TWL Announces RTCW OSP 6v6 Ladder

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Gromit, of Teamwafare League (TWL) fame, has announced a new RTCW OSP 6v6 ladder being hosted by the league. Signups are open (link), and the ladder is now active. In the first twenty-hours, with no promotion, there are already six teams signed up, and more are expected join as the news filters out.

Name: RTCW OSP 2010 Ladder
Status: Open for challenges
Minimum Roster: 5 players
Roster Limit: None
Challenge Rungs: 10 rungs or 50% of your current rank, whichever is greater
Maps Per Match: 2 maps
Map Selection:
Map #1 - Attacker Choice - at time of challenge
Map #2 - Defender Choice

Matches can be played on any day
Matches can be played at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, or 11:00 - EST (as TWL is an American league)

Ladder Map Pool:
Assault, Base, Beach, Chateau, Frostbite, Ice, Keep, Rocket, Sub, UFO, Village, TE_Tundra.
6 teams, great.
They didn't exactly announce it. It just kind of appeared. :P

But yes, RTCW is NA is sadly not at its most popular. The ladder is more for people who love the game and want to play it, not part of a larger-scale serious competition.
go rockit
with those game times I don't think so :O)
gl with that :)
:D Yay RTCW. LOL. What Brink said is basically true. NA RTCW is def not popular like it once was but there are enough players and enough old school teams floating around who wanna play one of the best games ever created for competition in some fashion, even if its just a ladder with a few teams. Its worth the long wait and will be loads of fun. :)
"What Brink said is basically true."

Who's this Brink fella? Sounds like an upstanding chap! :P
You can imagine what I have on the mind Brisk. My bad man. LOL.
omg leave free times to play, that ghey times are bad for all euros. dead ladder tbh
why would euros be interested to play it?
just because it is a league doesnt mean it is superimportant to compete and euros will be disapointed..

fine with the times, wouldnt work out anyway with euro vs american teams.
then dont post on cfire non euro news :s
nice nice
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