kot becomes devilish

image: photo19919Polish top player Michal 'kot' Staszewski returns to Enemy Territory's pro scene with joining Re-Play's devils. His new team just qualified successfully for the upcomming EuroCup season to follow Polish contrahents Fear Factory X-Fi as second Polish team. With joining Devilry the new lineup easily leads to the imagination of a new diversus squad as his former mates Robol, Wodzian and buzka are already part of Devilry for quite some time now. kot himself played in pretty famous teams just to name Dignitas, Netrunners and FatGames as some examples. Some even titled him to be ET's smartest gamer; the strength of his former teams underlines that thesis.
  • Poland re-play| buzka
  • Poland re-play| kot
  • Poland re-play| Robol
  • Poland re-play| Wodzian
  • Poland re-play| miks
  • Poland re-play| S4rna
  • Poland re-play| r1co
Next to the diversus clique will FF X-Fi star r1co most probably be joining the team to take Dolars place being the second FF player besides S4rna. His move is not sure yet as some of the members stated. Only yesterday r1co played for Authentic Gaming in the mentioned EC qualifier match versus his possible new mates. With their succeeded qualification the Poles proved to be one of Europes - let's say - 'stronger' teams. How far they can go and whether they are able to come close to former archievenments under the Netrunners tag remains to be seen. Seeing new top teams rising is already quite nice for its own; their plan to attend ET's Christmas event CC5 doubles that.

Fanboy detected.
pretty nice team gl
good luck
noes kot needs to go and fix netrunners
gl, nice team, no newbs, no whiners!
2 dolars? Awesome
you don't get it, do you?
gtfo from here with your cuntface.
Says a polak who got a tjernobil face
stfu and listen music about yourself http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=snJXhKzs0bw
WoooW you must be cool, you found a fuckin song about Holland. Man man, how long did you did about that since your internet is even slower then killerboy finding his dick.

Really polak, show up at LAN and show what u got there, instead of acting like a idiot here over the internet. Oh wait....LAN? Looks like that word made 3/4 of the polaks scared.
For arguing retard like you I see no point in showing at LAN srsly.
Btw go play your cod2 and waste more time @ xf.

And yes i'm cool
You ain't cool + waste time @ cod2. hahahahaha Says the one who does plays a dead game?
fuck et idiots

check my profile. ignore btw lowbrained "ENGLADER"
dolar and his bot

(hes clean tho)
Thought I forgot him first. ^^

I just heard he isn't playing with them anymore. r1co joined as well.
put up your tag!
gl :)
imo nrs is better than robol^
nice squad
gl mikki
It's kot, not kot with uppercase K!
its a sentence which in most cases requires for an uppercase opening (although technically it would mean that it needs a full stop as well which just as the uppercase K would look silly)
I was referring to image: humm3l
i'm afraid i dont know everything hummel's ever said by heart :(
You should!
That sentence is so confusing :(
and kot got it wrong in the first place if he was referring to that, it shud have been

Quotebtw it Kot not kot with a big K
He should have said "btw its kot not Kot with a small k" :P
you're sexy man
nice squad , 2x dolar :X
imagine VAE having 2x mikza...insta w1n
2x3manPanzer = 6 , True !
one of my favorite et-players.

always nice to spec him
gl nice team, but will they stay at replay? dont know....
Why they have to leave replay?
I am not saying that. But this team could join an proffesional orga, you never know! And im not saying re-play aint proffesional btw, good luck with the team :)
chicken says kot kot
9 polaks

epic :P
# re-play| Dolar
# re-play| miks
# re-play| S4rna
# re-play| Dolar

Dolar 2 times Np for him
nen dobbelganger
Hahah, wow, what a SCUMBAG.
Hahah, wow, what a SCUMBAG.
Hahah, wow, what a SCUMBAG.
Hahah, wow, what a SCUMBAG.
gl buzka, Dolar, miks, Robol <3
gl guys <3

also... on a side note, any english speaking guy that can pronounce Przemyslaw [buzka's name] gets an award from me!
It's easy to pronounce his surname, though:

interesting use of the word jew there
do u have a problem with jews?!?!/!?!/!
u are one of those ppl that puts racism in our heads!
itz ez its laik prseemoslaw
afaik. only the o doesnt sound like a proper o
GL nice team!
a bright shining non cheating team in the polish et scene, how wonderful!
gogo kot & buzka!
we need helix :<
Am i the only one who thinks kot looks like a seriel rapist? No offence
image: blankprofile-m

you looks like everyone else :/
gl! Hope to see you guys at cc5!
Oh my god its kot !!!! GL
Good luck, always nice to pracc you guys. :-)
miks & boski best players.
2 dolars
gl kot & buzka
nice edit :D
no dolar no win :)
Hot infos have just arrived ;D
expected, tbh
gl Kot (black person)
diversus @ replay
if they announced that lineup before, they`d certainly be given teh ec invite instead of quali ;[

btw doing qualis pl vs pl team is idiotic, since i guess both of that teams would have beaten other quali teams easily
I thought the same when i saw dnan vs fif green :P
good luck @ EC !!
cg_teamchatsonly 1 again needed!
Kot looks like Sido.
gl re-play, no playoffs though.
QuoteSome even titled him to be ET's smartest gamer; the strenght of his former teams underlines that thesis

Thats toxic afaik
Blasphemy deluxe Mr. overdrive............

