Qraigu does it once again!

image: rewind_news_logoEurope Team Goliath, a recently created clan consisted of experienced RtCW and ET players proved - although not in official matches yet - that it has lots of potential and what's much more important - that it's not just another so called 2 weeks clan.

Luckily for them and hopefully for Europe Rewind aswell, Germany Qraigu's eye noticed them and it didn't take long till Goliath became part of Rewind.

I asked their squad leader, Croatia aCoZz, what he thinks about this move:

QuoteWell, after negotiating some time with the manager qraigu, we decided to join rewind as their new et squad.
Surely everyone knows the legendary rewind.rtcw squad and their achivements, however they didnt have such luck with previous ET squads. We are hoping to change that, and in the meanwhile have a pleseant stay as part of team rewind.

Believe it or not, but they managed to keep the same lineup as it was announced here, a month ago!


Croatia aCoZz
Belgium dAv1d
Croatia gmx
Croatia p4h
Slovenia JaKaZc
Slovenia illy-ya
United Kingdom VeXx
France emoReJ

Finland bm // Honorary member
Germany Qraigu // Manager

We're really excited about this move, says the leader Croatia aCoZz, it's the highest target I've ever set myself in this game.

Knowing how ET community reacts when someone joins a well respected clan, it's clearly that it won't be an easy move for them. They'll have to work hard in order to prove that they're worth wearing the almighty [<<] tag!

What more should I say except wish them much luck in rewind and future matches!

Go Goliaths!
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