ET Masters by Impact and Crossfire

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The deadline for the 500 € tournament is nearing to a close. With 138 sign ups so far, we are almost at the threshold of teams we need to offer a great tournament.

Target: 144 Teams!

The Qualifier and Invites
16 Teams will fight it out to get one of the 4 remaining spots to have a chance to get their hands on the prize money in the major division. The tournament will start Sunday and run through to Tuesday with a double elimination bracket.
We offer 28 Teams the chance to play in the very top division. Our seedings will be very tight and therefore we need you to tell us if your team is now inactive or does not want to participate in the ET Masters Season 2 anymore. We will definitely not allow teams (including a major part of their players probably) back for a 3rd season if they can't prove their stability in this tournament.

The Second Division
With groups of 8 Teams and hopefully 128 teams participating, it will be a major league with relegation games and a long term tournament with 1 match each week. Every team has the chance to qualify for the playoffs and two or three lost matches won't destroy your chances. Reach the Top 4 and keep playing till the end for your own good!

The Captains
Every team will need a responsible person to be available in our channel #etmasters on quakenet. Contact chosen, eVo or Adacore in this channel and tell us the team captain for your team.

The Rules
Detailed rules will be published on Thursday. Major stuff: No player will be allowed to play for more than one team and everyone playing needs to insert his current PB GUID to his crossfire profile. Every player who wants to play with your team in this cup must be in your crossfire team for atleast 24 hours.

Last map
Every team not competing in the opening match or participating in the qualifiers can participate in our map finding tournament which we probably will announce on Sunday. Most votes gone for Adlernest, Braundorf, Frostbite and Oasis.image: cc6_etm

Recent updates
01/19 16.29 - New here?
... create your clan and add your members to this clan here on crossfire. A small info text has been added to this newspost to make the life a little bit easier.
01/18 19.27 - ESL TV and ESL
... a few premium accounts for this cup's winners!The top of the top will receive premium codes to tune in ESLTV or use the advantages of an ESL premium account.
01/16 22.00 - YCN adds prizes!
...with adding game servers for the first and second division as additional prizes! Check the news post for more details.
01/16 19.58 - Spread the news
...the second edition of the ET Masters! Spam it all the way, this tournament needs your support to get as much attention as possible. Tell your friends, clan mates and national communities to sign up and join the tournament.
If you are an owner of a website, just tell us on IRC, so we can link your website back in this newspost.

01/16 00.11 - ET Masters announced
...there have been two tournaments held by Impact Gaming and Crossfire. After a short conversation in the evening, both organisations came to the conclusion to partner up and bring you one very big and awesome tournament right to the gates! We have increased the prize money to 500€ however we will definately announce atleast one additional sponsor in the upcoming days.

News supporters
United Kingdom The Last Resort
Europe H2K Gaming
Germany ET-Scene
Germany ROCKIT
Poland ET Web
France 8=D Team
United States of America woCen
Europe esreality
France dESIRE
France StarZz-Gaming
France ET-FR
Europe Sektor Gaming
Europe 8Bits-Gaming
Europe Epsilon
Europe Overload
Europe (XonX Network)

AnonymousSpam it all the way, this tournament needs your support to get as much attention as possible. Tell your friends, clan mates and national communities to sign up and join the tournament.
If you are an owner of a website, just tell us on IRC, so we can link your website back in this newspost.

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Official channel: #etmasters
Prizepool: 500€
Participants: Not limited
Divisions: atleast 2
Groups: upto 8
Teams each group: 8

image: h_crew
United Kingdom eVo
Germany chosen
United Kingdom Adacore
We need you!
To apply as cup admin, just send a pm with the title "Cup admin for ET Masters" to chosen (using this link) and tell us something about your history and the reason why you should be admin.
Every cup admin will receive voice (+v) status in our official channel, so if you need some1 to support you, every admin will help you using the main chat (not query!).

