business district 6v6 cup *UPDATE*

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Since we got bored of all the 3on3 cups, we decided to make our own 6v6 cup, and here are the rules:

- CB rules
- Mix-Teams allowed
- Record Demos
- No cheaters
- No Players which are banned from clanbase/esl
- No Players which are pb banned
- No Players with a red yawn
- Max 32 Teams, Min 16 Teams
- Teamleader must be in #bd.cup 10minute before match!

the maps are gonna be the following:

1st Round ~ 20.30 CET Map sp_delivery_te

2nd Round ~ 21.10 CET Map sw_goldrush_te

3rd Round
~ 21.50 CET Map radar

4th Round
~ 22.30 CET Map adlernest (in case we get 32 teams)

Final ~ 23.00 CET - Both teams choose their own map from the maplist:

- supply
- sp_delivery_te
- sw_goldrush_te
- adlernest
- radar
- sw_battery
- braundorf_b4
- reactor_final

Cup is starting tommorow at 20.30. Check In starting 20 CET tommorow, Check In by pmming iiky or me in #bd.cup


Costa RicaGungy


Sign Up!


Team Dave

Congratulations Team Dave :)
gl alhric nup :>
3on3 > 6on6
more retarded admins :DD
dont see you there D;
if u use the "standart" cup rules u forgot :

cheaters only allowed @ admin team

who of us is banned/redyawn or pbbanned? :)
no one i hope.. but maybe u need some pro-mauslike merc if u lose.. so u should give urself this option :P
nah no need, we are used to get eliminated in first round XD
we dont need some high merc we just do this for fun :) and for you ppl to play and hv fun!
don't be like the v1ce admins and everything is fine
no waii :D
see u on the battlefield gungy and get urself prepared to smell the taste of dust! :D
skilled merc avi - rifle/smg =!
gl bd! nice clan & fair guys!

pls make more 6v6 cups , so true with that 3o3 shit :)
thursday is gay
if everythings working fine,we will do more cups on other days honey :D
would be great...finally theres a free internet'spot' for my own pc again the next week where i can get moar than 18 fps, so a cup would be quite nais in that time
avi for this cup, /q 0V1E !!!!!
avi as merc. send me a pm
gl ali & gungy =)
what about gl iiky :< ?
gl bd mara usw

need team ! :<
gl, i can just recommend this cup, fair and nice admins unlike others :-)
thats y they doesnt announced u as admin :D <3
- nice english
- i wouldnt be willing anyway :D
- i didnt even know they are going to host a cup :p
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