depthGaming Joins Fatgames MGC Side

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FatGames, known for its former all-star ET team has recently decided to expand into CoD4 and CSS. Therefore a new management crew, formerly working under DepthGaming, has been recruited to be able to meet the needs and fully support new teams. As a debut in CoD4 FatGames presents a new team, featuring a modest collection of players which have played together a lot, thus adding to the team-chemistry, which FatGames deems to be an important fundamental in any team. The team has a capable lineup featuring both Belgian and Dutch players with enough potential to make an impression at the Antwerp eSports Festival which FatGames will be attending.

Belgium Andreas ' Krosan ' Evers
Belgium Kenneth ' mactox ' Hermans
Belgium Rowan ' NawoR ' Vanrusselt
Netherlands Tommy ' Diii ' Egberts

CoD4 lineup:
Netherlands Tommy ' Diii ' Egberts
Belgium Benjamin ' assgrass ' De keizer
Belgium Enzo ' avngr ' Desmidt
Belgium Robin ' Gig ' Gigles
Netherlands Bjorn ' pzynix ' Hilgen
Belgium Bart ' HellDoG ' Goossens

Statement from FatGames:
In order to be able to grow in the eSports world a strong management crew is mandatory. We are very excited about former DepthGaming's management which has shown a high level of ambition and energy in the gaming scene. Regarding our first CoD4 team, they haven't proven themselves yet so their presence at AEF will decide their future in FatGames.

statement from Mactox & NawoR, Chiefs of Team Fatgames:
We are very pleased to have a company like Fatgames supporting our gaming organisation. Honestly, we never thought that it would come this far. But now that it does, we're thrilled to see what the future will bring. Fatgames gives us more certainty,stability to support our teams and most of all recognition that we are an good established gaming organisation. The hunt for sponsors and strong teams will continue, and with the help of Fatgames this is now possible.

Statement from Diii, squadleader of Call of Duty 4:
We from the Call of duty 4 squad are happy for the chance we got from fatGames. We will prove what we are worth at the Antwerp eSports Festival / #fatgames
good luck although I have never heard of you..
gl nawor
do u get some big macs or something sponsored?
Good luck to you. New FatGames.ET would be pretty much appreciated.
well it's a (nearly) dead game, how would FatGames benifit from an ET squad who can just be active for 1 season (and then still...) ?
More than having a team in an super active game were you will be overlooked
More than having a team in a shit game

GL with it Krosan
WHO ? ? ? ? ?
No Jim involved? Surprising :)
oh mi god.. insider !
We solved the problems we faced, it's a lot more healthier now :)

cya at AEF?
gl ... an active ET team would be better :(
active <--
why would such a mgc clan, take yourskill level in a dead game ?
did i ever said amth about me? try to read , think and if u are 100% sure u understood .... then u can write

mhh u r right they should better take u ... oh mei god u played in ec4 !!!!

and dead.. well... thats why i marked the word "active"... if some of the high teams could be active then ET would be faw away from beeing dead. For some med skilled ET should be fucking alive anyway.. its not hard to find a low/med opponent.. when u try to find a high one u will wait and wait ...
@edit: opps looks like u didn´t rtly played for ec4.. atleast i can´t find u in their lineup
Well i agree about that high clans arent active. But i dont understand why you attack me? as what you said has no sense at all. plus the "<-" says alot
this "<--" should have meant that i wanted to point out active once more.. but ye some guys could propably get it wrong... np 4 me
alienware pcs for all members again?
WOW GREAT !!!!!!!!!
Let us care.
ahhahahah allolaolalal
this calls for a food fight!

image: pbf182-food_fight
nice, good luck
it will be epic failure like et squad i think
wow total carefuck
Not sure why i lolled, but thanks. :D
Thank you for inquiring about me Tosspot.

Yes i am here and will be, although we may have had some form of communication break down in the past, that does not lesson the respect i have towards you, for what you have achieved. Unfortunately the ET team did not posses what i had believed in and what the whole community was also expecting. That put aside, with obviously no negativism towards the former team, i do feel it was time to move forward.

As the back bone, i feel i must thank the whole community for whatever negative or positive comments were posted within or other sites. All and every post was taken into deep consideration during our brief history within the cup. All the comments in various languages within various sites were translated to me by native speaking et gamers. Gamers who felt they wanted to support me and the ET community. So after 2 days of thinking, i had decided to dismiss the team.

I thank you all for your time.


gl Helldog!
assgrass? :DDD

I love that name!!
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