- Apply Now

image: h_schedule
Sign ups:
Starting now
Sign up close:
04th Feb, 23.00 CET
5th Feb - 8th Feb
1 - 9th Feb - 15th Feb
2 - 16th Feb - 22th Feb
3 - 23rd Feb - 01st Mar
4 - 02nd Mar - 08th Mar
5 - 09th Mar - 15th Mar
6 - 16th Mar - 22nd Mar
7 - 23rd Mar - 29th Mar
Wildcarded matches:
until 30th Mar
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image: h_coverage
Crossfire and will be teaming up once again to provide coverage including all the hottest news on the competition every day.

image: h_prizepool
Get your hands on our prize pool - 500€ will be distributed to the teams running on top of the Masters Division:
1st € 300
+ 16 slot gameserver for 12 months by YCN
+ 6 x 6 months ESL TV+ESL premium account
2nd € 125
+ 16 slot gameserver for 6 months by YCN
+ 6 x 3 months ESL TV+ESL premium account
3rd € 75
+ 16 slot gameserver for 3 months by YCN
+ 6 x 1 month ESL TV+ESL premium account

The winners will get paid bar on the next crossfire LAN event.

The top of the second division will receive the following prizes:
1st 16 slot gameserver for 12 months by YCN
2nd16 slot gameserver for 6 months by YCN
3rd 16 slot gameserver for 3 months by YCN

image: h_tdetails
- Teams will be split into atleast 2 divisions
- The masters division (highest) will have space for 16 teams
- 12 will be invited and 4 spots left for teams to qualify
- Each group will consist of at least 6, and a maximum of 8 teams
- The 1st of each group will pass to the playoffs
- The 2nd, 3rd and 4th will join an elimination bracket
- The second divison will consist of upto 64 teams
- If there are more sign ups, we will add one more division atleast
- Mod to be used will probably be the new version of etace, check it out
- Matches will be played using the European 6vs6 match config
- Anyone serving a cheating related ban from Crossfire is not welcome in this competition This also includes players banned for multiple accounts. For any hints, message an admin via irc. If any player will be find with a multi account, your team will be removed from the cup. If you have more than one account contact an admin to remove your unused one.
- Maps will be bremen, delivery, goldrush, radar, supply in their most recent version There will be atleast one cup running different maps, including frostbite, adlernest, oasis, warbell, snatch, secret weapon and every other map that comes to your mind.
- Detailed rules will be published before the cup starts

image: h_signup
To sign up send a pm to chosen including the following details:
- Url to Crossfire's team sheet
- Url to the clan on CB or ESL - OR - to each player on ClanBase or ESL
- Include the map you want to have as 6th
- Use "ET Masters Sign Up" as title, otherwise your team might get lost
- Teams signed up for the crossfire league do not do this again!
- Teams signed up for the et masters: Please submit your CF clan to eVo!


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image: p_ig image: p_cf image: p_qv image: p_gtv image: p_ycn image: p_esl image: p_aow

image: s_head
image: h_howto
New to crossfire? You don't know how to sign up and how to create your clan? Crossfire offers an easy clan-creation system with admin verification. You will need a team on crossfire with all your members in it to participate in this cup.
First of all, you need to create your clan on this website. Go to the contribute in the My Crossfire navigation. Find the Add clan link to create your team. Needed information are a working website with a short information about your members, a working and existing irc channel in quakenet, a teamname and a short handle. The next step will be inviting your clan mates to crossfire. Tell them to register on our site, so you can add them to your team. Just visit your clan sheet on crossfire, if you can't find this, visit your profile and find the clans at the end of the page. Click on your clan's profile.
You will not need all members to sign up, but you will need all members in your crossfire clan sheet to be able to play this cup. Last but not least, every member has to add his ET PB GUID, visit the edit profile page to add your guid. Visit any server and type /pb_myguid to get yours.

image: h_participants
146 teams - last update on 09/02/04 at 19.35 CET
image: s_left
Israel ancylop.
Benelux AntiClimax
Netherlands Artificial
Germany aToOn CC6
Germany Art of Wolfenstein
Europe aSTRUM
Czech Republic Avonet et team

Benelux back2basics
Russia Banda
Germany Business as usual
Europe ButtonBashers!

