Team Australia

image: australian%20flag%20reduced

Hoping to recapture the form that lead us to 4th position in the last (non clanbase) world cup.

i hereby present to you


Australia brendan / kad

Australia chevron
Australia forty
Australia hanz / HM
Australia haste
Australia iceman34
Australia noname-
Australia riCo
Australia shaggy
Australia $hr@pnel
Australia trac1d

a word from player Australia iceman34

Quote by iceman34 The Australian team has the potential to do well, and considering most of the players have played together in the past I can't see us taking long to get into top gear. As long as we can find some low ping US servers to play on the likes of rico, haste and noname will be able to match it with the best smg'ers out there.

now a word from an avid, well respected, great from the scene.Australia collamity

Quote by collamity
riCo - You have to love this bloke, has been dubbed by butchji as the next mystic and is known in Australia as the "dad of et". Not much with the smg but is an amazing strategist. Let's hope dad can bring home the gold cup for us.
haste - Haste is an all around amazing player but is skrawny and sounds weird on vent.
iceman34 - Iceman34 is one of my best mates and he got me into et, it started off as casual games on public servers. But there was something amazing about iceman34, quickly he rose to become one of the best etplayers in the world.
chevron - Raw, pure, powerful aim.
hanz - A good friend of mine and ex team mate, a legit dude and is amazing with the panzerfaust and landmines.
forty - The best rifle nader in the history of ET, this is undisputable. Forty will be remembered as an all around nice guy and brilliant player.
trac1d - has been playing WOLF:ET since the release of quake 1 and has been on top of the et scene since, his experience will be crucial for Australia to beat that fatty (my mother).
noname- - This guy partys hard, and also plays just as hard. Noname is the Fabien Barthez of ET, flawless.
shaggy - I'm not sure how he made the team, i really dont like this guy and I can't see him getting a game except for maybe against Finland.

I predict Australia to win the nations cup quite easily with rico's coaching to be crucial.

2nd :<
ping wins
said a jew, made me lol :o
good luck
gl Austria
it was meant like that
barthez is crap :l
gl, and I lol'd @ some of the collamity guys comments :-)
gl shaggy and iceman34 :)
nice descriptions there

good lag
gl,i dont know any of them tbh
I hope you get raped so hard you blow up your freaking island
continent* :(
It is a continent, which means Denmark has the biggest island in the world :)
Tell me more about Denmark.
Our flag is the oldest in the world!
Great, anything else?
You lajk bakon?
It's fucking awesome because live fucking next to it.
shouldn't have said that about urtier and mystic, but gL anyway!
gl NC-winners :]
lololol gl
why does iceman have 34 after his name ? ;d
He was the 34th iceman in Australia!
gl aussies!!!!
No appel, no win :P
good luck
kad powah!
Collamity didn't have anything to say about Kad? :(

Nice lineup gl.
brendan captain :O) nais :) gl :)
Kad is not listed as he doesnt play ET he is more of a fanboi
Good luck guys :)
gl shaggy and iceman34
australia has et players? first time heard of it ..
I assume you're one of the Fritzl children so.
what is fritzl?
you are wayyyyyyyyy too newschool man. Just stop those stupid comments.
iceman34 from fragarea?
ewa appie!
QuoteI predict Australia to win the nations cup quite easily with rico's coaching to be crucial.

Lol sure
You wouldn't get sarcasm if it hit you in the teeth with a fucking rainbow coloured baseball bat.
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Member For: 11 months and 3 days as a non-fake account is definitively worse.
Member For: 3 days
If that is your only valid argument I see my statement as you being incapable to understand ANYTHING as proven.
gtfo newschooler!
MY original account is more than two times as old as yours so I return: gtfo newschooler!
Go check for some cointozz, cunt.
What's so funny
Thanks and surprisingly you are instantly getting the funnies.
Where's Bsr?!
GL ! Australia
gl hf everyone playing @ californian servers :D
Merc available for those matches. ;)
Good news to see the Brits at the other side of the world joining once more !

One kad to rule em all.
too confident

and raveneye > forty
you are an idiot, once you see forty play you will never think of this raveneye noob you are talking of again.
you don't know raveneye?

one of europe's fienst rifles ever to play this game.

i agree with you calling him an idiot tho!
Your simpleness makes me shiver.
who is raveneye never heard of him must be worse than 4t
haha :D #care
gl iceman34,riCo,haste :-)
inclusion of one more player Australia $hr@pnel
dman is fat, if i could be bothered playing i would be the best player in the whole nations cup.
It's always nice to see the stupid fucks explain jokes that demand a little more than average ironic understanding.
hf chevron.
linsen 2 the rescue
i'd like to join team US since i'm too crappy to join team NL, is that okay with you? :(
gl noname-
gl iceman
hf lads

Quotehanz - A good friend of mine and ex team mate, a legit dude and is amazing with the panzerfaust and landmines.

gl aus <3
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