Fatgames.ET returns!

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It has long been quiet around the MGC known as Fatgames, especially in consideration with Enemy Territory. After dropping the team now known as United Kingdom Impact gaming to focus on a splendid CoD4 CC5 performance, nothing has been heard from Fatgames anymore. But now they're back as announced before with both CoD 1 and CoD 2 teams!
Alas, that is not all they have in store for us, because Fatgames also decided to, once again, give our beloved game another chance. So with pride, they present you with their new ET team:

Europe Fatgames:
  • Germany Freezer
  • Germany murDa
  • Poland Palemki
  • Poland Cursed
  • Netherlands twnzy
  • Italy jolly
  • Netherlands shaky

With the management glad to have found another way to support our game and the team happy to be given a chance to shine, both had the following to say:
Quote by twnzyI'm happy to start playing under FatGames name, we ain't together for a long time, but we surelly stay together for a longer time. We got a nice team, and we got some nice pracc results. We'll attend ETmasters and CC6, and hopefully further events.

Quote by FatGamesThey are a strong Team, and each player individually has good experience. Now we take them under the FatGames wing to strengthen the both of us under 1 name. FatGames organization wishes the teams and players the best of luck, that they may enjoy their stay in the organisation.

The team is currently signed up for the prestigious ETMasters tournament in which they want to show their worth and they are planning to go and do the same at CC6 as well. Besides that, the team is hoping on a spot in the coming EC or otherwise qualify for it through the coming OC

1st - For some practice's /q us. Thanks to Netherlands ReWolf!
good team, but twnzy? :x

j/k, gl ;-p
Oooh thanks, good luck to your team as well
gl twnzy + sHaKy

zozo fatgames twnzy is dat niet een te grote naam voor jouw,er word veel van je verwacht maar als je doorzet kan je het net halen D:
Good luck guys! Let the force be with you.
why they dont take a team like SNB for example?

well gl anyway :-D
refrigerate those beans to a more moderate temperature!
1st good comment from ya br0! :]
gl shakozor
gl twnz <3
gl twnzy ;)
hl shaky
gl shaky, tijd vrij gemaakt voor cc6?:)
Nope, but he's back-up. Would love to have him in my main line-up thought!
2 bad:( gl with ur team:)

gL mates!!
<3 GL twnzy
gL RiCK and JoLLy
gl mates, wanna prac with u a lot <3
lol :D gl!
gl jollynga & shak 8D
Doesn't look that skilled, but best of luck.
big gl!
gl murDa <3
2weeks, i hope im wrong ofc : )
Meh, at least they're better than the last teams.
GL twnzy & palemki :)
gl shaky and murda
very promising
u are fat twinzy!
not even 2 weeks
i love that season!
takes to long ;(
it was too long
oh pls, another mgc you will ruin with ur 2week team, -_-
gl freezer murda jolly twnz palemki nice team <3 !
good luck, nice team =)
more like "Skilled MGC C-C-Combo breaker"

better took some finnish clan ._.
I agree or rather take a team like SNB there ;/
krosan said they wont get back into ET, now he is with this team. I lold
so will they get the same stuff they promised the last team? ;D
I see what you did there, bad boy with bad sarcasm :D
gl searching low+ pracc
LoLed at FG orgs.
nice to see them picking up a team... wouldnt have expected this one though :>

what a retarded pick from fg.
gl guys
if shaky plays, u'll pown everyone. GL
koenriqueeeeee, wuzzup waar ben je :p
2 weeks max
hmmm, 2 weeks and a half!
<twinzz> ik ga EC spelen en dan quit
2 weeks max:P maarja gl!:D
<okko> need 3rd high know me or sAntj lolllllllllllllllllllllllll
you're playing with okko you're not allowed to talk crap about other teams ! :p
he's nice on vent!
he robbed all my food at cc5 :[
geeL shaky
Hmm, doesn't seem like a crap team but I think that a team like this isn't really improving or 'strengthening' FatGames.
Hahhahahaha. Epic fail. :D
take #team-pohjanmaa instead of these wnbs!
I know only half of the team :D but gl
well, i know only murda, jolly (only because some weeks ago he released his movie...) and twinzy (some praccs against him, he always got pwned...)
You don't know shaky? looool
whos that? i am newschooler, dont know everybody...
gl murDa
Good luck!
thxs for the lol
Just because you are fatgames now doesn't mean you will get some EC invite.
EC Domi has spoken !
EC Domi has spoken !
n00b olbaa has spoken!
Even if you are playing in a good team, doesnt mean that ur good, since you aint. EC/NCDomi
Thats right olbaa, you just took the words right out of my mouth! just wanted to tell you the same. mr arrogance.
Yeah i know domi, your welcome.
I'm sorry but, where do I state for a direct invite?
nowhere! just some flame.
Just because you made 2hs @ lan doesn't mean you will get some EC invite.
Who are you again?
the guy that pwnd you in wow, have a nice day
i can remember some whining OMG WTF YOU ARE HEALING YOURSELF FUCKING OP CLASS. by your side
aaaaaaaaaaaand i still pwnd you, have a nice afternoon
you could sometimes be a positive
I could, but they need some flame.
oh dear what happened here
image: img_699c7e4197f8540237f20e627af84354

(13:30:00) (FatAway`twnzy) Nou Nou, Kiewan - ik ben sprakeloos.
(13:30:05) (FatAway`twnzy) Had ik echt niet gedacht van je.
(13:30:27) (FatAway`twnzy) Dat je die jpeg zou posten, aangezien IEDEREEN nu al weer dat het bullshit is.
(13:30:43) (FatAway`twnzy) Maargoed, je stelt ook niet veel voor dus je zult je aandacht wel op die manier moeten verdienen :<


