zP! presents new CoD4 Team

It has been 5 months since our voyage in Call of Duty 4 came to an end. And it was our decision back then to not pick up a new team again. A lot of applications of new teams, good and bad, came in and we denied them all.

The lineup consists of the following players:

United Kingdom * Ben "bAc" Coppard
United Kingdom * Matt "turtz" Coppard
United Kingdom * Alex "RiN" Angear
United Kingdom * Neil "neiljo" Ord
United Kingdom * Joseph "rAzzi" King
United Kingdom * Anthony "Frag" Brazier

QuoteHere is a statement of the leader of the team United Kingdom Ben "bAc" Coppard, who already played for zP! in their first CoD4 team:

Well...after the luck Apu has had with cod4 teams, I for one didn't think I'd be seeing Sweden zeroPoint! Gaming, basically my online home for the past 5-6 years, welcoming another team, let alone a COD4 team. But, im extremely glad that Apu has given us this oppurtunity. Those who know us will know that the group of players we have here is a tight one and we can only hope it stays that way for as long as possible.

While we may not yet be a top team, we have a lot of experience and skill within our ranks and know each others playstyles inside out. We are currently working hard each day on perfecting our tactics and as long as we keep it up, we hope we can take ourselves and zeroPoint! to the high level it has not yet reached in Call of Duty 4 but thouroughly deserves to be, so we can once again shed a positive light over this community site.

The team will be participating various online events in Clanbase and ESL and in the Insidae Cup.
They will also attend the i35 LAN
in the United Kingdom in october, which will be a highlight for the players and of course for zpgaming as well.

Source: http://www.zpgaming.eu
This clan stole gifty's money! no gl
Rofl. Sounds like u5* stealing fatal attraction's money @ Quakecon :)
you actually got your money for once? ;D
What did they do?
gl guys, hope we play you sometime soon :)
gl turtz, bac and rin !
Noone informed me?!
are you gonna get a new ET-team too?
well done Sweden anox !!

and only 3+ years members replying to u ofc ;)
What a surprise that you are the one to point that out
sry m8
just remembered that "joke"
Well, wasn't that joke originally made just two years ago anyway? :P
gl brothers in action!
cod4 britons only :ASDASDASD
no gl, still owing me money
* Anthony "Frag" Brazier

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