idee dat je van ons hebt afgepakt ;p
dankje dat je me verbeterd
wij hebben ook een config tbh ;)
en je 'originele' idee is al veel eerder gebruikt, ik zeg het maar even

"onze rules zijn zoveel beter dan jullie rules" waarom hou je je er dan niet aan tom?
3ON3 CB config.
Ga je die zinloze discussie weer beginnen? Terwijl alle teams het mooi oplossen moesten jullie zonodig 14jarige taal gebruiken om toch zo in de finale te komen. Mensen als jullie laten leuke projecten kapotgaan ma swat
wat voor zinloze discussie, het zijn toch jouw regels? hoezo dan zinloos? jij laat je eigen project verkankeren omdat je je niet aan JOUW regels houd tbh
agree....pls do a 2nd volume !!! AND on a sunday pls...not on a fucking saturday or friday :(
indeed my love <3 :_D qry me if we have to knife again ^^
why dont u guys do a "knifecup" cfg for this shiet ?
we actually got one, but we don't want team force installing it on their server... and how hard is it to /unbind 2,3,4?
mission impossible
image: very-nice-borat

"Also you can plant a dynamite whereever you want" we planted side but didnt use it and still forfreit :/ NAIZ RULEZ ADMINS!
dont be that stupid
u can plant a dyno on every place, where no obj would be destroyed ofc.

and as u might have read: no side :)
so there are conflict at the rulez.. ^^ Next time make better rulez
dunno litchjes(admin team) will win cup image: 2medics

edit: Admin abuse is lovely thing... rules are 1 medi,2engies and 1 covert.. but u know admins have their own rules.. like 2 medics and stuff.
And we got kicked from server too and what u know.. we lost for litchjes :/

#Volume unable to join channel (address is banned)

damn cewl admins ;)
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