Matchconfigs Hotfix

As already announced earlier there occured a bug within the new European and Clanbase configsets. We added a supply mapscript to avoid the satchel-exploit at crane controls. Due to this we had an invisible box blocking the players. We decided to change to another script without this fix. But be aware it is forbidden to abuse this exploit in any match!
With this post we provide you the fixed version of our configs.

You can download them from the following links:

European Configset (ESL, CF, GTV): Download now!
Changelog/Important settings:[/b]]
  • 10 mapscripts added (see newspost)
  • cl_maxpackets 60-100
  • no mobile MG
  • no headshotprotection

Regarding Newspost
Regarding Newspost

Clanbase Configset: Download now!
Changelog/Important settings:[/b]]
  • rate forced to 25000
  • cl_maxpackets forced to 100
  • snaps forced to 20
  • 10 mapscripts added with different fixxes (see newspost)

Regarding Newspost
Regarding Newspost

Prepare your servers and upload these configs / mapscripts / lua fixes. They will become necessary for every league and match on ESL and Clanbase within the next weeks!

Be aware that playing with the wrong config e.g. in the upcoming ESL ET Winter League will force you to replay the match!
etqw still exist? Oo

News: ET:QW
:> fixxed
what has been changed comparing to that last config set besides supply mapscript fix ?
fuck fixed netsettings

what I don't get is, supply used to work fine and there was only a really small area that had the invisible wall which prevented the satcheling and then cb added that invisible box to mapscript which wasn't necessary at all?

edit: have CB completely removed the small invisible wall that prevented the bug? WTF
thx for creating a new bug @ sd with this new shit cb cfg
the bug was always around if you mean that
i think he means the invisible walls but we didn't make that :p
nice coverage
neither will i :DDDDDDDDDDD
thx for posting Eim :)
Quote by clanbaseOh My God !

Those guys at
sent you the wrong way !

Typical !
Contact the webmaster and ask him to do something about those typos...

try again :D
news hotfix! ;-)
i'm pro hotfixer as you see :D

cu at cc5 :>>
svn up newspost
there is some bug in new cfgs...
Check Et ice, There is not spawn 5.
change your scripts then... still all spawns usable
hmm its impossible because when i play on old config spawnpoint 5 works but od new i cant resp in this place but i will check again
play esl
the screenshots suck indeed!
Mittermeyer doesn't have time to read Crossfire news.
headshot protection?
Maybe the helmet protecting you from a headshot before it gets popped off?
oh that, lol
ive never really seen it make that much of a difference anyway :O)
no headshotprotection ? what isthat
hs with gun at helmet on = 40hp
without = 50hp
so if your team mate pops your helmet off there is no need to whine anymore it doesn't help :)

hi2u Done
fuck i loved to whine always when they killrevive with a headshot
lol @ the banner... some axis medic shitting in a cave...
better fix that shit lags every 3mins ... its totally bullshit :/
supply wall bug <3
One question.

Are the mapfixes and lua files for both (ESL, CF, GTV vs CB) the same?
exactly the same
ESL configs link doesn't work u.u
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