ESWC to focus iPOWER on CoD4

image: header_packardbellThe iPOWER tournament run by Crossfire sponsors Packard Bell was last year a bit of a unique twist on gaming tournaments, with all members of team playing multiple games. This year the tournament has been given the eSports twist and will be held at the ESWC Masters in Paris on the Independence day weekend, however instead of multiple games it will now be just Call of Duty 4.

Multiplay were due to host the first iPOWER qualifier this weekend at i33, however they recently broke the news of the changes. Whilst some may view this as a very negative thing for the RTS players perspective, the inherant faith in CoD4's ability to perform at ESWC from Game-Services is a huge vote of confidence in the game and its community.

This also adds a huge prestige to i33's CoD4 tournament (not that it needed it with its 12k prizepurse!), however the top placed UK team from that will be sent to Paris to compete in the Call of Duty tournament at iPOWER at ESWC!

More news to follow, and you can follow i33 all here on Crossfire and on QuadV


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This is both good and bad news, I loved last years iPOWER because it was a very social, very fun event - however CoD getting a more serious tournament at ESWC is 'serious business' for the game.
Well, it still isn't a official ESCW game, is it?
Correct but if you look at the multiplay link you can see that it was ESWC's choice to do this. Which whilst its not an ESWC tournament, is still ESWC chosing CoD4 over UT3, WiC and Supcom all 3 of which can be made easier to run than CoD4.
While I am happy for CoD4 I am also very sad for the games that got dropped. Admitedly I am not the biggest WiC Fan but SupCom had the very best in the game planning to try and attend from around europe.

I shall stay reserved and see how the finals are though.
yeee.. nice =)
Soon we see Activision become sponsor of the event just like CPL and Sierra?
Very good news for CoD4 :)

ESWC is the best esports event around.
We've shared many drunken experiences at ESWC :P
Nice, great for CoD4.
Nice- loving the exposure CoD4 is getting at the moment.
Superb! Great to hear about such fantastic potential for CoD4 :) Any news on other qualifiers for ESWC/iPOWER?
This is fantastic, I think that event if iPOWER doesnt offer the same prizes as ESWC its a great chance for CoD4 to show itself off to ESWC in the hope of being included in 2009's game choices!!
Do they have a poker tournament at ESWC? :D
Awesome for cod4 =] cu@ paris hopefully :D
UL for rts tho :D
sounds great
Sweet, glad to see these people taking CoD4 to the next level. Will there be a belgian CoD qualifier - Gooooo Tek9?
Great news for the COD4 community!
Packard Bell <3
nice! i hope we can qualify as dutch team as well, <3 tosspot ! good goin for cod4
gl shouldn`t be that hard
Wow this is great, but really we need some stuff on the other qualifiers cause err the UK teams will suck in Paris :P
you lie kitty.
love the confidence EYEROLLERSmark xx
Wow, coooool as fuck!
Great news for COD4!
seems like cod4 gets in a better shape on the way to face cs and its competive scene. nice for the community,
awesome news for cod4, hope to pickup a team soon :o
The only way is up for CoD4!
Another giant leap forward for Call of Duty 4.

With Activision re-releasing it as the GOTY edition fairly soon, you can expect a massive flood of interest for the game which can only mean more media and corporate interest.

Here's to the future of CoD 4!
altho i also play cod4 i think its a bit a noobgame
I think it's definetly not a vs high clans and u will see...the game will gettig harder than ever =)
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