CDC4 PAM Rule set

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The final version of the crossfire Call of Duty 4 rule set has now been released!

This version 4 rule set will be used at the up and coming Crossfire Devotii Challenge in Holland which will give the teams attending a chance to get used to the setup. For those of you using the current version 3 crossfire config, there are only a few minor changes. All the relevant changes can be found after the jump.

:: Strat time will be set to 5 seconds
:: Round time will be set to 2 minutes
:: The bomb timer will be set to 45 seconds
:: All weather, ambient sound effects and floating bits will be disabled
:: Exploding car damage will be enabled
:: Each team will have 2, 2 minute time outs
:: The Heavy Gunner class will be disabled
:: The Sniper class will be limited to 1 per team
:: The Demolition class will be enabled
:: The skorpion SMG will be disabled
:: The Sniper rifles will have the increased damage dvar enabled
:: PAM overtime will be disabled, matches needing overtime will be handled via rcon

DOWNLOAD (pam_mode crossfire)
Instructions on how to install the rule file as well as all the other leagues rule sets can be found in this thread.

If you have any questions regarding this setup, please leave a comment below.
2min roundtime is too much tbh
with bomb @ 45?

I never played it but i think it is to less
plant time is 5 sec and when its planted 45 sec is added. So max round time is 2min and 45 sec , not 2min-0.45sec

edit: added secs/mins so its not confusing
thnx but maps are big like ET?

or its more like cs

even smallers as cs?
.. play the game.
its more like cs, but a bit bigger.
smaller than cs maps imo. but more places to hide (that sux)
but 2 minutes is a real small time right?

if its bigger as cs.. you just get to the other side and get gunned down so it sux.. you will never do obj?
the ways to the bombs are shorter in cod4 than in cs, but otherwise the maps are bigger. I think that 2 mins timelimit is just ok.
:: All weather, ambient sound effects and floating bits will be disabled

nice, just need a maplist now :>
It's the same map list crossfire have always had:

nice but vacant zz
vacant is nice!
The skorpion SMG will be disabled
Because it's unfair, ofc.
In it's current state, it is THE best gun in the game by a country mile.

You can kill people from any distance with a short burst and it has zero recoil.

Simply put, it ruins the game.
skorpion = auto-sniper!
:: The Sniper rifles will have the increased damage dvar enabled
dvar is the name used for the PAM variables.
so, now always, one shot = kill?
No. It changes the bolt action sniper rifles to one shot one kill if you hit around the neck/head area.
As if snipers aren't strong enough atm, they're shit unzooming, but I'd say they're pretty much fine over distance.

ps: what's with the high falldamage :(
thats basically the point of a sniper... to be fine over distance
In cod2 you could use the sniper like a railgun, which was pretty awesome
what does that mean, use it like a railgun? unscoped instakill shots? :P
that's an accurate description :P
Where do you see me arguing that? Snipers don't really need any more fine tuning, leave the numberjerking to the Swedes, they love to change this game as much as they can :D
I just lol'd in my pants.
Snipers are strong because of the deadly bolt action dvar. The majority of PAM rule sets have had this setting set to on for about 3 releases so don't fret.
so what do you do about the fall damage, it used to be 200-400 when we played for the qcup
If you mean the codqcup and not the crossfire qcup, they use completely different configs.
5 secs strat time aint good imo not much time to switch weapons or even nades :/
It's more than enough time.
nice ;>
IMO the 5 sec strat time is too little for LAN event matches :/
Explain why please.
Maybe i just had to whine about something? :P
best cfg so far, i hope clanbase and other cups and competitions will also take this one, gj
5 secs strat time is not long enough, and why change roundtime from 145 to 2?
It never was 1:45
What perks settings? :oooo

And does this remove dust from maps? (like in cod2)
Yes it removes dust, it states that in the news post.
It says:

":: All weather, ambient sound effects and floating bits will be disabled"

Was not sure dust was "floating bits", thats all :)
we just played a war on this and the bombtimer was pretty fucked, it was ticking like it had 15 seconds left and exploaded on 27 seconds each time. bug?
You must have your sv_fps set to 30. Keep it at 20.
what is going on with the weapon removal? when i jump the weapon gets removed?

who is his instable state of mind made this up? would really love to know why someone would even go this far to fuck a game up.
When you jump the weapon gets removed, what do you mean?
I agree the point on strat time, 10 seconds is alot better to fully change your guns and call strats, although 5 seconds is better when playing online.
5 seconds is better for LAN you mean? If you can't change your weapon and/or grenade in 5 seconds you don't deserve to be playing the game.

Remember that once you have setup your classes, it remembers them from round to round so all you have to do is click your new weapon and/or nade, not setup the whole class.
No i mean 10 seconds for LAN, online people will play alot of pcw's and get frustated waiting 10 seconds, at lan people will need the 10 seconds. You say people shouldn't play this game if they can't do it in 5 seconds. The fact is if someone makes a mistake then you won't have the gun you want in time and you have no time for calling strats that involve more than the words "A RUSH" :)

Obviously the clever ones amongst us (YEH ME!) actually pre-create all classes before i ready up.
just disable silencer for scorpion and its ok!
Penn, i just checked our server.cfg and it has sv_fps on 20, any other idea why the bomb goes crazy?
In that case i have no idea, try and find other people with the same thing.
no clue, but seems to be some weird bug. its on both of the Dignitas servers. DM and TDM.

Apparently it isn't on the other modes. Sorry for the hassle
Is there any reason for removing the OT, because as I've never experienced any problems with it.

And as ppl have said, 5 seconds strattime can be a little short, especially on LAN.

Roundtime 2 is fine, though i prefer 1:45
PAM overtime could sometimes get stuck and never end. We decided to eliminate any delays and problems that may occur by disabling it and controlling any overtime manually via rcon.
Good rules, but strat time should be > 5
penn so vacant will be in maplist? N1ce 1
5secs doesnt sound like much time, but this is not some BYOC random team lan is it. Teams have or at least should have been playing with each other and practicing for a little while- worked out attacks and defences on maps that have been chosen (or more obvious maps anyway, if listings arent released)

having maybe 3 defences and at least 3-4 attacks on each map with rarely ever having to change them randomly - you also have around 5-10 seconds before you have a secondary direction change on a lot of the maps from what I have seen, so that would give you 10-15 seconds to strat, not to mention youll probably have 5+ seconds after a round is won (I guess, if not.. oops ;))

there are a lot of CoD4 teams, a simple 5second on each round delay (ontop of the inevitable delays of any lan) anywhere time can be stolen back = good.
Quote by MerlinatoR5secs doesnt sound like much time, but this is not some BYOC random team lan is it.

Summed it up nicely with that sentence. :)
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