Just a few hours...

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That's right ladies and gentleman here on crossfire, the CDC is coming up within not even 24 hours. The first matches will come up from tomorrow morning. With 30 packard bell powered pc's just arravied 1 hour ago most of the crew on side are busy setting them up with a proper installation to run the biggest and hopefully best CDC LAN event ever. Teams such as Poland Fear Factory.X-Fi and United Kingdom The Last Resort are bootcamping since 15.00 CET today and prepare themself in Call of Duty and ET:Quake Wars. There should also be Italy n1ce.it coming up soon praccing for ET.

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You can already find a few pictures in our very new and improved gallery system every user registered on crossfire can upload to. Check out the gallery.

A few things will change on crossfire tomorrow. Here are a few details on what will change and what you can find where actually:

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image: previewmatches Find the latest results:
From the past 5 matches from either all or just your game, you will find the results listed in a small box connected live with our bracket system. This means as soon as there is any result online, you will see it there.

image: previewgallery I was at CDC!
Now and forever, store all your CDC pictures on Rfki's gallery system for crossfire for this and future crossfire challenges. So start to take a look on the current and past pictures from the CDC. Find the gallery right here.

image: previewtunein You will not have to search for something
Listed on our updated newspost will be the links to every important page for this CDC, so you do not need to look for any special pages to find the QuadV streams, the latest pictures, the brackets for every game and ofcourse the most recent news live from Enschede.

image: previewcup The most important one
To find all results, rankings or brackets, the CDC4 is using a brand new bracket system. After ezBash for CPC2 and a few images on CDC3, this time it is once and forever listed in our competition system optimized for crossfire and the CDC by beav.

You want the CDC feeling right on your home pc? Get the CDC wallpapers for your desktop: Download!

The ultimate CDC blog
If you ever complained about 1-sided statements in the past, this is your chance to complain even more about admins from different games. With taken, Penn, Adacore, chosen and TosspoT already on side you can see the recent news from their work and the location in the admin blog.

Get yourself up in the morning and expect some great and hot fights over the entire weekend and watch out for the Marlboro lights!
2nd _:D and noone saw my edit
1st?x I SAW IT!!
making-a-comment-on-your-own-comment skillz :D
lol true : D!
did you see the picture of the package Marlboro Light? ROFL
Cya tomorrow m8
cu in 5 min.
you coming or not?
nasty....we keep you updated on the latest gossip m8

gossip 1: Herbal is stoned and got busted by the cops

gossip 2: Ronner has long hair now

gossip 3: Loekino is still ugly
1. most likely
2. no way hose
3. 100% true.
dont tell that mofo anything
LOL, wassup Sifu..long time no see :P
nice to "see" you too... hows it hanging
good good! Need to work a couple of hours tonight, but after that i got the entire weekend off and heading for CDC4. Play ET now and then, a bit more ETQW. You still playing games?
You and your bro should come to CDC man...drinking beers, talking crap and having fun!!
we should ye, playing et once a week in publics, thats about my gaming.. mmm... beer.. cdc4 hmm... having fun mhmmh... if i had more time i would drive there...
nooob :pppp
i owned you!!!! with 18 sec!!!

3 testicals are fine today btw :D? =D =D
Quotehopefully best CDC LAN event ever

You're there, it can't go wrong <33
So, will we see ETTV for all matches? Also the early ones on friday morning?
from what I know, every match will be on GamesTV and all replays on challenge TV
Would be nice if ETTV-demos would be avi for download as well, not only player demos.
based on gtv
go go :D
arriving tomorrow around 9.10 am and then im gonna wake up wesbo with a dickslap!!!

coverage promises to be awesome, I'll bring my camera to take some pics this weekend!
Looking forward to it! Will show as most as I can my friends at a house LAN tomorrow ;o Hope to see a good live stream!
great work :D
is that mind's drugs on the first pic?
how can it be in nl and still 2 hours away from me? :X
thank god adacore cut his hair off

long hair didnt fit to him :>
true,.. he scared me once @ cdc3 :O
Good job! ..keep on it 8)

p.s. wallpapers are really nice 8>
do i see new chairs? :O)

and also do i see adacore with short hair?^^

have fun everyone cu sunday
robbenootje, im going tomorrow so not sunday!!

looking forward to it :)
great effort see you on saturday
hf gl there =)
nice wallpapers :DDDD
the pink one is best
Looking good! hf all teams that participate @ the cdc4
Great work guys, I wish good luck to all the clans, and a good luck for the crew, QUADV crew aswell :)
damn it looks nice :) will be there if CDC5 is gonna happen, but lets now just enjoy of some nice games at home! :)
i will go cdc once i finish 2nd grade in highschool ^^
im pretty sure im going to next event, if i have money :)
/me wants some pictures of hot chicks :P
then why are you on this site?
who says this is the only site im looking at atm :P
it should be
looks very good, well organised and nice work on bracket system etc
Why is everybody so nice? The tough e-talk guys have transformed to normal people?

Let me know when there is a fight.
gl to all!

where can i see the teams and lineups? :)
<3 <3 <3 VEGETA FAN CLUB <3 <3 <3

image: heartimage: heartimage: heart

From campobasso he is gonna pwn everybody with his skilled mouse+mousepad ;)
looks nice
Pracced versus n1ce, but erm can't it be fixed that more then 3 players can connect to a server pretty anoyying that we needed to play a laggy serv :/
it was a cybergames cant be laggy !
Anyways good luck man, was nice to play against you
hf Loekino !
stupid question: I readed today the word "bootcamping" like 10times, but what does it mean exactly? :(
Mini LAN as preparation for a big one.(to build the LAN feeling with comms etc, because playing online and offline is quite different(that's why you will see savage on max every spawn hähä))
oh ok :) ty
LETS GO i cant wait :D
I'm there @ Saturday :( Can't wait ^^
Twinzzy i will fuck u because we are pornstarZ =)
someone got already raped by loekino ?
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