Excello WarSow Anniversary Cup

image: banners_warsow

This Sunday, Excello will be hosting their fifth WarSow duel cup! This time around is special however - two years ago, the first ever Excello WarSow duel cup was held. The cup was a massive success, with the gaming superstar Netherlands Sander Vo0 Kaasjager claiming first place - fighting off a torrid amount of new players. This competition was the first of many for Warsow, and helped it gain a strong foothold in the competitive FPS scene. To celebrate this, Excello are proud to announced the ‘Excello Warsow Anniversary Cup’.

The rules:[/u]
- The cup starts on Sunday 22 June, 18 CET, and it will be finished the same day
- Single elimination bracket system
- Best of three (BO3) format
- Timelimit of 10 minutes
- Players must check-in 10 minutes before the tournament starts
- For a full set of rules click HERE

Here is the official map list:[/u]
- wdm3
- wdm5
- wdm6
- wdm10a
- wdm15

The best of the action from the cup will be shown on WarSowTV provided by the ever helpful Sweden dendrofil - and take your fingers out of your ears and cross them! We hope to get the voice of Warsow itself, QuadV Netherlands A_Spec, to cast the later stages! Make sure you tune in!

image: cup_gold1st place/ NF-P12 120mm fan
image: cup_silver2nd place/ SWiF 921R 92mm fan
image: cup_bronze3rd place/ NT-H1 thermal compound

If enough players sign up, you can expect top quality prizes from our sponsor SteelSeries in the next hosted cup which will be in the coming weeks. Get practicing!

If you have any questions, join #excello.warsow and msg xlo^vicek.
good luck adze :P
Good luck adze!!
GL everyone
gl everyone :o)
nice & gl all!
nice :) Gl all
n1 prizes

So kewl!!! 8']]]]]]
it's something
yeh i said hf with it...
i was detecting sarcasm :(
np ill delete my comment, was a stupid one to make
btw i can include all prizes in one, only for the winner

dunno what is better :p
I'm in! :)
so am I, and I'll pwn you
I'll own you both ;)
GL adasq & whole eX!!!
So how is warsow doing these days? any nordic or .sca activity?
dunno bout norway, but there are some fi/se players i think ;)
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