Infinity Night-Cup 3on3 v5

Cup starts at 23.30 CET on 27/12/2008

* Round 1 - sp_delivery - 23.30
* Round 2 - sw_goldrush_te - 00.00
* Round 3 - supply - 00.30
* Round 4 - adlernest - 01.00
* Finale - 2 maps from maplist - 01:30/45 ETTV

Map list

* supply
* braundorf_b4
* frostbite
* adlernest
* Sp_Delivery
* sw_goldrush_te
* tc_Base


* CB/ESL bans not Allowed to play!!
* Everyone must record demos
* Side allowed
* 1 Day Guids are not allowed
* Standard cb3 cfg
* At least 1 of each team must be at IRC Channel
* pm an inFi`boNg for results.

Germany boNg

16 or 32 Teams

31Teams atm


IRC: #infinity-et

gl hf bong <3
Quote* pm an inFi`Micha! for results.


I think he copied the old posts ;)
huNti = busted
rANDOM = soLo = busted
random = tba
und ich infi sign up nicht die einzelnen player da war huNti noch drin aber kk ;)
1. Sei mal bitte etwas netter .
2. soLo hat als rANDOM bereits zwei/drei 1on1 Cups gewonnen , deswegen dachte ich er wäre das .
pls do not allowed busted players to play ... coz it shame to see how admins support busted players ://////////////
# de inFiboNg
# de inFiheya
# de inFihuNti
# de inFirANDOM
# de inFisyNta
# de inFitba
# de inFizeplaya

huh, rly nice team spotted
32 teams!!!!!!!!! we need 12 gogo!
lulz u iz unbanned !
Me not bannedz
nice, we got kicked for no reason

lowskilled cup with lowskilled admins
new guid was the reason :)
new guid? rofl :DDDDDDDD
Sent by s3boy on Sunday 28th December 2008, 01:32
QuoteSo you think my guid is too new?

let me give you the thing:

You're just a no1 in ET. In october me fobje tuvok future went to CoD4, all bought new PC. theres no yawn of me till december, now in christmas brek we're playing.

let me ask something about you. If I'd call the world's best known hungarian back to ET (fobje) for your random 3on3 cup, you would kick him cause his guid is too new, and he may cheat, do you?

please, get a better life idiot , ignore bb


I didn't hosted a cup in few month xD
We are best
Who the fuck srsly cares bout random other news post where I put "We are best" SRSLY, DO U CARE THAT MUCH, well it seems u do
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