Estonia Night in all eternity
That's correct!
plz, toxic > night these days!
gl kotek!
the first time im seeing a polish team not being flamed

gl :D
news on 1 player?
I LOVE YOU KOT! Ehm.. good job! best luck guyz, buzka was my idol during first years playing W:ET <3
nice lineup, powodzenia chlopaki ! :-)
boski and dolar went inactive?
they were the weaklings!
or maybe they got kickt or smth? so the "better" players could join in!

boski is still squadleader and they will both stay in the management for re-play.
noone got kicked.
your sarcasm detector suckzz
could be..just wake up :>

excuses ! always excuses ! cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Good Luck for:

Poland re-play| buzka
Poland re-play| kot
Poland re-play| Robol
Poland re-play| r1co
Poland re-play| miks
Poland re-play| S4rna
Polandr1co dont play in delivery Polandrio maybe will play. And polish top player is Polandwiesiek Polandkot is 2nd pwner. Anyway good luck kot and both re-plays.
1. how can you comment on a team, whose name you cant even pronounce?
2. "top player" means one of the best, not necessarily the best
omg stiupid mistake -_-'
odezwal sie nie lizodup

spierdalaj tepy chuju
do niego szkoda cokolwiek pisac :D koles nie potrafi zlozyc zdania bez przeklenstwa albo najechania na kogos :D czasem marze o global banie na internet dla takich jak on :XD
no dzidzius 15letni
S4rna most underrated player.
With that amazing 10 or so man rifle kill!
I take if you never speced s4rna other than fragarea 3, CPC2.
What? I have no idea, I don't keep a list of everyone I spec, however I do remember some of the nicer frags I've seen (this was on ETTV). You're right that I've watched Fragarea, but I'd be pretty scared if someone remembered all the frags and who made them in every fragmovie they've seen!!
When did I say I remember everyones' frags?
You didn't, but it seems like you're saying that I do.
Funny because I didn't mention anyone else...
miksssssssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssss
gl kot <3!
miks? Nice to see buzka and kot playing again, though! Good luck.
strong lineup gl
lets pracc @ 20 cet, kot?!
I've got a better idea, LET'S NOT.
gl Poland miks :D
let the cheats prevail

or at least, cheats = lagg

Gl Robert i PrzemO

rio (former player of diversus and uaznia) will [prolly] play in re-play, not r1co
Discussing things you have absolutely no clue about is even more of an EPIC FAIL.
And if I have ?
You clearly don't.
Looks like r1co neither.
gl kot, keep the maths coming in!

gnajda (former player of FF and trivium) will play in re-play, not r1co
The Yermans already entered him into wikipedia:

Quotekot – med. Fäzes oder faeces. Andere Bezeichnungen sind Stuhl oder Stuhlgang.
GL Poland kocio
Very nice team. GL!
kot is back ! OMG !
kot omg kot
Dollar + his medic bot by netcoders =2 dollars?
but he can't take him 2 cc5 so he is replaced ? :)
looks promising. gl !
Too many polaks. kOT is the worst out of em.
If you actually make it to CC5, I'll buy you all a beer.

I think my money's safe, but I hope I'm wrong.
buy me 6 beers if i come pleaaaaaaase
I'd bet on you in this one..
What if you wont show up there ?
Then there will probably be bigger problems than some polaks not getting beer ;)
hahah, polaks FOR SURE will drink this 2% piss-beer from NL :)
atleast it has taste, cant say that to your cheap shitbeer
journal or other news.
Who it cat :)?
hf kot :)
gl & hf
putain vladimir kot ;DDD gl
Wodzian1ty !
admins delete this news please, I know crossfire is based on contribution, but this is fuckin hilarious, how many times it gonna be edited?
Stop reading it over and over again, and you'll have no reason to whine ;p

Say thanks to the team that pmms me for lineup changes non stop ^^
i didnt want to offend you, and sorry if i did it, but u must admit - its nowhere near to journalism
Where no professionalism is, couldn't be any proper journalism, that's true.

I could have added hundred *UPDATE*'s but that would look awful.
we just pmmed him cuz he didnt even ask us to write this news about our team

np ..he can write..but he can ask before aswell....if he were asking , there wouldnt be problems like this
co za chuj usuwa komenty???!!!:O;oOoOOoO
xD :D :D:D:D:D:D:D: Believe it !
frontpage news.
omg kot :}
gl <3
2 weeks.
wowwwwwwww poltard kot
very nice team. DIVERSUS POWER
journal pls
miks > all!
nice team gl
nice team, gl in EC!
this important news lacks comments
gl Devilry :)

A team that actually grew instead of just taking random noname hacking trash. GG for all the good pracs we played :P
kot is a hacking trash
mrozu dobra pucha na froscie 20 sekund przed koncem w meczu z zP na shgOpen ;d
ta, tylko zaraz po tym mieli spawna i tak by wszyscy sie selfkillneli.

3 sekundy do win i wookash ktory darl morde "Maciek dawaj dawaj!" > all
nie ogladalem/nie sluchal;em tego jest gdzies; jakas; archiwalna transmisja?!:(
czasem sobie z glupa wlaczam hstv.pl i bardzo czesto leci jak sie drze! Maciek odbierz im obj!!! Maciek mruz to jest to!! polska krew! :DD
no wlacz sobie hstv.pl to jak nie ma transmisji na zywo to leca archiwalne i czasem puszczaja archiwalne et i wasz mecz z zP o final jak bandit i wookash komentuja. to wtedy tylko slychac Maciek Mruz polska krew to samo Michal KOT! albo jak te doki lezaly na trakowej na froscie i nikt nie mogl ich podniesc to wookash tak: "gdzie jest mrozu! mrozu zabierz to mrozu!!!!!!! dawaj mrozu!!!"
gl s4rna and r1co
hahaha hi kot.
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