image-et open beta

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image-et is a tool designed with the goal of implementing state-of-the-art camera effects to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

  • Multi-threaded writes and gpgpu processing improve capture performance (50x)
  • Ingame cvars allow realtime preview and scripting of all settings
  • Off-screen rendering enables capture at any resolution even when minimized
  • Captures are sorted by demo name and timestamp
  • Console can be used while capturing
  • Enhanced capture precision allows timescaling at any given fps

  • Backward and forward demo seeking
  • Demo synchronization with latency control
  • Depth of field with auto-focus or single targets
  • Fisheye lens
  • High dynamic range rendering
  • Motion blur
  • Screenshakes intensity control

  • Blood
  • Breathing puffs
  • Color correction
  • Dynamic lights
  • Entity lightning
  • Explosion trails
  • Lean animation
  • Light flares
  • Muzzle flash
  • Shadows
  • Smoke particles
  • Wall marks

  • Click here to download the latest version
  • Extract the contents of this archive to your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory folder
  • Start image-et.exe with the mod of your choice (+set fs_game #) or select a mod in the main menu

I would like to thank ag0n, Frop, ogrec, and everyone else who had to endure the endlessly long months of testing without which image-et would never have been anything close to the state it is today.

  • madscie at gmail dot com
  • #image

  • Depth-of-field on adlernest - avi
  • Depth-of-field on radar - / mp4
  • Motion blur on sw_goldrush_te (25 FPS) - / mp4
  • Motion blur on sw_goldrush_te (50 FPS) - mp4
  • Fisheye on radar - / mp4
would just like to point out, many months went into this little project, lots of hours going through every little detail to make everything perfect. many features weren't easy to implement due to the current state of the game engine. i must have implemented some features at least a dozen of times, each with a different approach from scratch.

one of the features made it into this build just a couple of days ago is demo synchronization. it's something that i've personally always wanted coded into the game. to those of you wondering what that is, let's just say, it fixes demo playback in realtime to a specified ping so high pingers can actually watch their demos as they should.

i hope this tool gives as much fun to those who use it as it was fun to code and if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to checkout over at #image
Quoteone of the features made it into this build just a couple of days ago is demo synchronization. it's something that i've personally always wanted coded into the game. to those of you wondering what that is, let's just say, it fixes demo playback in realtime to a specified ping so high pingers can actually watch their demos as they should.

Nice job, I always thought it should be possible, it's annoyed me for ages!


Tested it, sooo nice!
Now we can finally watch those demos of you with 300 ping vs DSky in a 3on3 ladder game. : )
i did already :D weird to finally see my aim after 4~5 years :)
who was fragging in the clip?
Thank you for spending your time with us madscientist. It's a pleasure to learn with you.
Great tool, fast, awesome dof and motion blur. Excellent features.

Thanks, mr crazy scientist <3

edit: Oh and btw i have a working tool to create recording scripts for new image. Working at something bigger atm, but if someone need it meanwhile, pm! image: 2u8f29j
When are you planing to release this tool?
no idea at all... lets see how things go.. uni started and i have a weird schedule.. my life is completely different atm :\
I got the source, na na na. MAYBE I can leak it >D oh noes!
Walkthroughs and such are forthcoming (for instance how to make a HD bust clip within the hour), but for now please visit #image for all your questions and comments.
it's beyond sick, madscientist is awesome, basically if you only record with 1000fps mblur or so you can easily get 2 caputre seconds per 1 ingame second or less, with an average pc and basically realtime with an awesome pc. the speed and quality madscientist has achieved is just mind boggling, really. auto-focus dof is absolutely amazing too, 1st person dof will be really easy to do and look nice now :)
well done!!!
Hopefully someone good will make movie for someone good using this tool :O!
nicee nicee :)))
lol pretty nice :D
Getting tearing in that test clip and also that blur looks a bit "delayed" when coming "off" from objects close to you. It's a nice idea but i just know people will use it incorrectly and we will see a lot of unwatchable movies just like those that have crazy high gamma on bremen(and other maps) + LSD colors.