(20:47:30) (Rhand) (20:38:44) (FatGames`twnzy) yuuu
(20:47:32) (Rhand) (20:38:50) (FatGames`twnzy) bedankt dat je me daar vanmiddag heilp met kiewan
(20:47:34) (Rhand) (20:39:30) (Rhand) kwas je niet echt aant helpen, kvind het gewoon een leuke pic :P
(20:47:35) (Kiewan) :DDDDDDDDDdd
(20:47:36) (Rhand) (20:46:11) (FatGames`twnzy) hmm
(20:47:38) (Rhand) (20:46:12) (FatGames`twnzy) dan nog
(20:47:40) (Rhand) (20:46:14) (FatGames`twnzy) thanks!
Aahw you really did hurt my feelings with that, you got any proof off it, or are you going to ignore my reply again, like all those 100 times.
damn, 2fast4me
Whats next? Recruting a manager that can pay the whole CC6 trip for all your teams? Good luck with that!
This is just retarded xD this guy is ruining every nice mgc reputation with his shit 2week teams, this is just insane :DxD
Well its not twnzzy but look on the other side, they recently recruited 2 CoD4 teams, 1 CoD2 team & 1 CoD1 team it just says how serious this organization is.

The only good team they recruited is the girls cod4 team which a great mediastunt to have in any organization.
Every? I remember you getting a ego-boost after playing with hardmethod in eurocup. Even isen told me about it. Its a shame to see you (15 year old) flaming other because you think you're better. We ain't caring about your or any other "flame" reply's anyways. Good luck in w/e your going to do.
Like olbaa will achieve something :XDD
Am i here to achieve anything? no im not

e: Like you are going to achieve anything, Mr'ECDomi
Already achieved more then you.
coz ur nerd who takes gaming more seriously.
aww, look the fintard is saying some1 is a nerd :XDD arent you the one who is acting cool because i accused you? yes you are, so basicly you are the nerd here.
Eh? when did i say im acting cool because of it? and no im not acting cool, and does calling you a nerd hurt you that much?, im sorry domi :< never gonna do that again ://

This is just the normal crossfire flame wich comes from everyone everyday. and i couldnt give a fuck if you accuse me or whatsoever, you suck anyways thats the end of this converstation.

Now for something different

Hows going?!
fine and you mr tard :{
fine, gonna get a cup of coffee.
I'm saying he's achieving something, its more his ego which he got while playing HMG. Its like kinda annoying. 3/4 of the guys flaming here are total random, and its like LoL.
like you and your team. im oldschool and i never heard about any of you
Well some people don't sleep under a rock. You should know any of those exept me and cursed if you did watch the ET scene.
Says more about you than about them.
Guess every person have had egoboost sometime, but thats how it goes. + I always liked ur pm's to isen xD
Well you better play us in a 6on6 once, before judging me again. And I like the pm's about Isen about you even more. But I don't care its 2 years ago, and you prolly got some hair on your balls now, so yeah. You are a adult from now on :DDDD
Don't you agree that you've played for quite some MGC's and the most of the times (?) it turned out to be a fiasco?
It's not meant as flame or whatever, but most of the time I see you searching for players and then your teams stop playing after a few weeks.
Not blaming you as I have no clue what's going in these teams ofc, but imo it's sad that a respected clan as FatGames takes your team while I don't think you've proven to be a stable team.
I hope for them, as well for you that your team will stick together for CC6 and will attend it.
Well I was busy with this team since December last year under the name Stheno. Was just praccing around and seeing what would be the best. So some of the line-up ain't 2 weeks.

Besides that, I always knew when a team was going to fail, because of inactivity of what so ever, and I know for sure, that if we just keep playing together like how we do know that we remain stable.

I mean we're praccing 5 days a week, from 7 o clock till 12. Everyone is online etc, and I didn't had such guys in me projects before. Our praccs went really well for our first week (serious) together.

For CC6 - some of us booked their hotels already, and as far I know everyone is attending with us. So hopefully cu at CC6
Hopefully you will this time ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
I will. With this team sure. Mr manager :DDD
joop where is the haat? im very dissapointed...
Tbh, i have to agree with you in this one :P that dutchie girl from the squad is fun to paly some cod4 gathers :PP (dont remember her* name, it started with R i guess)
Yeah thats the name :) i remember yuka from k1ck.cod4 pt squad calling her a cheater, coz no girl can be good in gaming :P
She actually quite a good looking girl to
iloledirlnot... is this some kind of joke?

/cg_2weeks 1
gl cursed

and don't listen to this "highskillors" whine, because they aren't able to get a good multiclan to support their team :)
actually we are :D
u are the one and only :P
GL Tomek, hope you ll go to Enschede and play well.
gl palemki!!!
hf, hope u guys do well (K)
lol @ their decision but

gl murDa
gl murda :D
Seems like public player Nawor knows much about et!

cu @ cybergames rage n00bs
demo's tell more.
Okay good luck.
gl, nice to read
gl twnzz
thanks, you're inactive again :< ??
yea but not without inet this time :D just to get an advance schoolwise...
gl bois
gl twinzzy <3
nice, gl
gl guys :)
this game is commin to the end:D
good luck shakozor!
gL Lads

ShAKY will own u all anyways l0l
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