proZaC: "There can only be one true p1mp"

Community favorite Sweden Cyrus "proZaC" Malekani, also known as "the p1mp", celebrates his return to the Quake scene. As one of Sweden´s former TDM stars he will go to enter the IEM Asian Championship in Taiwan and will fight for one of the two slots to qualify for the Global Finals in March. fragster invited proZaC to an interview to speak about the upcoming event, his shape and why god is on his side. Here's a snippet:
QuoteIt's been a while since you have been part of a Quake event. What happened during the last years?

proZaC: Woah, so many things ... I studied game development and got hired by Avalanche Studios to work on Just Cause 2. Then the financial crisis happened and that put a serious monkey wrench in the wheels of the game development industry (in Sweden anyway) and I became a kindergarten teacher instead, which was the best job I've ever had. After this the timing and opportunity was perfect to go to study in Japan. So here I am!

What are your plans then? A comeback in the eSport/Quake scene maybe?

proZaC: I don't know for sure yet, but I have a lot of fun playing quake again and watching all the good matches in the recent tournaments just makes me pumped - so maybe yes?

Read the full Interview in United Kingdom English and Germany German.
From game designer - Kindergarten teacher? =D
From game designer - Kindergarten teacher? =D
pistol on my neck you don't want to hear that thing talk!
what a nice career in rl :D
mainnews worthy, obviously.
this "news" amazingly generated 10 comments in only 1 day!

definitely mainnwes worthy!
didnt know that the amount of comments is deciding if a news should be on the main site or not.
me neither, is that so?

if yes, this news item shouldn't be main news i guess.
Isn't he like 35 soon? Cool guy though, and one hell of a player.
he's 24 :)
Lekkere puni
He's going against Nitron - our malaysian player :D
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