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The movie is about a legendary Enemy Territory player, it will be secret who is this guy. Solve the puzzle!
He fragged big names from oldschool teams such us u96d, KiH, parodia.
You won't see multifrags here, maybe it sounds weird first time but I hope you will enjoy the movie anyway.
Took 2 years this project to finish, first I gave up because of a harddrive crash but I came back and told myself:
"I have to finish it".

The quality and sync are perfect as always, many awesome knife kills by the legendary oldschool player, so what should i say: Its a decent movie from a decent moviemaker, nearly as great as my movie :-)

It's a enjoyable movie, cool intro (loved somehow the transition from gr -> radar), although the 3D letters make me remember "She was 16, cod4 movie", but who cares right?

Good job! Firstly, the sync is really great, although I've been getting a bit weary of this editing style lately. This movie does do it justice I think. There's also a few good ideas in the movie as well as some that reminded me of other movies from years ago like Dignitas eXposed.

A very different movie. The editing is pretty nice and the frags are funny but kinda kool.

Nice done !!!! expected a shoot fragmovie... :D

stream pls :)
Now I have to go party have fun guys :)
e: only knife frags :|
e2: is it phobeus ?
dling woooo
Yet again, was a pleasure to be a "beta viewer" from one of your movies. Didn't expect this one to come so fast tho!

Full "review":

QuoteAlright i am gonna write a review as if it was for the final movie (as if u would release it right now the way it is):

It's a enjoyable movie, cool intro (loved somehow the transition from GR -> RADAR), although the 3D letters make me remember "She was 16, cod4 movie", but who cares right?
Cool frags, i have to admit i am a knife fan specially if the frags are frontstab (which happened most of the time in your movie!). Didn't expect to be a "knife movie only", you seem to have 5000000 frags xD
The movie starts getting _a bit_ boring after so much knife frags, would be really cool if you could add somehow a shoutcast in the middle of movie!

As a moviemaker myself (lol!):
+ You improved your quality. It's not perfect yet or eye candy but it's watchable now.
+ Some dof usage (although the settings were not the best... you need more samples!!!)
+ Some edit/sync
+ Blood splash. Nice settings, it annoys me most of the times at other movies, but somehow it felt good in yours
+ Original. First knife movie ever xD
- Feel like it needs more edit/sync in my opinion
- Motion blur, even for a 50fps clip it looks kinda bad / unsmooth :\ , but don't take me wrong it is watchable! (try to pause from time to time, you will understand)
- Colors (kinda normal ones, u could have done something different/special)
- Encoding (it's +/- well encoded, BUT the settings could have been better. 84.2mb/sec is kinda too much for a 50 fps with such normal colors. I can see some weird pixels around xhair most of the time!)

Yet again, don't take me wrong. It's a good movie, most of people will love it, but as a moviemaker i can check some mistakes which decreases the ratio!

8/10, keep em coming!


edit: oh and about the encoding, i didn't realize back then it was a XVID movie. My apologies! mb/sec is kinda "ok" for a xvid one!
Could have been really strange to have a shoutcaster's voice popping in the middle of the movie :D
put it on own3d.tv 2bored4dl
QuoteJust watched it there. Good job!

Firstly, the sync is really great, although I've been getting a bit weary of this editing style lately. This movie does do it justice I think. There's also a few good ideas in the movie as well as some that reminded me of other movies from years ago like Dignitas eXposed.

Although I'm not that much of a fan of these alternate death animations, you did use them in a more appropriate way than any other movie I've seen yet with them.

Unfortunately, the use of Death is the Road to Awe (one of my favourite tracks ever) just left me a bit disappointed with the ending. I don't know if it's just that I don't think anyone could do that justice or not but I wanted to like it, yet couldn't. The change from black and white to colour at 7:26 wasn't nearly epic enough to match the track.

Overall I enjoyed it though. Good job!

