Fear Factory - Objective Secured

image: 1037_thumbObjective Secured - that's the name of new fragmovie performed by well known RtCW and later ET clan Poland Fear Factory (#ff.org) and produced by polish moviemaker - Poland Thoro which currently works for his own company, #thoro-pictures.

It took few months to create this video and after really hard work and many remakes we are finally ready and of course proud to publish full release.

Fragmovie itself contains many frags of all kinds (smg, artys, nades, rifles, mortars - everything, but smg still dominates) performed by old players of Poland Fear Factory ET:

- Poland Frag'Stealer (currently backup of Poland Logitech UVM)
- Poland Mario (inactive)
- Poland Mrozu (player of Poland Logitech UVM)
- Poland Zaskroni3tz (currently backup of Poland Logitech UVM)

You can download the movie on:
SweRTCW - here
ET-Scene.de - here

Length: 15:32min
Size: 448Mb
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: Mp3 Layer
Resolution: 800x600
Framerate: 30 FPS

Enemy Territory 2.60
ETPro 3.2
Adobe premiere pro 1.5
Sound Forge 6.0
Sony Vegas studio
Lightwave 8.2

Papa Roach - Blood Brothers
Disturbed - Awake
Guano Apes - Break the Line
In Flames - The Quiet Place
Queens of the stone age - The lost art of keeping a secret

#Thoro-pictures - www.thoro-pictures.ovh.org
#ff.org - www.fear-factory.pl
#uvm - www.uvm.pl
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