Nice job though, skilled movie makers will make it work.
if you mean the dof, it's supposed to be "delayed"
You can control this "delay" with cvars :P People have to test and find out their settings.
looks like you failed then (yet) again (starscream)
I watched the demo clip and yea, I dont like such blurry-effects, and long et movie with this effect would let my eyes bleed.
Nice tool :)
Great work mad , really nice! keep on doing it!
oh noes he killed you
killed the engineer and respawned, I GIVE A FLYING FUCK
now theres the reason to install ET again and start making another movie! :D
seems nice, gj
Nice work, but how about a Linux version?
my primary desktop runs linux since ages but it died a few weeks ago ;_;
So, you're saying it's possible to image-et compile on Linux, but you simply haven't got the chance to do it, so far?
aww man why couldn't this come out a week ago i just started recording xD!
delete and start again. It is soo fast that you won't even notice that everything is already recorded!
yeah plus i can minimize now and not have any marks on my ss so i guess im not that mad :P
You can even write at console while recording! It won't appear at screenshots ;)
OMG, theres cum everywhere!
shit recording faster, how fast for a 10 sec scene
depends of fps.... can't say exactly, but if you use default (which is very good), it is fucking fast... like 2s per ingame sec.. no idea.. really, give it a try.. u won't even notice its recording already :P
same configurations as we spoke last time? 90 fps ingame etc
haven't tested 90 that much at current image :\ only at next days
like others said before, the dof is just ugly and totally off, NOT ONLY because agon applied wrong settings (i just assume that).

Ive never ever thought that this would actually be a nice and very useful tool, this version showed me, that i was in my opinion right. This is a tool for the newcomers in mm, that have no basic clue about layers / frame blend / recording technologies and i appreciate that there is a tool for them, just dont use it with wrong settings :>

To be fair, i already was like woooaahhh nice demo reverse, then i noticed its just some gameframe backup which is totally missleading in the description.

overall, cool tool for beginners.

PS: waiting for the bitch back
PPS: its my honest opinion, and if it does not please you im sorry
i don't know why you seem to hold a grudge against me, i can't remember ever having a chat with you in all these years i've been around.

i think the conclusions you drew from a first look at this tool isn't fair, given the hundreds of fixes it brings to the game such as shadows, lean, lights, etc. many of these fixes are results of engine bugs that no game mod can ever fix. for this reason alone, this tool should be embraced by movie makers in general.

if you don't like some feature, fine. you can still disable it. but don't castrate the whole tool as something trivial and useless as i'm sure many will find it usefull.
oh dont get me wrong, i have no problem with you at all. and like i said, i appreciate it.

Its just nothing that is needed to make a good movie, it however helps the newcomers or at least the guys who dont want to know what they do but make a quick "good" looking movie.

And lets be objective, the amount of good movies coming from this tool will be way under the amount of crap, overblurred movies :<. Tho this is nothing you can change, sadly.

again, i have np with you and i think, like Larkin said," i must be jealous". :>
Awesome dodging his other points and only focussing on the blur thing. You just posted the exact same thing twice. WAY2GO!

Well said, I'm sure we will see loads of movies with very little content and thought, but a lot of dof :p
he just doesnt like agon and everything related to agon :p
You should have made it in .Net instead, then it would be AWESOME. ;D

Seriously, this is an amazing tool regardless of the settings the "newbies" use, and if the self-acclaimed professional movie makers don't understand what features are useful to them then it's their loss.

Keep up the great work!
Portuguese teams do not have the EuroCup, but we have the Portugal agOn on the crossfire :$$$
someone tell me in one sentence what this prog is about...
image-et is a tool designed with the goal of implementing state-of-the-art camera effects to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
omg, looks fucking awesome, cant wait to see the first movies using this new little prog ;)
nice work
Looks awesome waiting for ogrec to show something amazing!
this is amazing :o
Hopefully someone can create something interesting with this.

