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With the end of the group stage it is time to set the course for the EMS Playoffs. But before the final stage of the EMS V is ready to start, we will see the last teams fighting in the Relegation for the last slots in the Playoffs.

The ESL Major Series Relegation starts today and all matches have to be finished next Sunday. Default date is Sunday, 21 CET. All teams which have added 0 / 1 player, are now allowed to add 2 / 1 new players. To add a player to your team send in a support ticket to EU EMS ET section stating your wish.

Prior to the actual relegation matches we have to announce that United Kingdom Team YoYoTech FiF decided to drop from the competition in order to prepare for the Crossfire Intel Challenge in early march. Due to this one 4th placed team gets the chance to win a relegation match!
Relegation matches
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Spain extasix Gaming vs Europe Rise & Shine
Estonia Bossid vs Estonia nOu way!
Germany reVeal vs Europe european elite
United Kingdom Sublime vs Europe Taggers
image: spacerimage: spacerimage: spacerimage: spacerQualified teams
Croatia Guarana
Europe ESL Winners
Finland Dickheads

On a side note, the admin staff is currently looking into the plan to change the game format to 5on5 for the playoff stage. As there currently is an alike movement in the competetive Enemy Territory scene. We will publish more details on it after the relegation matches!

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gl reveal!
need filter for ESL
because he lost a match on esl
Guarana qualified lol
5on5 or gtfo!
heh ? :S
bossid gonna roll
how are we still in it
2nd + 3rd -> relegation. winners go to playoffs along with the 4 group winners.
some dropouts -> a few 4th placers get the chance too since we prefer matches to be played than to give out defwins
still in crumbs :P
i thought that bossid and sublime are kinda dead...
bossid is alive..
they arent if it comes to EMS
i hope that 5on5 thing is some kind of joke :) i love good comedy!

im sure you are wise enough to realize you cant change game format midseason without every team supporting it :)
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