Up to you if you use any of what I said

what do u think?
he got fragged in the movie dude...
-Max- approves? DLing then!
stream please
The movie is about a legendary Enemy Territory player, it will be secret who is this guy. Solve the puzzle!


e* 324/s. Stream or gtfo.
Overhyped? Movies section+ possibly a journal is enough to be honest.
it's a puzzle plz!
hmm who is that guy? :P
cant wait!:p
Upload Vivid noise, please!
Yeah it's nice that you do news-post and stuff but for fuck sake WHY CANT YOU UPLOAD IT FIRST TO 2-3 DIFFERENT MIRRORS AND THEN PUBLISH? My 24/1 mbits high-speed fintard connection is downloading @ 230kt/s.
1 mirror, beta-gayming, THOUSANDS of xfire users downloading at the same time = 200kbps
nP i have max speed of 118kb/s anyway :)
main news worthy
I hope it's Germany t0MMy!

e: no t0MMy, still fun to watch :D
good job!
108 kb/s niiiice
so who is it

e: downloading full speed :o)
I expect a good job, downloading...
So who is this "star"? it's main news so should be somekind of legend?
The movie is about a legendary Enemy Territory player
this post is full of typos.
if you cant make the effort to at least get the post right i doubt the movie is worth watching.
own3d.tv or gtfo
Is it mystic? :D Who else would have that many knife-frags... But does this mean that he saved all demos after all..? Thinking that he didnt have so much frags in Parodias movie.

Well done Nonix, first movie this "slow-paced" I really liked! Definitely a keeper.
678 mb yeh I wont download that
naming all the players who got fragged was kinda pointless ;x

was laughing at some guys who didnt have sounds at all

and why xvid?
didn't watch the movie, but if there is a lot of knife frags then it will be Hungary CS4f1
am i right?
fuck off this move would have owned if u made it with hitsounds and real fraggs.. :/
CSY41 because of that frag in Zaigon
What a shit nickname.
This is just sick dude...
? don't you mean CS4f1 ?:D
More cheaters fragmovies
always liked your fragmovies <3
680mb of knife kills? are you fucking insane?
nonix how did you get my demo's ?
shit know everyone knows it (sry)
Pretty crazy idea, but definitely worth watching. :)
Colors n editing wasnt so exciting, but 2D & 3D particles was pretty good
imo 50 fps iz not the best idea, movie is too smooth, et animation is so 2003 :(
Good job anyway!
8 minutes of your videocopilot plugin wankery
CS4f1 :)

so its finally finished, been waiting for it for few years by now :P
seriously.. its okay to not uplaod it to a stream so ppl will enjoy the eye candy.. but then tleast upload to some decent host -.-

awesome quality
awesome effects
awesome sync
awesome done (like the end when the allies guy falls down and some other stuff which is rly nice)

but boring with only knife kills.. especially since there arent any rly "special" or "funny" once :( (like 3+ knife kill streaks or strafing through the half map and doing a knife kill or whatever)

Still a nice movie.. think one of the best ET movies out there.
so fucking boring

turned it off after a few minutes
So boring :|
Gritty review, brother

image: henry-ian-cusick-lost
Really surprised by the idea :)

Huge editing work, the intro was really nice reminded me jailbait (cod4), just he light trail going out of the medic ass was kinda choppy.
All the text were good and its kinda hard to do that especially when you work with 3d, so +1 for that. (i maybe would have changed the center message, always looks old, particularly when you use lot of 'modern' effect, but that's a matter of taste).

Really good sync and that's the best part of the movie, you clearly showed with almost anything you can make a movie interesting. Didn't get bored at all, the 8 min passed pretty fast tbh. Didn't really liked the music but it fit well with the video.
Death animation was well used even I generally don't like it.

Quality was not that good, +AA is missing sometimes. Cams were ok and followed the action, dunno about some usage of dof (04:43) it doesn't look that great for me.

Lot of ideas and a good realisation, keep it up, I want more !
Overall : 8/10
movie was 5-6 minutes too long :E
what about stream ?

le fu-

1 1 1 1
8 mins of knifekills??? not my cup of tea
110-150 KB/s :{{{{
nice effort, way too boring for my taste though
True dat, bro.

