Tuesday: OVERLOAd vs rockit.ET

image: CB_EC_XXI

Tonight, the returning champions Belgium OVERLOAd hope to prove themselves once again by taking on the newly formed European mix team Europe rockit.ET in the ClanBase EuroCup XXI. Both teams have produced excellent results this season and are two of the few remaining teams with an active and stable lineup. On paper, tonight's game should be a rather close and exciting match, unlike the disappointing, one sided slaughtering in yesterday's CB NC Final. The match will be shoutcasted by no other than Mr United Kingdom TosspoT himself.
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Belgium OVERLOAd

Belgium vila
Belgium zeto
Belgium mAus
Belgium lio
Belgium chry
image: s_news

Europe rockit.ET

Latvia Clown
Netherlands joop
Netherlands ZaK
Netherlands hayaa
Slovakia FiluS
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 20:00 WEST
Maps: Bremen and Goldrush
League: image: etClanBase EuroCup XXI
image: game18703
image: s_foot
image: quadv_tosspot_tunein

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[*]GamesTV.org ClanBase EuroCup XXI ET[/list]

Be sure to check out Crossfire over the next week for coverage on the ClanBase EuroCup XXI league and the ESL Major Series VI Qualifiers league.
No detailed writeup today, need sleep. Permission to copy etc etc.
no need boring game
Gief moar entertainment than est vs fin please :{
gl hayaaaaa
should be a gg but rockit will take it
rockit better prepare for some serious whine, vila & zeto mad :{
good game

hayaa will own :p
gl hayaa :D
joopie en hayaa, pown!
hf joop zak hayaa
zeto, it´s a trap!
do not listen to vila!
Joopie and hayaaie wil deliver!
nice :)

gj beggin
ez for ovr
esp. lio
gl filusi poniz ty beltardy :)
ez for hayaa
GL both
you bet $58 on rockit
possible win $250
ovr ftw
ovr gotta be favourites
everyone shit at us after the first week & with the group stage announcements , don't get why we would be favorites now..
really looking forward to the rest of EC.
Ive only seen a couple matches of NC at it was pretty dull, guess there is no real Patriotism anymore.
It's just because the players don't really care , why should we care?
because its your nation?
You should spam your fellow countryman to victory :-)

Well, hopefully next season will be better huh
gl tettekop!
ovr got vila, rockit doesnt stand a chance
maus vs hayaa, maus will take it
OmGoMgOmG "mAus" OmGoMgOmG
Gl clown, hayaa.
gl hayaa & chry
Returning champions?
oh bremen that brings memories, don´t let them reconnect
will be a nice game
We might take wildcard.
joop might not be available, not sure yet.
gl Chry :) finally you made it into a nice team
ez bash for clown !!!
"...by taking on the newly formed European mix team rockit.ET in the ClanBase EuroCup XXI. Both teams have produced excellent results this season and are two of the few remaining teams with an active and stable lineup..."

image: phoenix-wright-objection
lol chry.. you're an overload faggot should of known.
people don't 'lol' when they are mad kev!
I do all the time :(

Should ask Eddo how I reacted when my traders in Fable kept dying, I was laughing out of pure hatred
Is fable like diablo?
euhm, on some points yes

you also have the level-system, weaponsystem, and so on, but the camera is always in third-person ( not from on top like in DII ),

but give it a try, it's an awesome rpg
I can never play evil in such games =(

Started out as evil in Fable, but I just couldn't do it, so I turned good =(
same, for some reason I just cant act evil :(

although once during a fight ( you have played fable i see) my targetmode was locked and after the enemy died my spell just kept on firing and killed the 3 traders i was supposed to rescue -_________-

ps : eddo was evil, he killed his sister just to get his hands on a slightly better sword :<<

I don't like those kinds of people =(
i bet some aren't clean ..
i bet mAus...
nah not mAus .. others
enlighten me please :)
nah .. i won't say any names .. figure out yourself .. ain't that hard if you know how tools work ;)
oh lord , that shit again
what shit again .. who allowed you to reply?? ........
I reply to idiotic comments Q
I auto-reply to idiotic comments K
Tosspot also has an automatic button-thingy for idiotic comments :<
Luckely not used vs me

off to bed, night night oh powerful et-pwnr
it wasn't idiotic .. PROOF THE IDIOSITY IN THARE!
i took shower before game, i was completely clean :)
Agent Orange.
Goldrush - Lio > Rockit
you missed my part :<<<<<<<<
you got a gold star...
let's hope so ! xD
Belgium, FUck Yeah !
well played hayaa :D
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