ESL Pentathlon - Boinc Race Time

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Support the ESL Boinc Team and gain a special ESL award!

It's race time! After more than one year, we have a new BOINC race - the Pentathlon. This race starts 5th May, 0am UTC and runs till 19th May, 12pm UTC . Till now, 31 teams have signed up for this race. A big challenge for us, so we need your computing power for a good position in the ranking. Become one of the best and gain an award!

More Details on the Pentathlon:
5 different projects for about 5 days each
Switches will be announced 7 days in advance
Guides for participants: English & German
Stay up to date with @ESL_Boinc on Twitter

Have fun with the race
Yours BOINc Admin Team
you probably need a fucking prem account for this shit award. no thanks
what? I don't understand if this is an internet game. Not going to install random program, needs screenshot of this "run".
QuoteBOINC lets you contribute computing power on your home PC to projects doing research in many scientific areas. You can contribute to a single project, or to any combination of them. To get started:

(afaik) you can join "groups" or "teams", whos contributed power is added and then listed in some ranking system. ESL gives away awards corresponding to the amount of power contributed in order to support it (afaik)
I still don't understand :$
they use ur computers capacity to count if there is UFOs
your computer is not at all times used to 100%. Thus theres this software that uses the not needed capacity and combines it with the ones of thousands/millions of other computers. By this the "science" can use the whole power to make complicated calculations, renders or whatsoever (dont ask me :>)
but in idle mode u have 100% :)
yes and bills will be higher nice one :-S
You can for example help to find extraterrestrial lifeforms.
suck it esl. big time. srsly.
why is this a race??
err... wat??????
ESL Athlon3hs?
Read the same ^^
150 wu's :> np ^^ awards incoming *_*
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