Nebenbei: du hast David nicht meine Hose gegeben, wir haben Donnerstag mal nachgeguckt. Ich will sie wiederhaben, und wenn ich nach Freiburg fahren muss! Du kannst sie mir doch nicht wegnehmen, jetzt wo mein Bedarf nach Pimmelhosen so groß wie nie ist!
hon rage?:D
your spacebar doesn't like it?:DDDD
gonna buy a new keyboard 2day (currently im @work (: spacebar=awesome!)
but you still do play hon, don't you?
of course :)
did you buy it?:D, the 2 new heroes are good ?:D
the new heroes are funny ya i bought it with pre-order 3 months ago
get me a key and we can pwn :DD
there are no keys only purchase via paypal or credit card.
why should i pwn with you when i can pwn alone :DDD
anyway i'm to good for you :P go buy the game :)
won't buy the game, too bad i can't pwn you :D and i meant get me an acc .D sry
Wow. That was boring.
seriously fucking shit movie, so boring - why on earth would you newspost this?

all of you who decided not to watch it because of no stream made the right decision, waste of a download
let me + 1 u
Shitty movie indeed. I would +1 this post if crossfire had the function to do it!
+1 closed at 3 mins, bored as fuck.
Impressive work, editing quality was top.
But i cant realize that i got bored front of a such awesome movie. Knifekills are cool 2 min, but a full movie of it :S
U took a risk, ur work is awesome, but the result is boring, even if the rest is awesome.

I was actually surprised how fast that 8 min went. Enjoyed it. Good job.
knife movies require bigger fov imo
anyway nice movie :)
I really enjoyed it but intro was stolen from cs;s movie :) Anyway great work. :)
just noticed knife part about it. csafi, no doubt it :) will watch it soon, hope its nice since he was always saying that it ll be special movie
i got bored pretty fast... still very nice editing
Haven't watched an ET movie for 2 or 3 years, I think. I was entertained... kudos.
Awesome editing :) It could've been so much better if were smg/rifle frags, knife kills are too boring to watch :/ I like the idea though :) fuck the haters that say it doesn't require a newspost. Way better then another impact newspost ^,^ gj!
We need a news about ur birthday, obviously!
cool edit bad idea = dingdingdings>knife
Excellent editing, quality and sync.

8 mins of knifing was kind of boring but I got through it.
The opening title looked a lot like cod4's "She looked 16".
And what's the point of noting every single player you fragged in the movie. It's not like anyone's interest in that.
nice quality & editing, but definitely too boring and lame shit for my taste!
Fucking epic waste of time and ideas.
Yet another movie where I couldn't enjoy it due to shitty custom falling animations.

Would probably have like it otherwise.
ye, those are damn annoying ;[
I liked them in this one, they had been nicely modded to look more realistic for the kill-hit and falling direction.
Only annoys me because you can't see gibs.
Italy 4n$ and Italy Asdino are in it = epic
asdino your pet?:P
watch zaigon, youll know who it is.
read comments, you'll know who it is!
shit is shit
first nonix's fragmovie I rly like! gj
mystic :P
Quite original, but couldn't impress me enough.
not amused nonix :( want meh 700mb's bax !

everything's pro in moviemaking, but wouldve been much better with normal frags instead of knife only.
not really feeling it.. looks to me like you rushed making it aswell (backed up by some slight missync on the venetian snares song)

also, venetian snares bit needed higher fov

also, what's with the copied intro? :/
shit movie looks like knife frags long intro,but nice effect's
1. since most of the frags are from 2006 that leads me to the conclusion that it must have been during the time you played for _underscore.
2. hardly any frags against top hungarian players + that you are hungarian, so prolly the fragger's team is hungarian
3. Now who could it be:

Nonix (its not yourself :P)
polarka (too unknown to community of today)
srph (too lazy to send demos)
Us4rmy (Rifle so cant be)

So its either Csafi or phobeus.
Csafi is a cool guy so I go for him.

