Quake Live at Benelux EPS?

A few days ago the ESL just announced the fourth version of the Benelux Pro Series. It will support four different computer games, where two of them has been announced already. Due the activities in the different Amateur Series it will support Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike 1.6 for the moment.
So there are two more slots, where one of them could go to Quake Live. At the moment the Quake Live EAS has over 35 active players, but a few more wouldn't hurt at all.

QuoteAs most of you already noticed. Each week there is one auto generated match which has to be played. Currently this is set to Wednesday 21:00CET, but this will change in the near future. Each player will have the opportunity to reschedule his match within a time horizon of one week. These matches are mandatory to play and no exceptions will be made! In case of a forced match, and your opponent doesn't show up, you have to make a protest within the match and a default win will be handed out! This does not apply to regular matches.

In case Quake Live reaches EPS. Your results in our Weekly Ladder (EAS Ladder) will be the most important to qualify. There is no limit on the amount of matches which can be played by one player. However, to qualify for EPS you need to play at least 10 matches, no default wins taken into account.

Quake Live Amateur Series
Quake Live EAS-Announcement
Official EPS-Announcement
sticky would be great! =)
you are great =)
Quake Live at Benelux EPS? (65 views, 3 comments) , lol

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i know =)
gogo #esl.blx.quakelive
Don't look at the last player on the ranking please :)
Time for ET :D

im playing it, but im not that good :( tho i have no clue about skillevels in ql, so i cant saw what i am ;D
skill doesn't matter if every Benelux QL player joins that ladder :)
Just signed up for the benelux ladder :)
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