OpenCup 5on5 Playoffs announced!

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[center]CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010[/center]

Last Sunday, May the 30th, the Group Stage of this CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010 has elapsed.
By now the Playoff Stage has started, within the Round of the last 16 clans in each League!

The Playoffs will be in following format:
  • The top 2 teams of each group reaching the playoffs
  • Playoffs are played in Single Elimination Mode
  • Wildcards are NOT usable anymore
  • Teams must challange each other by using the roster page
  • Teams are free to choose their maps from the maplist under rules criteria
  • All scores/changes etc must be send to

image: CB_playoffs
  • Adlernest
  • Bremen_B3
  • Supply
  • Radar
  • SP_Delivery_TE
  • SW_Goldrush_TE
  • 1/8-Finals 30th May - 6th June
  • Quarterfinals 6th June - 13th June
  • Semifinals 13th June - 20th June
  • Finals 20th June - 27th June

A complete overview for all 1/8-Finals can be found below. The Supervisors looking forward for tight matches, combined with massive fun!

  • United Kingdom vibe vs. Europe quaco
  • Europe stronger than hate vs. Hungary overdose
  • Europe aToOn vs. Finland red as a beetroot
  • Czech Republic inteReaction vs. Finland codeLust
  • United Kingdom Infused.ET vs. France FaMaS
  • Spain Delinqüentes vs. Denmark busy doin nothing
  • Benelux Scilicet vs. Poland Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
  • Netherlands #Target vs. Europe kallisti

  • Benelux Purefragging vs. Poland - Sponsored by #r@g
  • Germany no Teamplay vs. Poland dwukropekha
  • Europe #thenewproject vs. Slovakia ESVKA
  • Europe [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe vs. Finland
  • Poland dECLINE vs. Belgium Seventh Sanctum
  • Germany sIN Gaming vs. Europe iNmotion
  • Europe vs. France oXyde
  • Benelux ANTICLIMAX sponsored by #r@g vs. Europe Old School sKilled

  • Netherlands Team Koala vs. Netherlands Saiko
  • Poland In7 - eSports vs. Belgium Zero Empathy Strenght And Honor
  • Spain oLe! TeaM vs. Europe vFight
  • Europe Logic vs. Germany PowerMaurerClanGermany
  • Czech Republic u35 Legends vs. Estonia cocaine cowboys
  • France nSHOCK.newind vs. Germany
  • Netherlands imposito vs. Poland oVERPLAY
  • Poland suffering by #r@g vs. Finland Creatures Of The Night

  • Poland Tagapagtanggol vs. France giteam
  • Russia Envoys Of Heaven vs. Europe aRachnids
  • Sweden addicted 2 id vs. Europe ET
  • Slovenia Skylla vs. Croatia Guru Gaming
  • Italy e[x]treme $ol[D]ier$ vs. image: _c OC losers
  • Sweden ORDER BANANA vs. Spain karma
  • France diSturb by r@g vs. Europe Team-Aero
  • Germany Impuls Gaming vs. Europe frozenfingers

  • France reaLiz vs. Germany 3Generation - Newcomers
  • Germany business as usual vs. Israel Allah
  • Benelux 6th Sense vs. Germany xlibres
  • Finland non-flaming fireballs vs. image: _t bigbeats
  • Germany Rockefellaz vs. Sweden ORDER Kiwi
  • Finland iNjurious vs. Czech Republic Spiders^Gaming
  • Portugal vixit sponsored by r@g vs. Poland necrolust factum
  • United Kingdom Inglorious Bastards vs. Belgium 2Frequentic

  • France D@DD!E$ vs. Ukraine monolit
  • United Kingdom Not so very goot clan vs. Netherlands All Friends Online Gaming
  • Spain scroonies vs. Netherlands TEAM IRAQ
  • Europe BLINDskill vs. Spain revuelta 3n 3l frenopático
  • Portugal Monopoly sponsored by #r@g vs. Poland pocisk
  • Finland Selected.Gaming vs. Poland dreamfactory
  • image: af We Love You vs. Poland BeHa
  • Poland InternationalGaming vs. France Famas4Fun
vibe vs quaco <.<
np4you ;)
wassup ? ^^
just playing some HoN Games and waiting for my dad to help him again, you?
boring, started to live :D i mean i don't play any game serious, just playing some css with friend, will start to play trackmania with friend, and everytime i go out and stuff:D
but would like to play hon but i have to buy and don't want :D
Means you're not able to separate your virtual and real life? ;S
i'm able, and i can everytime, just sometimes its not required ;)
Sounds better than your previous descripton : - )
well, ye :D but its hard to express my, especially in a language which isn't my mother language, and this year i'm not even learning it ;)
But your english ain't bad! : - )
Thanks. from that time i have had internet, my english skill improved a lot, too bad my french sucks hard and i have to write an exam to pass to the next year.. :D
stronger than hate
sorry but you are so wrong with iR :)
What is a deadline for 1st matchweek? I can challenge our oppo even for 6th July.
should be 6th June
6th June, fixed it thanks.
stronger than hate
1. vibe
2. sth

this cant work... ;)

they would face each other in Quarterfinals, in case they win their first playoff match
facepalm :)
well .... yes :[
just named the teams that will win their game imo :P
recognized it... but just a bit too late :]
# vibe 4-0 quaco
# stronger than hate 4-0 overdose
# aToOn 4-2 red as a beetroot
# inteReaction 0-4. codeLust
# Infused.ET 2-4 FaMaS
# Delinqüentes 0-4 busy doin nothing
# Scilicet 4-2. Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
# #Target 0-4 kallisti
are u sure? =( i think we have a lil chance since we also won a funwar against them :)
# vibe 4-0 quaco
# stronger than hate 4-0 overdose
# aToOn 2-4 red as a beetroot
# inteReaction 0-4. codeLust
# Infused.ET 0-4 FaMaS
# Delinqüentes 4-0 busy doin nothing
# Scilicet 4-2. Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
# #Target 0-4 kallisti
et merc avi
Not so very goot clan vs. All Friends Online Gaming

avi to merc if needed :)
yes we will need all our best players for this great challenge :P
lol, we came through because zmp quitted. We quitted actually too 1 month ago but we will play with some mercs and stuff. :\
yei :) versus kallisti :))
it was supposed to be level
Only reason why we didnt get through to the playoffs was because of our lineup problems :(
nice bigbeats flag .-. we have non of those countries in our lineup :X:XD:XD:D:D
codelust will win oc np!

we gonna win 6th :D
still cant understand why u couldnt put double elim. for premier league, like u did last season
so it happened
gl all

# vibe 4-0 quaco
# stronger than hate 4-0 overdose
# aToOn 4-2 red as a beetroot
# inteReaction 2-4. codeLust
# Infused.ET 2-4 FaMaS
# Delinqüentes 4-2 busy doin nothing (hopefully)
# Scilicet 4-2. Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
# #Target 0-4 kallisti
fuu , target will win :PP
AVI for playoffs if needed / FopS / rambo medic
quaco: barely accepted into oc prem, now even playoffs!
same goes to target :) gl in playoffs
gl 2 u 2, we'll need it against vibe :P
we also against kallisti D:
good team, keep pracing
thx ... I guess, I thought you disliked us
Delinquentes will win all.
sin gaming is dead in 2nd, does that mean we get there spot?
Prove it and, why not
Are 3 of there mebers not banned for cheating?
gl deathdealers atoon!
et merc avi
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