Why Quake Live wasn't Jibos game

During the IEM Asian Championship, where China Zhibo "Jibo" Fan managed to come out on top at the Quake Live tournament, fragster had the chance to talk with the Asian superstar. So he explained why QL wasn't his game at the beginning, what motivated him again to play the game and why he is spending most of his time to watch demos.
QuoteI heard you've spent a lot of time watching demos from other IEM Finals participants before your semifinal match. Did you find out anything special?

China Jibo: I started watching demos since my first practice day. I didn't know anything about 1on1 in QL, so I needed to learn up from the lowest level. I even watched some demos two or three times, from both POV. After this, I started to collect puzzles for my tactic in this game.
The special is: Demos are like a book, aim is like a labs – combine them and you will own.

Read the full Interview in United Kingdom English and Germany German.
Interesting :)

Looking forward to the World finals already ^^

I think he is a fanboy!
zenix, youre alive!
Jibo pwner
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playing ql is allowed in china?
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