It's HungaryCS4f1
my thought process was bit easier. :D

ive deleted my logs but it was something like this:

<CS4f1> I will have movie coming out someday, its going to be special. only knife frags!
Sad but true fact about polarka. He was THE BEST player of Hungary. And so he is still unknown for the hungarians.
he used to be an amazing player
need stream
Moviemaking skills, and the friendly repuattion of Cs4f1 brings this. 8 min knifing... think I open Last Samurai DVD
One of the best ever watched, thank U for this oldsql <3
i liked the part where that one guy got knifed.
nice movie, only knife kills is somewhat boring, but all the same great movie, welldone
thanks for letting me see it before the release nonix it was great that you wanted me to give you a statement.
i will let you see mine too.
only time will tell..
knife kills?

it must be mystic.
I was suprised not to see mystic in there, maybe I missed something
or you just didnt know the actor before
closed at 2.56min

intro was ok, kinda copied from that cod4 movie.

Rest sucked, frags are boring and nosense, after 2mins u cant watch it more because it doesnt give you nothing, no emoction or something...just knife frags, with a decent music.

quality was great but i dont care, i prefer an "ensam" quality and nice frags instead of this
i wonder how to pronounce that guys name

CS4f1 = si es afi ?
Counter-Strike For Formula 1
hamilton yo
i was going for (photoshop) Creative Suite 4 < HELP!>
in hungarian 'cs' is a stand alone letter, not c and s, its simply 'cs' you pronounce like the first note of "chewbacca", and the second letter 'a' is like the 'a' in chewbacca :D rest is just f and i like FInland.

Actually Tites's example seems fine.
shit movie ,was boring to watch
nice concept, but not my taste tbh ;p
Awesome quality!
a fragmovie? never seen one before!!!!!
am I in the movie?
still so funny as i can see :> sup blum8 ?
nothing much finally discovered life and just visit cf cant even remeber when was the last time I played ET :/ Maybe after summer coming back active since aalborg lan is coming
Great creativity. Very enjoyable movie, although it's pretty noticable u wanted to have the project finished asap.
a movie of 8 mins of knife kills is so boring :/
anyway editing + quality are realy good
bored to wait 20 mins to download
u really like killing jews dont u?
Really liked it, finally something different. Where those custom death animations? How did you make them?

Prepare for wave of copy cats on servers :D
Latest version of image-et but new death animation rly sux. Nonix "use them in a more appropriate way" so they not annoying so much.
stopped watching ~ 1:30. boring as hell, shit music/video etc
didnt really think it was all that amazing, knife section of movies are normally shit enough - but entire movies ...

why is this main news
I was supposed not to comment on this movie... but I had to.

Seriously, why on earth would you do a movie like that?

3/10 just for the lulz.

She was 16, right?
great editing, to bad it was nothing more than that
nice video a good one. THX
thought the same than MerlinatoR...
cant be CS4f1, coz it's missing a frag where he knifes 2 idle guys @ adlernest control
where's mystic stab frag? That was the whole point of movie, stabbing mystic! nooB
fredd would've made it cooler
good movie, i really enjoyed it
dont know what all these guys here want to see... for me the quality was really cool, nice effetcs etc
and the kills are awesome :D

("hihi" @ afa+butchji)

movie section maybe, and where is stream???
I enjoyed it :)
nice movie, really enjoyed it
Wow, what a waste of 8 mins. Only knife kills. What a shitfest.
csafi te késes cigány :D n1 movie
Great job there nonix , this movie is just insane ! (:
Oh my God, I don't really know what to say...

This is one (if not) the biggest surprise in my entire life. I had not talked with Nonix for a year now, last time he was saying he won't make this, because he stopped making fragmovies. After that I even tried to find a new editor, but I gave up fast. So now, when I opened Crossfire, my face falled, I already forgot these demos.

Originally this project was planned as the combination of machinima (story) and frag scenes in 2006 with a wider crew (more editors, very known shoutcasters and "actors"), but it would have been too long, and the same can be told about the making of it. Thank that crew for putting their trust in me, it was mainly my fault that this long project never came true. We had maybe the best fragmovie crew ever, but I did not take it as seriously as it was needed.

