Grand Final - Finland vs Estonia

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That's right, the ClanBase NationsCup XIII Grand Final has arrived. After months of drama and controversy, the best teams have pulled through once again for the Grand Final. ET's legendary shoutcaster United Kingdom TosspoT will also be making a return for Monday's match - undoubtedly to stir the drama for one last time!
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Finland Finland
It shouldn't come as a shock to the Crossfire community that Team Finland have reached this season's NC Grand Final. They are more than a mix team - The Finnish players have been practicing together for several years and have achieved the best possible results online. Finland MASCULINE MANS have been crowned champions of the ClanBase EuroCup twice in a row. This Monday, Finland will unleash their most deadly players upon the Estonian lineup. The team have an impressive winning percentage of 100 this season, slaughtering every single opponent they have faced. However, that doesn't mean Estonia can be underestimated by the Finns. Can the all star Finnish lineup dominate, once again?

Statistics this Season
image: 298_width_spacer
image: flag_win 4-2 win against Spain - 7th Febuary 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Hungary - 11th Febuary 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Italy - 14th Febuary 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Sweden - 14th March 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Belgium - 24th March 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Germany - 1st April 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against United Kingdom - 7th April 2010image: 298_width_spacer
Games Played: 7
Games Won: 7
Games Lost: 0
Winning Percentage: 100%
Statement from Finland's Captain Finland Ensam

QuoteEstonia is a very difficult team to play against with players like Night and Reload on their side. However I still believe we got the upperhand here and I predict 4-2 victory for us.

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Estonia Estonia
The Estonians will be absolutely thrilled to reach the NC final, yet again. However, the Canadians will be absolutely disgusted. Arguably, the Estonians should have been kicked out of the NationCups weeks ago, but that's another story. This Monday, Estonia will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to keep their crown as the NationCup champions. The United Kingdom Team Dignitas' champions Night and reload will be making a return for their nation, to Finland's disappointment. With an impressive 6 wins out of 7, the Estonians will hope to dominate the NationsCup once again. However, since Estonia have come from the Loser Bracket Final, they need to beat Finland twice in order to be crowned champions of this season's ClanBase NationsCup XIII. It may be a long night, so clear you schedule and look forward to a close and intense match with commentary from United Kingdom TosspoT's soothing voice.

Statistics this Season
image: 298_width_spacer
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Austria - 31st January 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Croatia - 15th Febuary 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against Czech Republic - 15th March 2010
image: flag_loss 4-0 loss against United Kingdom - 30th March 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against France - 15th April 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against Poland - 26th April 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against United Kingdom - 4th May 2010image: 298_width_spacer
Games Played: 7
Games Won: 6
Games Lost: 1
Winning Percentage: 86%
Statement from Estonia's Captain Estonia al

QuoteThis will hopefully be very exciting final for both sides. For Estonia I expect this game to be very tough because we have to beat Finland twice. I don't think Estonia will practice before the offical so it will be mix vs a clan(basically). I don't really wanna say the score because I think our chances are rather small :D
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Finland Finland

Finland ENSAM
Finland Sample
Finland Matias
Finland olBaa
Finland sQUALL
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Estonia Estonia

Estonia Night
Estonia anderson
Estonia rAUL
Estonia frEeze
Estonia bff
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Date: 10th May 2010 - Monday
Time: 20:00 WEST
Maps: TBA
League: image: etCB ET SW NationsCup XIII
image: game18705
Estonia Estonia need to win twice since they are coming from the Loser Bracket Final
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image: quadv_tosspot_tunein

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Be sure to check out Crossfire over the next week for coverage on the NationsCup XIII ET league, the ClanBase EuroCup XXI league and the ESL Major Series VI Qualifiers league.
Why did you call the news: ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ?
Everyone has permission to copy this post for their site.
Facebook status!
hahahahahha :D
will post it on facebook thanks
Quote by Matias
Easy bash.
easy for sample

We have pracced a lot and we will definitely take this NC home
As much as I'd like to see Estonia win, Finland will take it.
No Nordan no win
gl fin!

fu night!
Rauta! Syö paskaa :D
no, u!

