pstarZ with a new lineup

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Recently it has been quite silent around the multigaming organisation Europe pstarZ. This is due to the fact that the multigaming organisation did not find the things they sought behind the squads they had attracted in the past few months, which caused the management to take a break.

However, as you all might have noticed lately, the multigaming organisation is back on track once it comes to gaming. The ET squad has becomen active again and things are going real smooth. Having always attracted various players which have already proven their abilities to the community, the team is once again expected to surprise all with their new lineup.

Enemy Territory has probably always been the game for the pornstarZ in which their roots lie. Therefore the management is determined to keep on having teams in Enemy Territory, longing to reach the success' their teams have reached back in the old days. The aim for an EuroCup qualifier is therefore presence.

Teamcaptain Germany twinzzy gave us the following statement:
QuoteI am both happy and honoured to play with this selection of players in a team. The guys are real cool and are always up for having a laugh, as well as being real serious in wars, in which we all strive for the best. Next to this, the spirit in the team is already the best, allthough we have just been around for a couple of weeks so far.

The new lineup of pstarZ counts the following players:

Germany asmogan
Germany twinzzy
Portugal ag0n
Portugal sexclick
Denmark exquizit
United Kingdom h20xygen

Germany FaKy
Hungary srph

England Bulldog
Germany pZyko

You can find them in #pstarZ-Gaming
Gl twinzzy
Good luck to all!
2 months max! agon low+
could win oc if they stay active, cant see em winning a ec qualifier incase they get it

gl, though it didnt look very stable last days/weeks
why are srph and faky backups? since they are clearly the best 2 players there
then who is? all i see are oc premier players at best
exquizit, h20xygen, srph are clearly the best
exq was the good pstarz squad backup or smthin?

h20 was way out of his league when he played for 141

oc material
didn't say that they're ec worthy, but still these 3 are the best in pstarZ' current lineup.
Are you saying this because exquizit is danish? :<
i dislike all ppl not just the danish
but you like me!
srph is too busy cause of his school i guess.
Opinions can be different. Also they are backup because srph is at uni and FaKy because he couldn't pracc 2/3 days a week
bad things happen :(
GL exquizit & srph <3 :)
gl assimogan
GL Germany Twinzzy, United Kingdomh20oxygen, Portugal ag0n and Hungary Srph
hl h20xygen and twinzzy :OOO
twinzzy you forgot about uf0l in overdose squad in your profile, and you were just back up boy so gtfo :ooo
naga did count me in his main @ his profile, I will do former player thenxD
naga is the only one ;d
low+ max, anyway gl
gL guys
Quotethe team is once again expected to surprise all with their new lineup

The only way they can surprise me is for sticking longer than 2 weeks together. No offence Twinzz, but since the summer of last year I doubt you had a team that stuck together for more than 2 months.

Anyway, as I told him already, I doubt they have the necessairy skills to qualify for EC so their best bet is to try and do as good as possible in the OC Premier.

Good luck.
no EC invite? I wonder why :DDD
gl,skilled guys
gl Netherlands Twinzzy
gl, you only forgot to mention their ubersecretbackup for incase some people die before a match.
gl exquizit
gl patinhus ag0n & sexclick : )
there was space between the box and the pillar !
good luck to you
twinzzy hacker
gl pwners
Thanks man :)
EC only since ag0n is in it
get skill then laugh
he bought skill but got busted + cb banned , thats why :D
gl twinzzy
gl, but be more stabile !
Changing ur lineup like socks
Must be no problem with this line.
its normal. Your clan had also some problems such as kick one player some day ago etc.
Gl for us :) Lets see whats gonna happen tonight. Anyway play oc 1st div isnt that bad since we can win and get invited for next ec.

thx all <3
gl asmo!

back to et now?
direct invite

image: 2003_the_oc_005

journal pls
whole team overrated imo, but gl twinz <3 :)
h2oxygen wasn't in dsky currently ?
gl E to the X to the QUIZIT <3
thx limbo and fryzer <3
Your lineup has changed about 10 times this month. I dont see the EC qualli coming in any ways.
only 1 - 2 players :S
way way more. Wheres nubiks etc.?
im talking about the 5th 6th place in the lineup. XD
like you ?