Netherlands charism
Netherlands clownZ
Europe cornu
Croatia cortana
Europe cutiepies

Poland dECLINE
Europe DeleriumTremens
Sweden disposable
Poland devilry
Germany Die All Gaming
Poland diversus
Germany diverse

Russia e0h.teAm
Europe Educated-Soldiers
Europe eNvy
Czech Republic ESVKA Team
Poland eXert
Europe eXperience

Europe Forward

France Gamerz-Connexion
United Kingdom gunz-et
Croatia Guru Gaming

Europe H2k-Gaming.ET
Europe heartZ.
Europe hFE.gaming
Germany HighBot
Poland High Quality ET:Masters
Estonia Hold Your Fireimage: s_left
Yugoslavia I Kannt Spall
Czech Republic inteRaction
Poland invitium
United Kingdom impact-gaming
Europe iQuel
Spain izi-bash


Europe KaKKa
Finland kajastus
Europe Kinetics

Norway Lamb Of God´s
Germany logiX-eSports
Europe Lost Soldiers

Poland Masuj Dzika
Spain Men of Honor
Europe myTheory
Europe mouK zZz
Germany Mighty esports
Europe minus-Gaming Cre

Czech Republic nAkAshi
France Next Gamers Tec
Sweden nkNn
Germany no Teamplay
Europe No pracs is our tax
Denmark nSens
Europe Nutsacks

Poland oceans6
Sweden ORDER-Gaming
Benelux OVERLOAd Gaming

Benelux pEUNERZz
Netherlands perang Gaming
Europe Personality Team
Europe PIDAR
Europe plixplax
Poland POBOR
Europe pstarZ
Europe punga

Netherlands RAZZIA*
Europe re-play|eSports
Germany re-play black
Poland Rebellion
Czech Republic Regnet team CZ
Czech Republic Retards CZ - 2nd division
Portugal royaltygames
Finland rrN
image: s_left
Europe S.N. Battalion
Israel SAiNTS.
France SAN08
Finland secunda doping
Benelux Sektor Gaming
Germany serious business
Finland sienihermannit
Europe Splendid - Gaming
France StarZz
Belgium Strength and Honor
United Kingdom Sublime gaming
Poland suffering
Slovenia sWat
Belgium System6 Gaming

Poland Tabloid Junkies
Europe TAG
Europe Team-FatGames
Europe Team-Infinity
Poland Team-Qlimax
United Kingdom Team Dean
United Kingdom The Gathering
United Kingdom The Gathering bC
Poland The Next
Spain The Pin Pals
Europe Titanz
Europe True Destination
Finland Turbot

Czech Republic u35 Legends
United Kingdom unKind

Italy VagrantS EF
Europe Vicious Serenity

Germany WannaB
Romania Warriors of Tyr
Poland wave gore
Spain wEeeeee
Europe whoknows
Belgium Wolf crazy killer

Estonia Zero Empathy
Poland Znienacka

Poland 4FuN e-Sports Team
Germany 8bits.Plasa
Benelux 8bits.FiF Green
Europe 8bits.FiF red
Europe 5kolonna
Germany #187*Kriegsgarten.
Czech Republic
Europe #phantasmagoria
Europe [*EU*]United So
France [,=-]
Poland [1stCav] Multigaming
nice work guys :)
great layout chosen
what about
Awesome, hf guys!

no really nice work :)
Nice sarcasm!
Pretty much work for the layout, I'd suppose :) Looks great though. Also nice to hear about ETAce to be used. The prizemoney is also enough for an online tournament. Now CB needs to come up with something more to attract the teams ;) Really looking foward to that!
as if they care ;D oh noes crossfire is hosting a tournament which is more appealing to players than our eurocup :O((((((

(and before u comment i assure you, no they dont :P)

so i cannot say im looking forward to the same thing.. i think i'm going home to my moms tomorrow as she's not at home and i'll take a steaming warm bath i
m looking forward to that for sure
I'm looking forward to the event ;) But could be understand the way you did. My fault ^^
nice job evo & chosen
nice one!
nice job :) looking forward for the cup :D
cu @ div1

nice job guys, thumbs up!
Nice work Chosen. The layout pwns
omg that layout makes me horny , really nice!
Lol ET is dead lol.
i heard et qpad cup had price money too
:D this will be paid out at lan in cash as was ET Masters season I
hope so! ;Þ

it always sux if leagues/tournaments promise prices such as esl and this qcup did *and cb ofc
oki, i defintly dont know when this happened with the esl, so just give me details and i will figure it out
far from details, who's the responsible team captain, who sent the bank account details and when?
night sent the bankdetails in october or smth
the one, who gave us his bank account details, has received a mail at the end of november. just tell him to check his email account and you know more.

