The show must go on

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After a change by the team leader, Portugal Qkr headed up a new team that shows promise for the future and will be representing Team SixthSense from now on. are:

Portugal Qkr (ex 6s) captain
Portugal jet (ex 6s)
Portugal sajk (ex mYr)
Portugal setupj (ex uP)
Portugal arto (ex gamesense)
Portugal mno (ex gamesense, k1ck)
Portugal d0g (ex gamesense)

With the current Clanbase cups already well underway, the team is forced to compete in other leagues until the next season, however will be prepared and ready when called upon.

6s were quoted as saying:

QuoteAt SixthSense we are confident they will do a good follow up on our former team performance and maybe bring in some new achievements.

IRC: #6s on Quakenet
team sixthsense website
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