Anyway, I also hope it doesn't get overused/misused either.
In before Bitmap! :D
Can you stop stickying movie making shit? Not everybody cares about that.
can u stop posting comments on xfire? not everybody cares about that.
it is also meant to support a project related to a game which this site supports. As this is beta software we want to give the creator as much feedback as possible.
I care. And this, for once, is something pretty cool. :)
unexpectedly hannes disagrees!!
good job. gonna try it
ihanku sä osaisit :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Amazing work, good job. I've heard some good things about this, gonna try it out. Thanks!
Nice, might start mm'in
is it fast nao to capture screenies or not
verry fast <3

feels good man, tho i still think i won't be bothered to do a movie hehe
yo, i'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but ag0n had one of the best moviemaking tools of all time!
doesnt work with other q3 engine games?
wtf u owned butchji??
Is there a method in which you could update the ET engine for higher graphic performance? Ingame, not demo
i guess so, there are lots of bottlenecks in the engine from what i've seen :) i've already patched the engine a _lot_ in this tool.

ps: i forgot, all these features are ingame and many are real time :)
would be an interesting project, though most of the stuff you've done wouldnt fit a competetive play atleast^^
If you could get ET to use the multithreading of an Intel CPU you'd instantly have an in with them to actually promote ET (i.e. $$$) - currently Wolfenstein is the ONLY game on the market to ultise this, hense why they put money behind it for that TGL thingy.

If you can do this and a few other things, you could quite literally, save ET.

no pressure
omg omg, GO GO GO!
You're mad.
Its actually a conversation I had with Intel at Quakecon, if its technically possible then the marketing potential is there - espcially as the game is free.
You're right. Its just marketing trick. But what it would bring to ET? 10000FPS? Who needs that.And I think ( although I might be wrong with this ) it would require complete overhaul of ET's code. Without ET's src code => nightmare + no anticheat.
It is the money, don't you get it?!? Wouldn't you like to see an Intel ET 10k € Online / Lan competition? So would those greedy CS'ers, CoD'ers, SoF'ers etc.. Could only do good for the community which ain't dead, just sleeping.
Unfortunately I do and I don't like it.
Well money brings troubles ye :P
Wow, make it happen please God! ;)
i love you TosspoT
If this kind of programs are possible to do for Enemy Territory, would it be possible to update the actual graphics of the game to look a bit more 2009? Also is it possible to implement new things to game like new weapons, models, ragdolls, bullets through the walls etc? To do an ET 2.0 by starting to patch it from here and there.
i'd say anything is possible, but it's a lot harder without the source code. also, no amount of coding is going to turn current maps into better ones. if you want a graphics overhaul, you'd need dedicated mappers, high textures, high poly models and animations, and only then will the coding become relevant by adding tools that the mappers and artists can use.
sounds like you'd better get to work then :P
Working out a "new" ET with all these aspects mentioned above would take ages. Especially if you just code these things for fun (not a main job).

So he should get to work? Give him a break!
How about using Xreal engine/improvements + your code? would that be possible?

There are others who'd love to be involved in an 'et2' project (including myself :p) just needs to get going.
Just a thought.

As there is tiny possibility that ET:Live is in development at ID software. Maybe you could drop an email to Carmac, and give examples of your work, perhaps that would lead to something.

