CDC4 Stats!

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Courtesy of our resident server admin Netherlands Bart, we've made some stats for the tournament!

Unfortunately, Warsow and Quake Wars do not feature but still, they are a bit of fun you can all have a good laugh about!

Call of Duty 4 :

Enemy Territory :

Although we do not have stats for Warsow, our friend Netherlands Bart uploaded demos for us, so you can watch some really nice 1on1 games!

Warsow Demos :

Thanks to Ravenwood but especially thanks to Netherlands Bart, who really kept the tournament together, even when we had some major issues!
nice :D
I've updated the Warsow stats

Marrk supplied me with the brackets for the WARSOW matches ;) Thnx for that!
lol fost owning
vegeta offline pwner !
fucked up stats, im 3 times in 1 list haha

supply 80+30+20 :\

And satz got more kills than mausxD
That might be due to several reasons ... main problem is combining all the different servers statistics into 1 big logfile and most users had the same GUID on some PC's. Glitches will happen i am afraid but it does give a good impression imho.

Next time we're going to do stats by GUID an use a better stats generator which will solve that i hope ;)
Agree, also mAus missing too from the Hall of Shame :)
Because you changed name? I think Bart said he couldn't do anything about that. :(
I know, but dont go like; yea he played so well where there can be 20 better players with better stats, not that it matters
If people see three versions of you, they will clearly know that they aren't 100% correct. :)
95 % of the minekills come from United Kingdom Sheep :D
he planted around 40 mines and throw 38 nades only in one round sd against team-np :o
nothing special with 38 nades
At least no one used the AK's in CoD 4.
Apart from you, cheater.

I got a 29 man streak on CoD4 yesterday \o/
Only 29?? pffftt
whii 3rd @ selfkills!
i am the best engi thx
ET stats are so fucked up :l
decem you specced fost ??
he was kinda good, have to admit that... I wouldn't have believed it :)
he was busy speccing/whining at me as far as I know :<
cod4 demos`?
next time also include kills/minutes score, that would be fair for everyone.
Suicidal Tendencies Medal

# Player Score
1 ^pn1ce mama. LAN 72.00

emo award :o(
great work bart. hope to c u again.

spammer's king :o
fost seemed to be the best allaround fragger at cdc4 :P well done my dear friend
Freek > fost !!!! Look the stats.... 2 Freek :O
wp freekish,
though havin divided stats beein better than the rest

Wolfenstein ET: Landmine 309 kills

I can bet that half of them are by United Kingdom Sheep ! :DD ..and mostly of them are cleaned by Spain Wing :DD
what is wrong with those stats!?
well i don't know but i think is kinda weird that i have more kill than other top garands either playing only 3 games ( total of 8 maps )...
mine stats are exact (matching with my own made stats = 231 kills in 8 maps ) dunno how much the others could be.
strange stats, but looks like fost was kinda superior
need ETQW stats! :)
mAus, kill ratio > 3, kill streak 22 :o
only 4 other players (except Belgium mAus) have double-digit killing streaks: Slovenia JaKaZc, Belgium acid_, Italy neve, Germany Sight.
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