Now here is the project, it's done, but without machinima. Few years earlier I tried to imagine, how it would look like, would it be enjoyable, etc. Nonix took the risk of making this individual movie, and I think he had not failed, and what is more, he got out the maximum of these knife frags! I know Nonix really likes when the opinions about his movies are extremely diverse, this only shows he made something unique and different again!

Nonix, thank you for this big surprise, especially that the length of this movie is my birthday! Though I don't consider myself as a legend, this is something that will always remember me for the great years with this community and game!
You might wanna put your face back on
make a come back! <3
LOl... my pc is too low to play this movie :[
e: nvm, dl goes around 1.1mb/s from DeVitos mirror
stream or gtfo!
Nice movie. Stabbing movie for a backstabbing community! ;)

Liked many things about this movie.
Btw, that Venetian Snares track (+ rest of the album) is inspired by the artists trip to Hungary, coincidence?
shit movie is shit, wasted 3 min then delited it.
nice editing and quality, content is fun but boring.
this movie is about feelings, not about "cool" frags.
newfags cant understand this...

says the newfag :D

(but great job nonix! )
interesting how u edit the video...nice creativity...frags are boring tbh, no pathos :D
Quotebut I'm not an expert on this at all

thanks for pointing out the obvious
nice job nonix, really enjoyed watching this :)
great effort
great movie
nice sync, gr8 gfx, too many knifefrags made it kinda boring tho..
woooooooooo 4,2ghz with 1.25v
divide and conquer
1st song name plz!
boring movie
want stream cause im not sure if i wanna dl it after reading the comments
great editings, great quality, good music, but completely boring at all,
=> downloaded, watched, deleted
you wasted your time :<
Frags and editing were ok but was expecting some mp40/tmpn frags from you. 8/10
Should've added cov @ bio frags
was smooth movie =) only boring frags:/
wasted 8 min of my life
good luck in oc play-offs :)

you gonna need it :)
Awesome editing.
Perfect quality, with perfect sync, the knives kills were awesome. Too bad you don't do any fragmovies this time.

Do not like. (Don't like most ET movies though)
that's called hate
as if there are any good ET movies besides Requiem.
u got knifed.
Nonix your Winghaven movies are brilliant, some of the best in ET. This wasn't :(
unique and original, but with quality and editing like this i feel this would have been much better movie with smg frags. Also for me higher fov just looks better, especially on knife frags.

still its nice and cute idea [: and this will stay unique as i dont think there will be much onlyknife-movies.
hmm they're not sooooo good, i would be affraid of in7 ;d
Pity was only knife kills, I liked the effects and stuff, but gets a bit boring just watching knife kills over and over.
Quote"The frags were OK, rather creative I guess, but using Vsnares while you're not fred really didn't get it done for you, especially using the same effects as he did..."

Can't stop laughing now 8D Everytime when I see such a nonsense I can't stop laughing. I still don't know why people think that fredd created this style.
The fact that you find that so amusing is retarded.
But its true. Its not fredds style.
nice copy of She Looked 16, not gonna judge cause it came out pretty nice, I know its hard to make ET movies in CoD/CS:S style but you made a pretty nice job so well done :) but the players list at the end was pretty useless ^.^
intro looks like an MTV commercial but still real nice.
good job.
I this seriously a movie with just knife kills?

Never understood the appeal, completely boring.
stopped watching after 3 minutes :DD

font @ the stolen she looks 16 intro is ugly :D
Quotefont @ the stolen she looks 16 intro is ugly :D

the intro looks exactly the same as the one in she looked 16 (the fly to the text, which is resting on the ground) just a different font
name song plz
Stop watching after 2:58 :D.
Liked it, alot. Didnt think much of the frags but good editing and atmosphere.
Stop watching after 2:58 :D.
I enjoyed it a lot, people are hating.
I liked it, although it would be 10 times more awesome with smg frags
SwedenNackskott, obviously!
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