/brb dreaming
:D would be lush
thank you very much.
what TosspoT asked upload plx!
^why is the trailer so dark ?
hannes is jealous lol
Man, I'm sorry, maybe it's just me not seeing potential from what I have seen in the movie by agon, but I didnt find it supermegaawesome (maybe agon has no idea, how to use it?). I completely understand you did a huge job, solving non-trivial tasks, but I think you should focus less on moviemaking stuff cause imo it's the least demanding subject you could ever find here.
why don't you actually TRY it before coming to a conclusion
who said I MUST try it first before expressing an opinion as I did based on the movie by agon?
this sample clip is only a demo for high aperture depth of field and is in no way representative of all the other features. it's just the tip of the iceberg.
yeah well, but it had really a strange feel. Could this all be implemented for in-game experience?
this is just a random test dude. Ofc for a in eye dof usage, personally i would use less intensity and higher focus speed....
why didnt you do it that way then? cause this clip is a little confusing.
i recorded as mad requested. Its a show clip from his tool... Anyway i haven't tested much to get the best quality settings.. we have been testing to notice the bugs and remove them... benchmarks etc....
This is fucking amazing!
Where is the donate button?
i didn't code this tool for money, rather i consider it a piece of art, only to be understood by few handful of people who can actually read opcodes. the file size should give a clue, every byte was hand coded. :)
great work, if you can do what TosspoT said... that will be more than great! keep it up
Wtf... I don't believe it?! To do that in 3+16KB...
I'm sorry hannes, but I can't see the ugliness you mentioned in the clip supplied by ag0n. It looks much better than the average frag-movie, and if this was just made without applying too many after-effects, I have to say wow!

Keep up the good work!
good tool in general but propably 99% of the users will use the 'fancy features' wrong and just make the movie worse. the dof blur in screenshots posted by Frop looks bad and in ag0n clip horrible.
The same problem occurs with any other tool (for instance plugins like Magic Bullet).

You can't really appreciate the DOF unless you've tried it yourself. I sincerely suggest you load up image-et and try out depth-of-field with some stills (set img_aperture to 4 and bind a key to "toggle img_depthoffield"). I agree it isn't suitable for every situation, but a skilled moviemaker and/or someone with an eye for visual aestethics will be able to make some pretty intense shots.
Did you extract the folder contents to your wolf:et directory?
Looks superb!
when i start a demo it rlly starts lagging already :/ anyone has some settings for me :<
i got same prob :P fixing these img_ cvars would help?
How works this exe?
havent used it yet, but from what i can see its awesome

might convince me to make another et movie someday :)

great job
TWK Unmasked 2 :]
sorry but the test clip is horrible, too blurred
cool, but nothing for me :=)
wow, gj :P
I like the dof although it isn't too hard an effect to apply yourself - if used probably on very long range/small movement (turret stylee) actions, could be nice - the test has too much movement to really show its potential.

would this work with rtcw like the other image versions or is this as the title says ET only?
This one is ET only.
ask madscientist.. but do you think its worthy to waste 500000 hours for few rtcw movies? :<
It's still RtCW.
Ive no idea how much of a task it would be, sure I think it's worth it ;P, but it's not upto me. :)
tell him :) he is a nice guy, maybe he can help there!
Nice one :)
"Multi-threaded writes and gpgpu processing improve capture performance (50x)"

What is this 50x?

btw all the respect to Madscientist

just read it: "Backward and forward demo seeking" is that mean i can go backward in the demo ?:o
50 times as fast
One example would be recording 30 ingame seconds on sw_goldrush_te with the default settings for motion blur (rendering "only" 1000 FPS) at 1920x1080 (8x AF/8x AA).

image captured 749 frames in 125.8 seconds at an average speed of 4.2 seconds/second
another example of how fast motionblur is: 40 blur samples at 25 output fps (1000fps)
image captured 698 frames in 44.9 seconds at an average speed of 1.6 seconds/second.

this took like 10 minutes in the old image :P

and my pc is quite average, 8800gt, e6750, 2gb ddr2pc6400 ram

with an i7 and a nice graphicscard realtime or even faster should be possible? :P
i haven't even tested it.. but i already know you made a marvellous job, mate.
gonna check it out and test it this week.. ;)

#kuraigu . . for some chat n stuff, mate!

Image-et Blog. Check tomorrow for the 1st tutorial (expect some newb stuff, but usefull)
Lovely background! :>
thanks mate <3 its a nice theme
good idea =]
nice one!
seriously cool!

