Live2Win - One2 vs Roskilde Ravens

We return once again to the Live2Win Call of Duty 4 League for One2 vs Roskilde. Both teams have fairly new rosters much like everyone else in CoD4 currently but both teams have potential to succeed in the Live2Win League.

22:00 CET - One2 6-13 Roskilde Ravens - Vacant

image: vacantOne2 come into the match with a walkover and a win of 13-1 but have missed a full roster to practise with due to other commitments.

Roskilde are taking a rather casual approach to the Live2Win competition opting to focus more on upcomming lans. However I have no doubt the moment the match goes live the natural competitive nature of gamers will take over.

Live Video Coverage on Quadv TV3 with Deman

Quote by One2 NumseWith a full lineup since 1 week ago we haven´t been able to practice the way we should have, and our teamplay could have been better. But lately we have played fairly good on vacant and I believe we can give any team a good fight on the map, if we have a good day. I don´t know anything about Roskilde, and the info I´ve been given about the team has varied alot. So it´s a blind date. :)

About cod4 I think it´s much fun to play, better than any other game I´ve played competativaly.. tho I don´t fancy the mode. S&D (cs and cod) has always had too much luck involved, and that together with exploding cars that can whipe out a whole team and extreme deviation makes it to random.
gl dohfos and numse :)
Roskildes lineup will probaly be:
Denmark fRiJeC
Denmark Woomzy
Denmark LM
Denmark Champ
Denmark Hmz

&/or Denmark R3CoR

Good luck mates
Hmz lost his internet last night, so R3CoR will be playing.
ah træls :( men held og lykke drenge rart at se ens gamle hold komme så godt igang med cod4 :)
easy bash for ET:QW skillers One2
np for keno :P
ITs the Kebab shop man!!!!

Dignitas Vs T6D was close match hope this ones (one+is in case paddo is reading this) as close
GL buddies !
Keno will get pwnd by PBSS for sure >_>

imba cfg ;p glhf m8s
and that together with exploding cars that can whipe out a whole team and extreme deviation makes it to random

without exploding cars (-district) people would just look 5minutes longer for tricknades and there would be little difference :p
imo remove cooking and cars :) cod4 needs to become less random, if not clans will soon reach the max skill of the game after like 5 months.
It's already reached.
mp44 COD2 jumped headshots were far more annoying really ;p
well one spray never decided a round :) (killing 3-5 people)
nice sc yesterday btw dman =) like ur humor
game will be very tough roskilde very good but so is one2 everything can happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
roskildle should take this.
Keno will rage for sure
gl dohfos , u little swedish tard
one2's line up ?

GL one2 :o
cheers all. numse have had power cuts the whole evening so this will be interesting -.-
take 'em One2 !
ravens did -> 13-6

gg guys
I played so shit!!!
imo weed>hasj
Better luck next time keno :<
ul keno :/
Just watched 2 demos from the match and it was actually pretty close. Milliseconds decided the victor, even considering the score.
take into consideration that keno is high atm :D haha.. nah. but,

ravens was the better team, we made some simple mistakes and ravens had the edge we didn't in many situations. if we would've won those "small things" the score would've been way more even. but we didn't and we only got ourselves to blame for that. we'll be back and tbh we're just happy with being able to play more of those "better teams", quite hard as an unknown in the scene to find good opponents.

looking forward to playing ya again frijec, wmz etc :)
QW is waiting for yoU! :)
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