SA Gaming is back in business

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After a long time of inactivity, a few good talks and a renewed hunger for success i can bring you the happy news that SA Gaming is back together again.

The new Line-up of SA Gaming :

United KingdomDarK

The team consisting of players that have played together for a long time will sadly enough not participate at CC7 since we were simply to late, but we hope to stay together till CC8 if there will be one. However we will play the Clanbase Wintercup, play actively at the ladders again and try to participate in as many cups as possible.


Quote by 1psonI am very pleased that the old sA team had a good talk together, and have finally decided to start playing together under the Sa-gaming tag. With this team consisting out of 5 players which have played for a long time together and on cc6 aswell with a stunning 11th place, I think with some practice we will do fine and i hope to see you all on the battlefield soon again.

Quote by Sa7zIm very happy we have been able to bring the old team back together and SA Gaming was so nice to take us back in again. I hope we can perform nicely again as we did before we went inactive, but i have alot of trust in our team and our performances lately have been pretty good considering we just started playing agian. I hope we can suprise everybody with our performances!

Quote by DarKDarK :. says (00:26):
i dont think we should do one
thats my statement

You can find us in #sa-gaming or #el-pistoleros on IRC.
Visit our website at :
Loekino Netherlands traitor
gl guys x
stop being a fag its not you !
someone's stole R0SS's account! impostor
CIC7 winnarz for sure! You should replace BLAIJT tbh.

it was a long and dark december, from the rooftops I remember, there was snowwww, white snowww
gl kale henny's
Goodluck, need Loekino quote...
he didnt even ask for my statement :(
gl ipson!
gl Dark!
gl Sa7z!
gl Dark
gl lolkino!
gl hawtboy en loeloe
I wish you a big good luck.
One of the teams I enjoyed the most :)
gl bongmasters
gl dudes! 1pson<3 :)))
gl banaan
gl lolkino
GL 1pson!! <3
gl pwners :))
gl mannen
gl guys =)
I'd like to take my spot as honorary shoutcaster/benchwarmer/ american gangster back! :D

GL Guys... Loekino I still have that song :D
i bet you listen to it everyday :$
no, but I played it during the spain match I shoutcasted last week lol :D
haha wtf mistaken :D
who said that 5on5 will stay ?

gl tho
gl banaan
gl 1pson :*
lol noobs
gl :>
en wanneer ben jij van plan een come-back te maken edwin?
Hahah ik zat er op te wachten! Maar weet het niet, ben erg druk met andere zaakjes die me een stuk beter bevallen dan ET :D Maar ben wel aanwezig op CIC7.
agree with dark!

eventho they dont even mention it was my idea:(
deleted it, much love and gl :)
was jokin, who cares about those screenies!

thanks anw
np was smoked somethink, u know 8)
replace Sa7z :D
voor jou zeker ;DDDDDDD
scherpe mes hier
cu @ cc8 :)
:D we held em for like 10 mins and did it ourselves in like 5 xD also set 9:31 on supply and they won by like 2 seconds cus they got well lucky jumping on the truck at the end.. then they left so we couldnt play a 3rd :<<
Implux lowest exp always, low skiller!
Would have been happy to play a 3rd but our merc had to leave.

Don't understand why you posted the screenshot though, might have made sense if we were announcing a team claiming to win the next eurocup or something but taking a map against isn't much to shout about.
almost took 2 maps :< and wouldnt of posted if we wernt surprised to of beat u, expected to get rolled hard but didnt cus i guess u guys were just pissin about :p

gl @ lan :)
We still have a long way to go
we played with merc! we missed our rifle, and a rifle on delivery is pretty usefull :P
we played with a merc also and we only formed that team the day we played vs u :D
still tell me how u want to play delivery without a decent rifler :D its epic fail and we were fooling around rly :D afaik i was even rifle and i suck hard as it haha xD
:D tbh imPluX was our rifle and he kinda sux at it but tbh i did wonder why we found it kinda easy to beat u :D At one stage i thought we were playin vs fakers XD

Gl at cic7 btw :)))
play us again sometime soon when we are serious business ;)
ye sure thing :) I kinda like to play vs higher oppo so i can get an idea of how i should be playing so i can raise my game, instead of mercing for low wars and getting 10k dmg with no fun :|
dude stop overstating yourself. you got rolled by us yesterday on supply within 6 minutes so stfu and get rolled by SA-Gaming next time ;)
how am i overstating myself? Yes we got rolled by u because the team had been formed like 2 hours before that game, and how long has devo been together for... alot longer. I am not denying that you easily but us i am just saying that it was kinda unexpected that we beat SA considering we had only been together a couple of hours.

Dont see why you had to flame me cus there isnt rly anything to flame.

P.S dont care if we get rolled by em next time... I dont see it as a bad thing, every game is a chance to improve yourself and even if you do get rolled its time to check your demos to see where you went wrong.
and how long has devo been together for... alot longer

mhh, 2 weeks before and first war with elvz so dont know if this was the reason ;)
2 weeks > 2hours imo and ye ur playing with 1 diff player we are playing with 5 new players..

Also cant understand why elvz and gnome didnt get banned for being on that bot list then admitting they bought etBot etc...
lost by 2 seconds on supply :<

deserved win..
all i need to say is no ipson no win !
every team needs a sexy player! they lacked it in that war :(
you're damn right :D!
:D still.. the teams needs a bit o` potty imo <3
May the luck be with you.
GL Loekino/Dark/Sa7z
:( nice stabbing me
sry but stop advertise for this low budget shit page. good luck
Thanks for the good lucks everyone, shows how much the community has matured over the years.
Thats more like it :)
wanna drink with me brodda?
Ik praat liever niet tegen mensen die nog lelijker zijn dan Herman.

image: Herman_186x234
het is normaal om met jezelf te praten hoor :(
Dit zegt ook al wel iets over jouw IQ, want als ik zeg dat ik dat liever niet doe en dat tegen jezelf praten normaal is, dan is het duidelijk dat ik niet lelijk ben.
je bent kankerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lelijk! wakeup!
Lijkt me ook zwaar, ben je al zo vreselijk lelijk, en dan heb je ook nog een verkeerd beeld van de samenleving.
En nu ben je zeker trots op jezelf?
hihi faal maar lekker door
hey, its our favorite alcoholic!
stop making us look bad !!!
gl negers!
Jouw leven is al compleet gefaalt.
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