Warleagues.com Cup of Nations Signups OPEN

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The signups are now open!

List of Nations-Captains

Austria Austria: Godfragger
Belgium Belgium: Edge
England England: Dusty
Estonia Estonia: Mata
Finland Finland: Sipperi
France France: Mote
Germany Germany: Qraigu
Hungary Hungary: Dody
Ireland Ireland: Reznap/Dee
Italy Italy: Mtvm/Warp
Latvia Latvia: Dunno
Netherlands Netherlands: Yulaw
Norway Norway: WikingTOR
Poland Poland: JC/Z3ro
Portugal Portugal: Patton
Scotland Scotland: Hoontah
Spain Spain: Txabi
Sweden Sweden: Jultomten
Switzerland Switzerland: Hitman
Turkey Turkey: Atarax
Wales Wales: Sparx

If you want your nation to be included, send me a pm via WL mail, or send me a message in IRC.

If you think you should be playing for your nation, contact the captain for further information!

All nations need to setup a new clan account. There will be four groups, the top two nations from each group will go through into the playoffs. Only approved clans will be accepted.

The maplist will be the following:


The standard WL Rules will apply, apart from one addition.

No more than four players from the same clan may play for one nation. If this causes a problem which makes one of the smaller nations unable to compete, PM an admin, and we will make an exception, the more participants, the better.

Details of Group announcing will be posted shortly.
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