Israel States Cup - Announced

image: israelstatecup

Maybe for the first time, Israel Israel announce their own 'States Cup' !
Because of the shortage of players, The cup will consist 4 Teams: North, South, West and East.
You may think 'Why so many players are missing'? Well, that answer for that is that they quitted \ did not sign up.

The first matches will take place on Saturday (21.2).

Most of the team's players have already been selected, And We're proud to annouce them:

Israel Israel - North[/b]]

Israel eRnnN C
Israel destiny
Israel Nexjee
Israel outraa
Israel Antict
Israel elfa
Israel dEEpO
Israel psycho

Israel Israel - West[/b]]

Israel Marcury C
Israel Zer4tul
Israel RenegAde
Israel Ranje
Israel blitz
Israel stella
Israel mAlos

Israel Israel - East[/b]]

Israel Res C
Israel wAffle
Israel kinta
Israel TheoDor
Israel mArin
Israel sidewinder

Israel Israel - South[/b]]

Israel TeRm1 C
Israel FaN
Israel qert
Israel GizzeD
Israel bet4
Israel Doron

Schedule: (Israel Israel time (CET +1))

15:30 Israel North - Israel South
16:30 Israel South - Israel East
17:30 Israel North - Israel East
Unscheduled Israel West - Israel East
Unscheduled Israel West - Israel North
Unscheduled Israel West - Israel South

Map list

* supply
* sw_goldrush_te
* bremen_b2
* radar
* sp_delivery_te
* Braundorf_b4

Cup Admins

Israel Res
Israel blitz


Special thanks to

Europe RoN Clan - / - ETTV support
Israel vGames - Game servers
Poland w3DE - Banner

Thank you very much :)
finally theodor can play et.
i was in north
but east didnt had any players 8D

team east=TheoDor !
is gaza gonna play in it?
its not a part of israel.
Where are the rest of the Israeli players except for those who went inactive? :-(
Quitted \ Did not sign up
isnt west-israel palestina ?:DDd
no, just a VERY small part ov it.

but gaza isnt a part of israel, so they should do thier own state-cup! :}
i guess they're a little busy atm :-)
gl 2 us :}

we are team-ishai aka theodor :}
gl laggers ;o
Quote Israel - South

TeRm1 C
They need him ! Otherwise they aren't enough to play this cup :D
Our own ban list is bigger than CB's (About Israelis)
North !
North North North !
Gaza should do an own state cup xD LOL
GL For us <3
east gonna take it, just cause they have theodor.!
By the look of it, East is gonna win.
We made our decision. all I can say it 'Thanks for your info'.

Maybe for the first time, you can do nothing about it. So do not bother to annoy me again.
ye hf with your fail cup.

and ye, you play with him, you get banned from xfire
I dont think xfire has anything 2 do with our cup, and what will u ban for? playing with a busted cheater, imo its lame. u cant suspect others for just playing with thier friends.
QuoteCrossfire will proactively seek to out and ban those who are playing with current cheaters, i.e. Cheaters currently serving a ban (that is a Clanbase ban, not Crossfire) or those who common sense dictate are blatantly cheating and either poised to be banned or have been banned under another nickname. This does not include any retrospective activity (i.e. someone you played with a year ago who was busted) nor does it include playing with people who have served their ban. Such actions will be met with first a 3 month site & tournament ban and if repeated a 12 month ban. Each case is subjective, though general precident can be found in the FF & Gnajda case.
yet but still, we ALL agreed that he will play, so u can actually rule our will?!
we have our own community, and if he is listed in one of those lineups that means that everyone agrees he'll play, and also the community admin himself plays in the same team.

dont get involved with our decision, cuz like its our own private cup, I want him 2 play eventhough he is busted! can u rule my will? ur just an admin in an internet website, what makes u better than us? u are getting involved in something which is NOT related 2 u, and if the players that gonna play with him and/or againts him allows him 2 play, so he will play.
we have 40 ppl in our community, 50% of them are not active, thats the best we can offer, and If its not cool with u, I'd say Jam a pen up ur ass. I do respec u, very much, I think that u are helping alot with what u do, but u cant go that far.

and dont get me wrong, ill say it again, I respect u and ur opinion, but its not related 2 u.
You're welcome to your decision, and every decision comes with consequences. Crossfire wishes to discourage cheaters, and those that support cheating.

In light of the FF case Crossfire took the decision that as a site we aren’t willing to be associated with, or offer a service to, those that aim to cause damage to the community through cheating, and those that knowingly support cheaters through continuation of competing alongside them whilst consecutively serving a ClanBase, ESL or Crossfire ban for cheating. This decision is subjective and each case is judged on its merit.

As such, the people that cheat, and those that support them, are not welcome on the Crossfire site and will be barred from all Crossfire affiliated competitions.

I hope this clarifies the position.


and if im playing againts him?

and he is banned for some riva tuner shit as far as I know.
and u are still, taking our right 2 have our own cup with our own players.
we dont have enough players.
rofl @ rivatuner, i used it and i didn't get banned. The point is that most of Israel are GULLIBLE and believe w/e a cheater says just because nowone can prove it or doesn't have sufficient knowledge
I actually have knowledge, he got it for the crosshair pack.
"and u are still, taking our right 2 have our own cup with our own players."