ps. bring meh jäger.
mm might come to play some donkaments with some friends of mine @ tallinn next weekend, cu.
well, let me know and I'll join you! :D
hey ill come with u both, I need to buy some booze
GL Est
easy win for finland
gl finish noobs olba matias and sample
estownia made it to the final without cb removals this year hehe , suck on that polak pessimists :D
I believe team-ee has pracced far more than the Finns who only prac once or max twice a week =)

wont help them tho xD
Finland has a praccing lineup.
ff5 praccs for EC, just going to switch out squall for lepari I guess.
Prac for EC? Are you kidding me? We only play HoN.
mhm, then I guess ensam is trolling at irc :)
Could be. Haven't seen Lepari in a month, hopefully he will be here today.
I think nulli pracced against you like 2 weeks ago or sth, and it definitely was Lepari who was playing :D
How can you say it's lepari?
No1 else says o/ to me from their team :(
gl vs fin! :)
f5 still pracs only once or twice a week, can you honestly say you havent played any games during latest weeks?
yes, only offis, no pracs before them.
They had a random lineup for every game in NC, how you think they've pracced?
pissed on stoneless people who keep on giving statements where they keep on explaining how they have not pracced and blablabla and will lose because of that. Like they'd have any chance with praccing -,-

tho I remember playing a nightmix vs 4 of those some 3 weeks ago
Yeah, they obviously were praccing against your night mix xD
playing with the same line-up equals praccing to me

still my 1st point still remains correct.
It obviously doesnt, but who cares, think what u want :)
worse team will lose anyway so no need for explanations. this comment is not offensive, its realistic. please dont now tell how ffive have wasted their life playing ET 24/7 for 7 years.
why it would be offensive? worse team usually loses.. you're on right track there =)
Actually blindi is correct, we pracc once a week maybe twice if we can, im sure you've pracced more than we have... and we've also had a different lineup for every nc game also.
We have played once with our correct lineup (the one that stands at gamestv), which was offi against UK.

edit. and we dont pracc with a different lineup anyway.
same with us? and it was also against UK.

ah lol, we've played twice with correct lineup :PP

e: but well always the same excuses about not praccing etc, i dont give a flying fuck about it tbh..
Then you wouldn't reply here :P
ofc i would?
It is a known fact that Finland has a more skilled lineup.
gl for both. :)
omg est should be kicked out and a uk fintard final!
go EE : ) !
gl nordaN
Copy paste from earlier topic:

Ok first of all it aint the fault of the whole Clanbase community if theres an mistake done by an Cup-Supervisor, most of the people doesnt know that theres such things as "Chief of Cups and CO-Chief of Cups" one of those is "Chainzz".

If u really feel like theres an wrong decision made by an Supervisor then ull need to contact the Chiefs by e-mail, or at IRC. I personally had to do this last year one time with OC when there were this fricking moron Goldorak as an OC Cup-supervisor giving an permission to our opponent to play with mercs after I did check those quids from players and did notice there is 2 mercs and 1 player aint even at the allowed player's list.

Anyways Goldorak did ask from Killerboy about my whine about those players and the answer copy pasted by Goldorak is kinda word to word: "Ignore the abuse and force them to play!"<---- Seriously what the fuck is that!

I thought that Killerboy has learnt about his mistakes and makes his job better but doing such decision like this last one here with team.EE and nordaN is *******.

I really know how much work it is to be an Supervisor at the CB, trust me I know, I'm former CB CS:S OC/EC head Cup-supervisor and yes its a' lot of work to do.

As far as I know and things were when I were an Supervisor almost every other game was going with the correct schedule times and correct decision by Supervisors because other ones ASK'S from their fricking Chief if they dont know what to do.

Im having an feeling that if for exam. Chainzz thinks about these decisions made by Killerboy earlier he would replace the team.EE with team.UK at Final against my loved homeland Finland.
wat was point again
thats an thing u need to think about urself with an nice cup of coffee.
the point is, that U sir are RETARD! :P
well thats your oppinion
esso > cb
Easy for Sweden Nordan
Easy for Nordan
Easybash for Finland Sample & Finland olBaa
izi bash for VIRO
estonia for the win
Estonia merc avi
Nordan will deliver
ensample will win :>
Poland will take it! Oh wait...
awesome english skills
yes, thats the point of polandball-comics idiot
and wheres holland? ow wait they got eliminated earlier -_-
Don't be sour because of some comic.
im sour in everyday life
go finland
sick estonian lineup too, but fin will be simply too strong
Estonia nordaN will carry the Estonians far, but Finland Finland should take it.
night will deliver, ensam will fuck up
gl finskis!
gl fins:) i never expected i would say it but kick that esti asses:)
hf reload
gl Night, nice guy :)
list all casters or gtfo
use Match Information box, oh wait :D
GL est!
Finland will win
Quote by TosspotThis has been slaughter! This has been rape! This has been genocide!
ah, was NC going on? :O
gj Matias
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