about esl: you will get the money, we have always paid, feel free to contact any of the teams and players in the 100s (maybe a thousand? or thousands) of prize winning tournaments we have ran in the last 10 years. that's why we have a good reputation in contrast to clanbase and so on :)
you delayed it for 2 months 2 times already, its hard to believe that there is still something incoming
what did we? 2 times? i think the mail said something else..

feel free to contact me in - should be the better place to talk about it
according to the mail u have to wait until march, just do that - ill be on it from 1st march than
first we had to wait until end of october, then end of december and now end of march -_^
ah yes, forgot about that money :D
been ages already
prolly thats why they never pay it within 2 weeks after the event. cuz they want people to forget about it!
fucking fast reply lol

how much money was it?
and what if a clan isn't coming to cc6 which won some prizemoney ?
its a lan final so could be a bit of an issue
nice! But what happened to etace for so long time? We all signed petition and bani answered and thats all I know.. hope its still developing and can be add to ETpro
wow nice, layout looks well nice too
The fucking tables don't fucking work !!!
You're gonna have to give me a tutorial some day :d
haha, get your inet working btw :P?
nice, gl
any star to watch?
etace best have full linux support :)

should be a good cup
awesomeness :O :D
i like the layout, whats in the message idc, but i like the layout, rly. gj.
et is alive retard! gj!
looking forward
I thought that in 'tournament details' was a hidden message with first bold letter :<<<

im sad now

TT1ETTTIMMAMD ehm.... interesting!
dont you have a title to defend :P where is your signup :P
Nice work :)
fkin nice!!!
nice will be watching this :)
awesome :)

etace = $$$
new version, nothing todo with etpub anymore
Nice effort.
gj chosen :)
Nice but only for good teams :<
ekhem... wheres k1ck?
Nice . Awesome 1 :D
great job guys =) signed up snb!
gl in 2nd division my friend <3

j/k cu
looking forward already :-P
awesome! :)
Yeah, competition is like that
I mean with that, i want the money but i can't win this shit.
i read it that way that you want a cup where the winner of each "skill level" is able to win money prices - that would be actually a good idea - more divisions and for each division a separate price money so its a motivation for every skill level :)
well youd have to give high skilled divisions more money imo and seeing the fact that its nearly impossible to raise much money you can barely split the pot cause then every1 would get like 5 euro which wouldnt even cover the transfer fee ... :d but hey its a free game! CS costs 5 euro nowadays and still they get like 298753985739475 trillion dollars a year :< stupid popularity bonus making commercial more effective and pumping in money... actually i think that ET has way too little community sites and way to little promotion :/ if there would be more "known" clans with ET squads youd have way more news on those clansites and therefor way more people reading those news, including people who dont even know ET or atleast dont play it which would impact the ET scene by a few more players (implementing more hackers as well but :<) therefor also getting more interesting for big companys to start investing in this game.

dont look at me as you can see here i suck at writing :D so i wont be able to put up news onto any sites at all but maybe some people are.. that would be a good start to keep ET alive or even make it grow

just my 2 cents :P

edit: this is also confirmed by the time "back then" clans like ocrana and plan-b were well known in the european/world gaming scene and had ET teams there were way more players -> way more activity nowadays we got H2k and "mamut" seeing that mamut (afaik) is not as well known across more games then cod4/ET (like H2K) there is no real news about ET on big clansites imagine mouz and shroet had an ET team there would be news regarding that team/the et scene/et itself on those sites being read by waaaaaaaay more people then those few stumbling across mamut f.e. : /
and since its a free game people would likely be more attracted to testing it rather then buying it even though its old^_°

edit 2: lol'd at seeing what i wrote .. couldve made a column instead :D
Rly nice cup
very nice, good luck all!
allready 50 signups? keep up the good work chosen :)
nice ! :)

