Sektor Gaming Quality ET Cup: Play-offs

It has been a while since you have heard from me about the ET Quality cup.

I have had it very busy with school and some other projects i was working on (ex. katholan lanparty).
But now we are ready to take the Sektor ET Quality Cup to the next level.

All the inactive clans have been deleted from the roster and the playoff brackets are online.
We hope you guys are also ready for the ultimate challenge against some of Europeans greatest ET clans.
We hope to have a great cup. So far it has been very well with almost no problems.
  • The new schedule looks like this:

    Play-offs round 1: 12/11 - 18/11
    Play-offs round 2: 19/11 - 25/11
    Play-offs round 3: 26/11 - 03/12

    Looser brackets round 1: 19/11 - 22/11
    Looser brackets round 2: 23/11 - 26/11
    Looser brackets round 3: 17/11 - 30/11
    Looser brackets round 3: 17/11 - 30/11
    Looser brackets round 4: 01/12 - 04/12

    LB Final: 06/12
    UB Final: 07/12

    C Final: 13/12
    Grand Final: 14/12

  • The brackets can be found here.

not newsworthy :x
no banner, no win :<
omg boetn

what an epic typo :p lOOser , zit ie losser dan ?

;) mAuro
dealthless is no longer, they are thinking about a new name. Squad still remains intact tho, pm `bTc or ``M1st3r`` @ #target
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