Nobody permits you to play with cheaters.
But you see, if Crossfire makes a cup, they also can allow/forbid players due to their liking and it will be their decision.
Just like you are doing with your cup. Can you see the analogy?
And due to their policy, they will probably not allow you to play in their cups.
Now you can choose:
- If you like Crossfire too much to risk being excuded from their competition, you dont allow cheaters to play.
- If you dont care, you keep running yoru cup as it is, but Crossfire also keeps running their cups without you.

Simple as that. In ET community, you have no support of USA.
u dont get the point. there is no other players, its a VERY small community.
"I dont think xfire has anything 2 do with our cup"

Then why the fuck are you posting news about it on Crossfire?

Sorry for edit, but I had to add this: Once again, Israelian logic :DDDDDDDddd
no wonder their president/leader can brainwash them so easily rofl
just 2 let u guys know if u are intrested in watching.
and stfu.
what is ur interest? I smell a nazi.
why DO YOU care if he plays or not?!

fuck off
As clanbase admin , you should know that playing with him NOT in clanbase's tournaments are totally allowed. Since you cant rule the whole ET. or can you?
[q]Crossfire will proactively seek to out and ban those who are playing with current cheaters, i.e. Cheaters currently serving a ban (that is a Clanbase ban, not Crossfire) [/q]

even if you play with him in a random clan war, crossfire can ban you.
can you ban me for playing with him on a public server?
could you know about this cup unless resiz posted it on crossfire?

I believe he did it so crossfire users (who are intersted) will be able to enjoy ISRAEL's state cup. if you are not intersted, or you disagree with the line-ups for any reason - you can just keep mind your own buisness.

a bit freedom for a private community cup on their own ban list won't kill you.
Crossfire is more on about people who knowingly and willingly play with busted/obvious cheaters. If you play on a public with such a guy it is (most likely) neither knowingly or willingly.
Here we have Killerboy showing that one of the players is currently a CB Banned player for Multihack. Thus now every player reading this knows he is banned/a busted cheater. If they still want to play with him, it is knowingly and willingly playing with him.
worst rule ever made
sry i didnt know his " history" il remove him from south lineup
Gods, you're so childish :D
im scared :<
jees theodor SUX. theodor die plz.

spaming is not a skill.
won destiny on te_valhalla


opensuse user :~>
and you are very handsome !
ima shelha handsome :~<
Can play for Palestina kahbahs, pm me
westbank settlers haf no internetz ?!
funny how all team north live few minutes from my house 8D
but team east didnt had players :O(

and licious is clean, its a long story but np !
wont be able to attend, army that day <.<.
gl anyway
Veel plezier Resiz :D
gl mArin ;)
really nice banner:)
too many laggers for my taste!
thats now your problem tbh - if they really want to allow cheaters, being aware of that - its their choice :-) its the admin who makes rules for his cup.

what you can do though, maltese falcon, is asking cf and gtv admins for boycotte of the cup. that would mean gtv admins not allowing to broadcast ettv matches of this cup, cf admins deleting the news and all the stuff about the cup from the site. reason: cup admins do not stick to anti-cheat policy, etc :-)
go go Israel, show the rest of us just how much you are God's chosen people!!

(mm, wasnt there a funny german faggot with a mustache who said about the same???)
no it was an austrian faggot !
he was God's chosen "faggot" if you want

jews only thinks they are
Quote by CMLhe was God's chosen "faggot" if you want

jews only thinks they are

Crossfire User Database:

Germany chosen

nice banner lol
rubbis incomming :S
How can you divide an area size of a house into 4 different states
Imagination. life is your creation
image: 30avo8n

does every terrorist is a muslim?
does every jew is a terrorist?
Its the future, 1hit 800 ACC
nice headshot with the MG :)
its obvious its some jamod/noquarter and he either stayed killing afk ppl or:
blame hamachi+new computer+new provider !
multiple linux installation !
its not him, its a pic i found in some linux wesbite (if u want ill give it 2 u)
and its not a good proof for banning him i guess.

Jaymod with low level bots I bet, since there is 5 xp level ups, 1 hs with mg, good dmg ratio, M-97 which is a pump action shotgun unique for Jaymod, no gibs shown, 0 team damage and 0 medals.

lol gl all teams
ata yaholta lehirashem
ani kvar lo mesahek biglal ha zava =\
just make HAMAS vs the rest, seems quite fair!
where the fuck is Israel sm1rnoff ??
tell him to start ET again.. he can make a pistolmovie for me! :D
nice banner, take out licious, FrAgOn can play at that day so use him insted.
easy for destiny&psycho
ani lo mavin lama ata negdo ya hatihat yeled robtrik masrih ma ata mitarev? misho shal otha ?
I'll still know it, so I won't play vs Team-South, and by the way, you are a traitor! playing with Team-East insted of Team-North! die in car fire traitor! :~<
Jeez if only we where prepared for that level of sophistication !
np for disable stream from match server

beside, like cheaterbusters have tools
cheaters also have tools 8D
destiny & elfa will own
n1 banner w3de...
where is rusji :o ?
banned, he is a cheater.
(as far as i know) :X
2 days player giving 3pls free !
Last time i saw him play he was terrible but w/e
good luck with the cup=)
Already enough war in Israel imo
After having flames from admins, licious will be removed and bet4 will play instand of him.
I don't recall flaming o/
good luck Israel 1killperround !
go preshoot @ bushes lolz ;D:D
go north :P
gl resiz!!
i smell alot of lag! but GL and hf!
its on isr servers :(
20 ping :'(
where the fuck is IsraelRelax. ?????
looks nice, hf :)
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