CoDQCup Double Header Tonight on QuadV

There has been a fantastic tournament unravelling over at the CoDQCup Tournament and tonight will bring you potentially 2 of the greatest matches to date and they will all be live on QuadV.

20:00 CET Winners Bracket 4 - Dignitas 11-13 The6Devils - Crash

image: mp_crashDignitas Call of Duty legend needs no introduction, however their history books need a few more chapters with their last major win back in September 06. They have had a tricky path through so far being taken to overtime by eyeshow on Vacant and then having a close match against MYTEAM on Backlot.

The6Devils have had an eventful time reaching this stage facing the best CoD4 has to offer and shrugging them off as they go. Starting with overtime against eSuba on crossfire they then put up two dominant performances against not identified and Fnatic on Vacant and Backlot.

Will the experienced Dignitas team hold against what appears to be an unstoppable force in the form of The6Devils? Join Deman & Kee_Ring on TV1 to find out.

21:30 CET Losers Bracket 4 - MYTEAM < oXmoze - Crossfire

[img|left][/img]MYTEAM have not had an easy time of it being taken to overtime in the first two rounds by ONTIC and emprise. They came up against a determined Dignitas team though on Backlot and narrowly lost by 13-11.

oXmoze cruised through their first round against FAP but soon found trouble in the form of Serious Gaming on Vacant, being dumped into the losers bracket 13-5. Not to be disheartened they’ve put in two strong performances against MOD, then coming through overtime against DCC on Strike.

This game looks to be one that just might head into overtime and covering this game will be Deman & Kee_Ring on TV1.
I really hope The6Devils will take it!
deman is my hobbit hero for sure!
Oh the irony of that comment :)
nowai! u did an awsome job during both of these games. and u are a hobbit, so no irony there ;> hihi..
will there be a cod4tv anytime? :!
no but video stream from quadv
yeah, but there also won't be any CoDTV like ETTV in future? :(
Every Call of Duty someone says they know someone whos making the TV client, and this person doesnt actually need IW's help to get it done, etc etc etc.

Truth is the only CoDTV there has ever been is the Netframework demostreaming, similar to ETTV v.1 which was for CoD1
Ah ok, thanks :)
might actually watch :)
Kee_Ring <o/
Yeah, it is so nice to have you back :)
Thanks its great to be back :D
Plazma pwnage gogo ;)
Nice more coverage!
lineups ?
Thinks that T6D will take it tbh. But i'm hoping for Dignitas because they are Dignitas ;)
They know which side is offence on crossfire this time right?
dignitas will take it IMO
T6D > *
nice by oXmoze
yes rly rly nice match omg
anubis ownz :D
but they made myteam play with 4 didnt they?
yes I belive 1 round not the hole time.
don't remember sry :D
oXmoze also played with only 4 on the first round of the second half, so that made it even.

It was a great comeback for oXmoze to take it to overtime, some great play from everyone but Anubis stood out in the last round of the first overtime getting 2 ak74 kills within seconds of one another then switching to deagle and getting his 3rd kill in the same move.

Fantastic finish in the second overtime as well, worthy of the great match it was.

Match VoD was half way through uploading when I left for work so should be available in around 20 minutes.
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