Shidima #sGp 3on3 v1

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TODAY - 26-03-2010

Cup Rules

Games times are down at the table
1. 16 Teams (Might be 8, based on admin's decison or if there're not enough teams)
Clanbase 3v3 Rules.
2. No new guids users. new guid will cause a forfeit
3. Players with a red yawn, which is younger than 12 months arent allowed.
4. ALL the players MUST record demos.
5. One of the team's players must idle at #nubsWithin to make contact with admins & oppoments.
6. Your team will have to check in 15 minutes before brackets will be online
7. Brackets will be online few minutes before your match's starting time. If it's not, patience, It will be as soon as possible.
8. Results will be updated by leaving a message to cup admin in private (admin list is down). Enough to say it one time without highlighting or waiting for comment. the resulets will be updated as soon as we can.
9. I keep the right not to allow specific teams to play, based on my own judgement and reasons.

If you cannot follow ours rules, do NOT sign in!


- Supply
- Braundorf_b4
- sp_delivery_te
- sw_goldrush_te
- Reactor
- Adlernest
- Frostbite

Time Table

21:30 CET - Checkins
22:00 CET - supply
22:30 CET - adlernest
23:00 CET - sw_goldrush_te
23:30 (+\-) CET - Final (Two maps, chosen by the teams)

Irc: #shidima
Admins: pSiquh,Playmate<3,FaKy, Mott4
shidima esports
Quote by Francis French nerd captain's statement:

That's going to be an awesome cup
is this today?
Ich drück dir die Daumen FaKy. Vielleicht ist das endlich der Durchbruch, wenn du hier eine gute Performance ablegst. Best of luck!
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Awesome cup is awesome
Awesome cup is awesome

ur mates were low :<

But this cup was fucking crap ...
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