The 2on2 OpenCup Spring 2010 ends

image: 4ig9z9

And it is done! The Spring Season of the CB ET SW 2on2 OpenCup 2010 has been finished. Upon having completed the awesome Finals, these matches offered this Season's vanquishers. Within suprises and prospects became true, this Season was a good one, even there had been many of drop outs as well. In the end Germany mUnduS and Belgium GoldoraK would like to thanks a lot all participants and congratulate the winners.

And here they are ... the winners:

Premier League

Finland re-play
Czech Republic ULTIMATORS
Belgium Nothing is Impossible
4. Lithuania Blood-Signed

Second League

image: cup2 France heroesFOREVER r@g
2. United Kingdom iN dA MIX v2
3. Spain Delinqüentes
4. Finland thefinest

Third League

image: cup3 Europe SONA
2. Europe Vital-Gaming
3. Benelux ANTICLIMAX sponsored by r@g
4. Europe dESIRE

Fourth League

image: cup4 Germany Die 5 Lustigen 4
2. Finland mitiih
3. ---
4. ---

Fifth League

1. United States of America Two.and.a.half.Men - ALOHA
2. Ireland Emigré
3. Benelux 6th Sense
4. ---

Sixth League

1. Finland Digimon
2. Finland Kovat Pojat Kovilla Pyssyillä
3. Portugal vixit sponsored by r@g
4. Russia niggers behind triggers by r@g

Congratulations to all teams and see you in the next season.
4th league - just 2 participants?
rest dropped in playoffs :/
too bad, 2v2 is rly cool format
r@g r@g r@g r@g r@g ..
better to be premier 4th than second league 1st
like u would have won 2nd lol :D
no, but we lost in premier
so how is losing in premier better than winning 2nd?
Is there gonna be a summercup this year?
ill try to organize
remember my offer still stands :)
ok, you should also organise a 3v3 tbh! gl ;)
5on5 play-offs?!
in da mix tearing shit up
a pity the amount of noshows,but still good tourney.thx for job mundus
+1, but thx mUnduS and GoldoraK
thx :) Guess the amount of teams will be smaller next season

EDIT for kb: RtCW was a horror 2k9 :X
2ezy 4 hFE
3. ---
4. ---

they only played 1 match to get to finals :) And now they have silver pocal + Ranked last in 2on2 ladder, 750points, like ~20losses 1 win :)
joops, läppä. Noi oli iha paskojaki viel :D
cry me a river
requested demos from a guy we played against
never saw them , didnt even get an answer from admins
great cup !
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