Madscientist >>> Hannes, mostly because he is a nice guy and not a complete bellend.
its not a competition..
just making a personal observation. I don't consider it a competition at all.
Can some get into the cvars and explain them a bit deeper, I think im not the only one that wants to use this piece of art in the right way
img_captureFps // sets capture fps [1~]
img_demoLatency // sets latency for demo synchronization [0~999]
img_demoSeek // seeks to either absolute or relative server time [~]
img_screenShakes // sets intensity of screen shakes [0~]

img_aperture // sets camera f-number [0~]
img_exposure // sets camera shutter angle [0~1]

img_depthOfField // toggles depth of field [!]
img_fisheye // toggles fisheye [!]
img_motionBlur // toggles motion blur [!]

img_blur_samples // sets motion blur samples [1~]
img_fov_samples // sets field of view samples [1~]
img_msaa_samples // sets multisample anti-aliasing samples [1~]

img_focusDepth // sets focus depth [0~]
img_focusSpeed // sets focus speed [0~]
img_focusTarget // sets focus target [-1~]

img_hdr // toggles high dynamic range rendering [!]
Later today. Refresh the blog up.
Currently at uni lesson, don't have much time right now.
check the blog :) there is some cvar stuff already... dunno what i can explain more.....
some example values with screens would be great for img_depthOfField, img_fisheye, img_blur_samples and img_motionBlur - other than that the "using image" is a great help for the start :)
I am a bit busy at next days (uni) ... gonna change pc tomorrow :\ maybe friday i do something better :s
working very slow.. dunno the problem
Show us the settings + pc specs + resolution + fps.
seta r_mode 6
seta r_customheight 1024
seta r_customwidth 1600
com_maxfps 125

i use a ATI RADEON 2900HD and core 2 duo E6750 @ 2,66ghz
2gb RAM

and dunno im_ settings so if you could lend me a nice cfg for settings it would be appreciated
set /img_captureFps 30, /img_blur_samples 90 or 128, then use cl_avidemo 30
LOl :D

cl_avidemo 1 = starts recording
cl_avidemo 0 = stops recording
yes, my bad
90 or 128 for 30 fps? 64 should be the max neccesary most of the time, really
I cant get perfect quality with 64, megui compression fucked up everthing :|
Any guess why?
You suck, that's why:!D
Problem fixed lowbobie ;o
just jokin :(
I'm sad now, seriously :(
me2, lil bit :|
i just f*cked up my et.. wrote img_aperture 30 in consol and et freezed out, had to close manually and now I cant start et with etpro. When I want to start et with image (fsgame etpro) it doesnt load stay at that gray screen and nothing happen... cant explain better, i cant get into the game menu...
delete etpro profiles and start again. Use decent values... aperture 30 is related to depth of field.. 30 is TOOO HIGH for your gfcard.. i used 4 at the clip....
ok works now
How can i backward the demo?
bind j img_demoseek -10

to rewind 10s
ah nice thanks!
-0.1 is not possible right?
You need to try.. personally i don't watch demos at all.. i have all server time of demos, so i use my tool to auto record
img_demoSeek allows both relative (precision of 1 second) and absolute servertimes. I could enable img_demoSeek 0.1 for example, but it didn't really make sense to make it this precise, maybe you can make me change my mind, it's a beta and everything is subject to change :)
very nice job madscientist!
where have you been :<?
i hope you get driven over by a car full of lil clowns
its better than the image before
works faster and better
waiting like jukka for the final version
good job
I'm running it fine on XP Pro x64..
I dont know why but it doesnt work with Etpro but it works with Uv movie mod, but it's slow to capture the tgas
it should be working fine with etpro, if you still have problems with it, pm me @ #image
After many tests, i build my opinion about this. So my opinion is: the old image > better than the new one.
nice arguments u got there
C'est joili
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