There has been way more. And about 5 players have filled those 2 places in the past month.
ban: *!*infect@85.17.156.*

this is just because twinzy didnt took you? :O
no ? After uniQue i prefered krts for twinzzys projects.
i dnno why ..but i still compare twinzzy to this 13 years old faker called shoes :o
New lineup in 2 days.
gl exq
lowmed ;)
lol, they're better :D

pstarZtwinzzy: search other games dude
squall.fa: why?
pstarZtwinzzy: we want to have a brake :x

What had that to do with a break we where praccing for 2 hours allready, and after playing grush for the 3rd time, we wanted to drink/eat something. besides that if you say u did owns us you are totally wrong if we holded u 20 secs longer at the gold we had won anyways
terrible lineup
ye low+ max, you own them with a pistol :(
ag0n low+ max

gl <3
Portugal ag0n !!! <3
gL ^6pstarZ^7Exquizit ;)
Good luck exq! <3
gl ag0n ahahahaaa
where is DSky?

one day clan!
hahahaha :D
tired of seeing that dam gif

twinzih , ag0n , asmo , sexclick
hf ag0n ;>>>>>>>
gl, i hope the team will be stable now!
gl guys !
gl ag0n :]

gl exq
OC, maybe if they stay together until it
EC... no
FaKe! I dont play with them!
gay luck!
twinz, wnb german!
good luck
gl mizo :>
gl asmo <3
gl srph <3
gl guys
twinzzy <3
<3 sexbitch & agon
unbelievable whiner, sexclick is obviously cheating
etx customer, according to my reliable sources
show me the list!
still suckage, w or w/o
a insane player....

from cybergames :XD
atleast i am not saying that i am mid+/high player like you
never said im high. Im med/med+
: DDD ofc u said few times that you are atleast med+ cuz you are playing in NC Portugal
yes im med+ but not more.
Quotenever said im high. Im med/med+

there is a difference u kno

edit: oh and i played on cybergames maybe 2 times
does it matter?
Quote tekkzor on 17/03/08, 15:04:11 PM | Reply

still suckage, w or w/o

it does lol, how do you know how i play?
We will see @ CDC5 =) and I know that he is not cheating 100%

Btw. guys it's wrong to say,Mr.X is good and Mr. Y low+
we will see how they work in a team,and that is important...
and I'm sure that they got the quality to rape the EC


cant see them in the qualilist, and im quite sure that he is cheating
im sure that they dont have quality to rape ec

and im sure that they wont come to CDC5, they will fold before it.
Believing is all that u need...and when we fail we can say we tried it =)
The thing is pstarZ is just a joke nowadays, 1 - 2 years ago it was a skilled clan which died. And twinzzy just overtook it and fucked it up. Changing Lineup everyday so nearly every skilled ET Player already played in pstarZ for at least 2 days. So i would bet 1000 bucks, after not qualifying for EC you guys gonna fold within the next 2 weeks. GL tho.
I fucked it up. pstarZ's name was allready screwed before I came in it. + the fact that we are stable now and will be.!
GL twinzzy
gl with your EC only.
cry baby cry!
You were very clear that you will get qualli.

Dont ruin my moment now :D
Very clear...I said it would be nice if I could get a qualifier. Anf if not, to bad. And please fanboy stop whining now, because we get sick of you
they are low+Scotlandmax
good luck exquizit!!!
gl simon, hf
gl twinzhoofd
held og lykke exquizit :)
are they dead already?
And how can you be sure that you are in OC prem??

The groups aint online yet.
ouh, You know this already,cause you knew the qualli stuff ?
Kiddy leave now, I'm sorting my things out before I say them.
GL Bulld0g!
its dead before it started
so r u... omg my dad will come and beat u up!
=) i mean gl
nice lu, gl guys
is just me or h20 is in like 5 clans lol?
its you, he left the cheaters
gl Sexclick

btw: SexClick when you first match in my 3on3 division? :o

thx, about the 3o3 match, got no idea xD
low highest ^^
gl with OC
hæld og løk exQuiZiT
these guys suck balls, and twinzzy is a smileywriter :o
and you need to die, you are a fuckin waste of time cheater. Really, have balls and come to LAN and try to prove yourself there instead of acting pro over the internetz
gtfo cheater, i still remember our last 3o3 offi vs u, where i wanted your demos because i thought you were hacking, and you asked for mines as well cause you thought i was cheating as well, and guess what, you got busted, im still here :(
.. I dont know but how many Lineups have been written for pstarZ..??

Like 700?

This one will be dead in 1 month to..

See ur next post in a couple of weeks
better a shitty line-up then a shitty cheater
Even better is none of the two
stop spoofing me?
Man i don't know how come, but yesterday I shot a wall again :X
Didn't noticed that
Like the last tryout you did :o
can you 2 has a break please?


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