Crossfire Announces Allstar Team!

After the successful completion of the of the Crossfire appeal and our mystery sponsor coming up to pay a huge amount of the money, we have set about picking a team. We were under huge time constraints and were unable to run a poll as both we and the sponsor needed the team ready for both practice and payment details.

We at Crossfire have selected the following roster:

Austria Potter
Estonia r3vers
Finland Sanctity
Germany Butchji
Austria Darky

The team has a mixture of Newschool and Oldschool, With 4 different Eurocup winners and proven talent!

Potter had this to say:

QuoteWe are really confident of success at Quakecon this year, I know Toss and the admin team have been searching for the best players and I honestly believe we have them here, Crossfire and its sponsor have made a dream come true.
The team will do the community proud, there were players like ferus, jauhis, mystic etc that the community mentioned but they werent available, people might be surprised by the inclusion of Darky, but he offers us an ingame leader and both Sanc and I have played with him and we know he will be perfect!

Insert 1000+ whine comments here. :p
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