The CB NC XII Case

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Currently the ClanBase Chief of Cup and his staff are looking into the situation about the three removed teams. At current I can not say anything of the outcome as we, the gamecrew, have offered our opinions and it is now on their hands.
I hope to keep you updated on any news regarding this and expect a response as soon as the end of the working week.

Source: ClanBase NC XII News
They already made ridicilous decision and if they reverse their decision it would become even more comical and astonishing. The harm has already done so please do not broke your dignity/authrity ( if CB has never have one?)
Don’t be daft, wrong is wrong.

If you fuck up, man up, change things, move on.
I am not being silly.I just find it weird to reverse decision afterwards, even if I had done wrong decision in first case I still wouldn't change my opinion
Being able to admit you were wrong is a virtue shared by few ppl
well I can admit if I am wrong, but still I wouldn't reverse my decision unless it has done something irreversible harm for some person which has nothing to do with case, in principle never.

If I were admin I wouldn't have kicked them in first place, same to me in which team they had played before.
What an e-drama, CB made u suffer so much. The wounds will never heal.. blablabla.
Get a grip
nice taking everything seriously :DDDDDD
Then you'd make a terrible admin.

Said before, say again – admins aren’t infallible.
luckily I will never be admin.
They would kind of save the situation by just listening to the players and letting the removed teams continue playing normally. :P
They can't do that though. It's a conflict of interests for them! They may agree that the rule is ridiculous and needs clarifying, but their hands are tied as they aren't the decision makers.
every nation should be allowed to use their 6 best players no matter in what clan they played..
otherwise its just stupid to play NATIONS CUP (there are the best nations compeeting against each other and should be allowed to play with their best possible lineup..
cool, gl all!
if its reversed it will be more funny :P
KeKe >^^>
where is your backbone omfg :]
to late mundus there is already to much blood on your hands lol
waneer gaan jullie nou tegen snb spelen LuL
dunno, 2 man zonder internet atm ;D
rofl cker zmk en jok3
Fuck off CB
keeping team uk in the edge of their seats eh?
thery're heart rate are off the charts
dont worry, if they kick you ill go covert.
they will smooth talk this out, ego pricks
What is it to look into? they broke the rules?=D well, whatever. I dont care :]
for sure you'll clear up the situation .....not
too late now,just let slovenia win this NC and move on!
oh they getting sober now? good news
weren't they already sober before ?
no they were a bunch of stupid retarded drunken idiots :D
they are already the joke of et :)
So what? Every team should drop out after this bullshit.
Glad to hear you might be coming to your senses. I hope the involved teams may be granted a second chance, of course I won't be counting on it, but hey a man can hope? :P
ofc you'll be granted a 2nd chance, else they wouldn't post smth like this! see yah in 1/4final :D
The cb crew (not the ET admins) aint got balls if they let them play. What a ridiciulous case.
worse nc ever
ive found an old picture of arachon in his private photo album

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I hope they will see they made a stupid decision and will have to guts to reverse the situation
The damage is done already, they shouldn't reverse the solution. But they should make the rules very clear about this in the future.
first time cb would fix something they fucked up, thumbs up
dnno where to where to write the i do it here @ nellie !

SLO vs RUS 0:4
ITA vs ROM 4:0
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