Team Goliath strikes!

I cought up with Croatia aCoZz, the leader of a new ET clan, who told me few words about it.

Tell us something about the clan and who's idea it was?

QuoteGeneraly the idea to start up a new clan was dAv1d's and mine. We were both searching for a clan some time, and in the end we decided to try with Goliath. We got some excellent players in, and after few weeks decided to publish ourselfes officialy. Atm we are playing as much as we can to prepare ourselfes for the upcoming cups / events, in which we are eager to participate.

What are your goals and what do you actually expect from this clan?

QuoteMainly our goals are to stay on the scene as long as possible, because even with all the problems this game has, we still love it as from the first day. We expect to participate in next EC, and untill then maybe win some cups / tournaments.


Croatia aCoZz
Belgium dAv1d
Croatia gmx
Croatia p4h
Slovenia JaKaZc
Slovenia illy-ya
United Kingdom VeXx
France eMoReJ
Finland bm

Sure this clan has bucket loads of potential, but do they have the strength to fight against the usual destiny of all Europen clans, the 2weeks paranoia?
Will they still be around when there's anything worth fighting for?

Till we find out, support them at

Good luck guys!
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