I still need team !
need team !
\o/ wij doen ook gewoon mee ofwa? nice. 8)
gl to every1 and may the best team win !
I didn't add a 6th map because we think the mappool is perfect as it is now, I hope this is allowed.
Hungary BoRi's gonna rape this shit.
nice work
nice mamut!
where are amenti, tag, epsilon? :<
diversus is there :)
inactive, not participating, h2k
nice work, nice pricemoney! should do this more
omg noob cup! ;ds
Shut up just cause the best you could do in it was 2nd place :P
65 teams - last update on 19/01/17 at 11.35 CET :D
nice initiative though :o
I like the way cf is finally taking over the job cb has been neglecting for way too long ;d
Crossfire isn't taking over anything, this is the second series of ET Masters originally brought to you by Impact Gaming and now supported by both Impact and Crossfire to bring you a second series of the event, a joint initiative as opposed to 2 seperate events
At first cf would be hosting a cup & Impact gaming would be doing the same, so cf took initiative by organising their own cup... (which to me seemed very similar to the clanbase open cup which is also divided in divisions etc. only a bit longer)

I didn't mean to offend Impact Gaming ;d I know that this is the second Et Masters tournament & I think it's great these 2 organisations are working together and meanwhile keeping et alive.

Although I'd like to make 1 remark:
Impact gaming brings in the money. Crossfire takes care of publicity, but wouldn't they've done just the same when there was no joint venture between I & Cf ? At the moment, it seems to me like the crossfire cup has just disappeared, what is cf adding to the cup that Impact couldn't have taken care of by themselves?

nvm just read about the lan final ;d
The LAN final was organised for ET Masters irrelevant of the Crossfire cup however Impact was only offering a 300euro prize fund, by pooling our resources with crossfire we have come up with a unified offering of 500 euros + servers from YCN, myself and chosen are both working to bring in some further hardware sponsors also. This is now a totally joint venture as we try to bring the best possible tournament we can to the game, this is also in no way seen as a competitor to any other tournament, its just our own, simple as.
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Best support EVER
Just because you're a cheater lover, np
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So you love cheaters too.....The plot thickens....
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Avi for teh cup or need 2 decent players to fullfill our secret uber lineup in alvi!
take me as ref! and merc avi</3
[*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe with EUROPE flag !
Good idea !
why epsilon posts so much ET news lol
Epsilon Staff
Username: Homer Newswriter - Enemy Territory
Location: Poland Torun
Name: Lukasz
What are the odds of having the name changed to 'Frop's ET Masters' if I sponsor another 500 euros? This donation would obviously buy me out of any administrative functions during said tournament (apart from cutting ribbons, congratulating the winners and being a particularly sexy spokesperson).
money speaks! GL
you can give it a try :)
need team. can play serious. msg me !
Zero Empathy !
Europe not Israel alvi lol :p
The winners will get paid bar on the next crossfire LAN event.

thats worth more than all the prizemoney?
The winners will get paid at the bar on the next crossfire LAN event.

Of course it is :D
what is ESL TV account?
what's difference between a ESL premium account and a "normal" account?
you can only see your esl awards if you have a premium acc for example :p
lol what a nice prize.. I always wanted that
if u r esports addicted, u can tune in esl tv, if u dont care about the prize, its an addition
I already realised that my dear :p just wanted to know what that is ;)
was not really meant to be serious
overload will take this.

image: overloadpwners
on the right or on the left?
No modus + spho anymore! Need replacement Lama's!
wow that's alot of clans already :D
Get the word out to those that don't usually visit xf :)
huh what do you mean?
that you should tell clans which don't use to join this cup :)
Heh did you delete / repost as I didn’t reply?:)

As above, amazingly there’s still a few clans that don’t (!!!) visit xf… spread the word.
yeah ;p hehe
Get the word out to those that don't usually visit xf :)
United States of America WoCen ;)
group clans by nation imo way better than A-Z
lol just recognized, that our clan signed up too :O
thx for telling me gungy :<
100 teams, woot
100 teams, woot
103 teams, woot
could some nice admin remove Finland Teuva Total Dominating from signups since we don't play together anymore 8<
To bad you always had a nice team :-( Good Luck in what ever you are going to do!
thanks :) , good luck with your new try with pstarz!
who's mystic playing for?
too easy group for 5k :DD

loool 111 team´s bujahhaaa
when we see the 4th admin xd
Never. What for ?
aply as matchadmin
143 teams o_0
gl hf to all
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