NONPRO Retro Cup 16.09.2009

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Welcome to the nonpro-gaming 6on6 Retro Cup in the game ET.

The cup will start 16.09.2009 at 19 o'clock cet. Sign-ups will close at 18:45 so hurry up and sign up!

sign up here!

The rules are mainly the same as everywhere:
  • no cheaters allowed
  • no players with etpro guids younger as 6months
  • side allowed
  • the cointoss winner can choose the map that will be played.
  • the matches have to be played with the Global 6on6 Config
  • you'll have to show up with your real nicks not any fake ones
  • in case of any troubles, please contact the admins. If the admins do a decision which doesn't fit to your impression, plz visit .
  • at least one member has to idle on #nonpro to contact the oponents.
  • bug use/trickplants and the other holy shits aren't allowed.
    record demos
  • for the results, you'll have to contact an admin of the cup


- Old Oasis
- Old Goldrush
- Old Fuel Dump
- Railgun
- Radar
- Old battery

We wish every team good luck and of course much fun.

visit us:

#nonpro nonpro - gaming
th3h3h3h3h3h33h next fail incoming.
retroooo, railgun <3
lolz, failcup
another cup organized by some random who wants attention. maybe use all the features offered by ESL / CB to organize a real cup instead of this one day, cheaterfest randomness.
maybe you are right, i will stop the cup now

image: nerd

not :D
why no battery?
thought the same, battery is one of the best original maps imo ^^
ye :D atleast better than fueldump or railgun^^
copy paste fail
fine :) gl then
go and palim palim with your team!
n1 cup ..i love the old maps ;D
You are the man.
make a d2 cup gari not an et cup :<
a d2 cup?

do you have any suggestion HOW to do it? :'D
no and that is the problem :P but anyway i'm going to attend in your tourney
i already saw it ^-^

perhaps the cup could be, who'd be the fastest one to get lvl 9 ;o with an ama
idk maybe we have to test some things first, but hey tis could be fun :P
i guess it'll
battery ftw, are mortar, mg42 allowed ?
no can do :( there are no older cb configs (except global-config) where we are allowed to play mortar/mobile.

but still, PLAY!
gl knoche!
old maps? ok.
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