Stheno becomes FAT

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We are proud to announce a new addition to the fatgames organization. And this time its differtent, instead of just taking in 1 team, team-fatgames is taking in several teams coming from a known organization. Stheno-eSports, a succesfull multigaming organization, who has been trying to relaunch itself is joining the fatgames organization. Together we will work together to reach new goals.

The teams of stheno are made of topclass gamers, who kept playing their favorite game. With the recent increase of popularity in Call of Duty 2, FatGames are excited to have such an experienced team to play under their name.

Call of Duty 1: [/u]

Netherlands MITTA
United Kingdom osiRis
Netherlands razorboy
Netherlands REAZZIOU
Netherlands thalidom1de
Netherlands viper
Netherlands vivAx

Call of Duty 2: [/u]

Netherlands dommel
Netherlands Matje
Netherlands nytro
Slovenia Sk1LL
Netherlands yzRz
Netherlands zorro

The Call of Duty 2 Team is looking to attend esportsHeaven (CC6) under the FatGames tag, if the crossfire organization decide to run a CoD2 tournament. FatGames organization wishes the teams and players the best of luck, that they may enjoy their stay in the organisation
give me the phone-number of your dutch female-cod4 player pls
rikku or smth
how active are these games? Cod1, what the fuck :D
dno the activity now, but if im not wrong, then like 1,5 years ago there were more officials played on CB than in ET :o
ET ladders died 4 years ago
true, but i meant more than all the OC's n shit together aswell, i think the number of games there were played was somewhere near 2000.
CoD1 is pretty active ye
interesting, gl :-)
like you understood what happened!
good luck guys was a nice time!
haha thought it was about twinzzy's et team ;DDd
Those were my teams aswell. Managed them for nearly 1 year..
I'm happy bout it :)))
so what did you do as manager?
Everything for em, signing some contracts with sponsor to, which gave a new pc to 2 of the players :x
cod1 lol
cod1 lol
lol cod1 D:
Can't see ET here :o? but ET players from stheno/pstarz make a FG tag @ irc wtf!? NEWS!!
Isn't announced yet, we're in since tommorow or something
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